More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Maya is NOT an enemy you should fight,
NOT a problem you should find solution,
NOT a challenge you should face,
NOT a puzzle you should solve,
Maya simply 'IS' just be aware of it"

Part - 10

The wondrous panaroma of life with all its glitz, itch and the pain, is a creation by maya. The real world does not contain pain or pleasure. There is no drama there that can grip your attention and stir your soul. No trophies for the early arrivers and not even the penalty or punishment for the late comers.

Disciple : What kind of a place is that ?
Master : Its not even a place !
Disciple : Sounds very dull without the drama etc !
Master : Yes but you dont even

want to sleep while being there !
Disciple : Why is that i dont want to sleep there?
Master : Because you dont want to

miss a thing by sleeping it out!
Disciple : Is it some unusual entertaintment ?
Master : No its an extra ordinary contentment !
Disciple : But can may also provide such a
like Consciousness which you just described?
Master : Yes. Maya can even make someone think that
he is enlightenend, because he has conquered maya !

Maya is not some emotion or a feeling. It is not even a thought. But something which is the cause for all these. It exists in its own absence. Curiously it has similar attributes just as Consciousness does. The maya is ever present, all pervading, unseen, beyond senses, maya also cannot be comprehended easily, even though it exists and surrounds you all the time.

Disciple : Then what is one striking difference
between Consciousness and maya ?
Master : The maya begin and end in time.

The Consciousness does not !
Disciple : But what causes the birth of maya ?
Master : The human mind !
Disciple : So the mind is the creator of maya ?
Master : Not really, the creator is the

same which created this world !
Disciple : Then what it is exactly ?
Master : It is just a feature that

comes with the mind during creation !

Certain features simply come with the main product whether you like or not. Maya is just a feature that comes along with mind during the making of mind in creation of humanity. There is no mind which is born without this feature built in. Perhaps this feature alone is responsible for the brain to function in multi dimensional propensities.

Disciple : So you are saying that
maya is actually helpful ?
Master : Yes, atleast it is not as harmful
as what we would like it to be !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Without maya in our lives, we
would not compare and compete, make
efforts to attain or renounce, not even show love
or hatred, infact no one will even try to get spiritual
looking for that distant dream called enlightenment !

The whole life can be meaningless without the maya effect. The special meaning what humans have interpreted, out of their lives must be attributed wholly to maya. The ablity to emote, then voice it, to intellectually challenge and explore, physically build super human cities, towns and buildings and bridges, invent automobiles and computers and give them all a purpose and value is all the greatness of maya. If there is something that still gives you hope and a promise and a lot of cheers to live for something down the road, thats called as maya.