More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" maya is not the cause but only an effect "

part - 4

Maya does not keep you in ignorance. But when you are ignorant about the unlimited Consciousness, then maya comes alive. Maya is never the cause but only the effect. There is little need to blame maya for the illusory lifestyle. It does not exist by itself but still appears to be independent.

Disciple : So does maya exist or not ?
Master : It wholly depends on you !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : It means that you are the creator of maya !
Disciple : Does it mean maya can be destroyed by me ?
Master : Maya need not be destroyed !
Disciple : What do i with it when i know it is only an illusion ?
Master : Just play with it !

Maya is the result of duality. Whenever mind perceives the world with duality, there maya is vibrant. If mind is not applied, then this dualistic world may end abrubtly. The maya helps you surfing the world as somebody on the waves of good and bad experiences in a world of objectivity.

Disciple : Even after enlightenment or self awareness,
the maya factor will continue to exist ?
Master : Yes, because if one man is awakened from the
clutches of maya, it does not mean that everyone also
get freed from the same maya !
Disciple : Others would still continue to be
under the influence of maya ?
Master : Yes and they will never know the
perception of the awakened man !
Disciple : How does the man handle maya
after the awakeneing to his own self ?
Master : With utmost care !

Despite freedom from maya, the maya may still be required to deal with life outside. The common man is always embroiled in divisive maya. His high vulnerability to maya and its influence is only due to the validity he gives to maya's existence. When your mind figured the fact that maya is a certain appearance and does not have substantial life by itself, then your mind is more cautious in dealing with it.

Disciple : How does this maya work ?
Master : It neither drives the world to behave
false nor works in order to confuse you !
Disciple : What does it do then ?
Master : It is just there simply !
Disciple : Then how come it seem to cause so much havoc?
Master : Such a thinking is yet another illusion !

Maya does not cause any havoc. It is just like seeing through a faulty spectacles, seeing through the goggles with a cracked lens. The crack would appear on everything you see around. After sometimes you start to believe that this whole world is actually cracking up. Neither the crack in the glass is maya nor the world with the cracked look is maya. But the phenomenon which makes you think that the crack on your spectacle as real and attributed to the world is maya.

Disciple : I think I am getting somewhere about this maya !
Master : Thanks to maya. It can keep you drifting
out of conext easily for long time !
Disciple : So you are saying that there is a fault in perception ?
Master : More or less, yes !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : It just happens when mind can percieve only the gross
on surface and fail to grasp the subtler truth within !