More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"only man can follow Dharma or follow Adharma
or even can drop them both or go beyond them all"

The whole creation is following certain Dharma choicelessly. Be it those distant constellations, or the neighborhood moon, or even our own constantly spinning earth, they all go on endlessly about their jobs on hand. The fact that this universe is still alive and keeps all its inhabitants ticking is its Dharma.

Disciple : Does this universe
follow certain Dharma ?
Master : Not at all. Whatever

happens to it is its Dharma !
Disciple : You mean they

dont follow any Dharma?
Master : They dont know how to

follow anything. They just live !
Disciple : Then why only man has so

many different Dharmas to follow ?
Master : Because only the man

thinks he has the choice to think about !
Disciple : It appears to me

like some kind of a curse ?
Master ; It is the curse and also

it is the blessing upon mankind !
Depends on how you wish to look at it !

The man interprets that the entire creation needs a Dharma to function. But in reality nothing in creation is even aware of any Dharma. Because whatever they are doing just now by default is Dharma itself. Because if nature follows Dharma, then it also means that earth can decided to stop someday from spinning and still worse, it can decide to spin in the reverse direction.

Disciple : So the earth does not know any Dharma ?
Master : It does not know even the opposite, Adharma !
Disciple : They just do what they are driven to ?
Master : True. But man interprets that
nature also is following a Dharma like himself !

Its a unique positioning of mankind in the entire scheme of creation that causes either bondage or freedom for all humans. While the rest of creation is neither bound nor have the need to find freedom, the mankind is busy getting bound and then device ways to get freedom too. He cooks up endless ways first to get trapped and then the endless ways to find freedom from the trap.

Disciple : Sometimes I wonder why
this should happen to humans ?
Master : Why whats the problem ?
Disciple : Because the plants and

animals and rivers and whole
of creation seem to be not suffering.

Why only human beings ?
Master : Indeed they dont raise a

question like this too !
Disciple : To become like nature is

the mankind's goal ?
Master : Probably yes. To become

one with nature is the goal !
Disciple : Will there be any difference

later between man and nature ?
Master : Yes. One major difference !
Disciple : From the nature's point of view ?
Master : The nature does not even know that

you ' recently' got merged with it !
Disciple : Oh ? the nature does

not celebrate this merger ?
Master : It is already celebrating.

With you or even without you.
Only man missed it out all the time !
Disciple : Now what happens ?
Master : When you get awakened

to the inherent natural Self,
you may quietly join the

celebrations, without any invitation,
without flashing cameras or

without any showering of
the flowers from the heavens.
As if you have been sleeping and dreaming
and now just got up to join the family
for breakfast, without a word about your
horrifying dreams during the previous night !