More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" maya is like a dream while your eyes are open,
waking up from that dream is the real awakening "

Part - 11

When you wake up from your regular sleep, you will usually end up brushing your teeth as you sigh away all those stupid dreams that were dogging you much of your sleep. But not doubting even a weebit that upon waking up from the regular dreams on the bed, now the special dream session has started even without a bed in sight.

Disciple : You mean to say I am an incurable dreamer ?
Master : Dont worry, you have plenty of company !
Disciple : Do you get dreams ?
Master : When I go to sleep, I hardly find
any time for the dreams besides sleeping !
Disciple : How did that happen to you ?
Master : Because when I go to sleep, I dont think
of what is in store for me in future. I dont think
of whatever took place in my life till then. I just sleep !
Disciple : In your childhood, have you dreamt of anything?
Master : Yes, plenty. Dreams and nightmares galore !

The dreams during sleep will continue to haunt you as long as your open eye dreams are not identified and handled well. The bed time dreams are just the follow ups of what you dream in the day with your eyes and other senses along with your mind open wide. In short, whatever your mind imagined during the open eyes living, will assume reality during the bed time sleep. Because what you experience or wish to experience or afraid of experiencing in wakeful moments will take shape with color and other effects during your bed time sleep and will toss you up and down with its effects.

Disciple : I get some real sweet dreams in the
bed time sleep. Is that ok ?
Master : Sure, but if you can have sweet dreams
then be prepared for the nightmares to continue !
Disciple : Thats scary ! Sweet are ok with
me and not those nightmares !
Master : Ok, but the dreams go on even after you
get out of your bed and even as you have the shower !
Disciple : I thought with my shower, all dreams come to an end ?
Master : On the contrary, you start a fresh new set of dreams !

Even as you take the shower, if you noticed, you do not consider you as just a plain human being but as a husband or a son, or even the boss or a tormented housewife. The superimposed roles you play seem to take over the plain human being that you are. You always seem to be rushing somewhere. To catch something. To make something a reality. To prove a point to yourself and others.

Disciple : But thats what life is all about ?
Master : Not really, life is a lot
more than what you think it to be !
Disciple : But am I not supposed to think of me as someone ?
Master : Yes, but to get lost in that someone and
forget the real you can pose problems

While it is necessary to take the roles you play seriously, you cant be really too serious about them and as a result lose track of your original being. The vedanta declares such a superimposed you as a dream or maya. The roles are real but the roles alone can never be real. The one who is playing the roles is the ultimate truth and devoid of the real one who is playing the roles, when you take your roles to be serious, then you are left far behind in lurch chasing the dreams of a non existing role you donned.

Master : Let me ask you some questions for a change !
Discple : My pleasure, but please make it easy !
Master : Yes, the easiet and simplest for you !
Disciple : OK, Im game !
Master : What is the brand of your toothpaste ?
Disciple : Well, well, I think it is some name
starting with P. But not too sure !
Master : What were you doing when you used it ?
Disciple : I usually plan about the day's appointments at that time !
Master : There you are ! you missed being the simple man
brushing teeth in the morning !

While it appears that to be a business man even when you brushed teeth as very smart and productive, there is a possibility of losing track of your real identity underneath those constant plannings. Your assuming the roles with such obsession can cost the hidden you beneath those roles a heavy toll.

Disciple : But I seem to get such good
ideas only when Im in the bath !
Master : Thats OK, not a problem !
Disciple : But you seem to discourage such things !
Master : Never, Im saying you can plan and assume
your roles and actions for the day without hesitation !
Disciple : But does that not amount to dreaming with open eyes ?
Master : Yes, but they cant have influence over you !
Disciple : Really ? How is that ?
Master : When you know well that your plans and assumptions
are just dream like and to constantly remember the real you
amidst your busy planning and assuming can save you
from becoming the victim of your own dreams later !
Disciple : Am I to tell myself that the person who is
planning and scheming in me is not the real me ?
Master : Precisely ! Remind yourself that you are
independent of all thats happening around and about you !
Disciple : What happens If I do so ?
Master : You simply wake up from the open eyed dreaming !

There will be a time when you will remain in constant touch with your true self despite the heavy planning that may go on the surface of your personality. You may never lose track of the real you and thats when you are awakened from the dreams that you chase all your lifetime with no end.