More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Karma is the driving force
Dharma is the guiding force"

Part 4

The Dharma which man deviced is meant to make him successful or happy in the world. He would tamper with such a dharma as often as possible. He would change life partners, shuffle jobs, relocate homes, still can justify them all as the need of Dharma in order to make oneself feel happy.

Disciple : Is it not necessary to shift homes
and jobs in order to find happiness?
Master : It is indeed necessary, but one cannot
conclude that this is the Dharma of his life!

Disciple : If Karma drives a person to do all this
then is it not Dharma too takes shape accordingly ?
Master : Very well said ! Karma and Dharma work
hand in hand all the time !

The existence drives the man in the form of maya to create his own set of rules to survive his life on earth. Based on geo graphical, racial, religious and other experiences, he would adapt himself to a certain lifestyle which he would safely consider as his Dharma. If he cannot create his own Dharma codes, he would follow the most popular and successful Dharma principles prevalent in his time as his own dharma.

Disciple : Is it not fighting and killing
the enemy are the Dharma of an army soldier ?
Master : Yes, but upon reaching home, his dharma
will change and he has to behave
like a good father and husband ?
Disciple : True, so whats the real
Dharma of this soldier ?
Master : Not just the soldier but every
human being has a singular dharma
which is to realize his own
self and live in the awareness of it !
Disciple : What about the other Dharmas ?
Master : Just use them but eventually know
that they dont get you anywhere near the Truth !

The worldly Dharmas are plenty and can have various shades of authenticity to them. Infact most of them do not even know which set of worldly Dharmas to follow to make their own lives happy and successful. Few have the courage to set up their own Dharma codes, which they follow faithfully and manage to peel some happiness out of their lives.

Disciple : So I have the freedom to set up
my own Dharma codes or the do's and dont's?
Master : Yes, infact you have already had many such
unique Dharmas, authenticated by you, suitable to your lifestyle !
Disciple : May I know any one of them ?
Master : Waking up late in the night is justified by you as a Dharma
of your life because you could do much work at that time !
Disciple : Is it wrong to wake up at latenights ?
Master : Right or wrong is not the concern here, but to indicate
that you have made something as your Dharma quite suitably !
Disciple : I got the point !