More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Maya is not the sacrificial cow or the scapegoat of your
enlightenment, but the very cause and support of it "

Part - 13

Maya is not human creation and man has little common sense to blame something, which exists since his own beginning, millions of years ago. The maya is as old as humanity itself. Avoiding maya like some dirty plague shows the plain ignorance of a seeker.

Disciple : I have been taught from childhood
that maya is a enemy and must be conquered
in order to attain godhood !
Master : Quite an amuzing thought indeed !
Disciple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because the idea of an 'enemy' and then
the 'conquest' then the 'attiantment' and finally
the 'godhood' are all conjured by the same maya !
Disciple : Gosh ! Then are we fooling ourselves ?
Master : More or less, yes !

Any view you can have about maya is caused by the same maya. Because you are trying to understand maya through maya only. Its like trying to understand the credibility from a shopkeeper of his own wares. The more one is engaged in the conquest of maya the more he is driven by maya.

Disciple : So maya effect will continue
on human beings at any cost ?
Master : Without the slightest doubt, indeed !
Disciple : Then what is the difference between the
maya effect, on a man prior to and after his enlightenment?
Master : Prior to self realization or enlightenment
or self awareness he was governed by maya !
Disciple : Whats the problem in that ?
Master : The problem was that the man was not aware of it !
Disciple : What about the man after his enlightenment ?
Master : Maya still governs the world , but the
man is now aware of it ! Hence not influenced by it !

The key for all the knotty spiritual jinx is not undo the knots but to understand the knots and stay aware of the existence of knots. In that awareness, the knots simply lose out their strangulating grip. The knots hold the fabric of created world intact.

Disciple : I slowly begin to understand the dynamics of maya !
Master : Good. You should also remain aware of its effect on you
under all circumstances !
Disciple : Suddenly maya appears to be very powerful to me !
Master : Almost invincible ! It infact runs this
world in an efficient manner !
Disciple : Sounds like a mafia running some syndicate !
Master : That's no comparison, because you can wipe out a cartel
but not the existence of maya. You can only watch
it quietly in total awareness !

The enlightenment or freedom from maya's effect on you is just the awareness of it. There is nothing more you can do about its existence in this world. Be it Krishna or Buddha or Christ, the greatest religious teachers of all time, were all dealing with millions of people who were entangled in maya. The enlightened ones always have to deal with maya effect on others, even after their intimate experience of Self- awareness.

Disciple : Now I figure that maya is just doing its
part to keep this world busy and running !
Master : very well put !
Disciple : As a spiritual seeker, my only choice is
to be aware of the presence of maya or not. That's all !
Master : I am spell bound by your eloquence !
Disciple : But is it not the being 'spell bound' is only a maya effect ?
Master : True. It is just a maya effect !
Disciple : Then why do you say that ?
Master : Just to enjoy the maya effect a bit. That's all !