More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" just as much the light is part of sun, that much maya is part of this world "

Part- 8

You can chuck a bad goggles which caused distorted vision to you, in to the nearest trash can. But to rip off maya from the world's face and dump it in some other unheard planet is not that easy. To identify maya itself can be a tough call, because most of the times, most seekers get trapped in to seeing somethings as maya and somethings as truth, which was also created by the same maya.

Disciple : Can that be possible ?
Master : Anything is possible for maya !
Disciple : Is it more powerful than Consciousness ?
Master : Cannot be, but it can appear to be so !
Disciple : But how is that maya can influence
one's understanding about the same maya?
Master : Because all understanding in you
happens only in the field of maya!

Any activity happens in the mind has a unseen hand of maya in it. Even your understanding about maya happens in your mind influenced by maya only. So it is always going to biased. Mind can never see the world unbiased. The inherent maya element always will distort the truth.

Disciple : Then which part of me which
actually get me free from maya ?
Master : Your Intellect which can discriminate
but even that can be influenced by maya !
Disciple : Just like the virus entered in to computer
distorting data in the computer through various parts?
Master : You can say that. But unlike computer virus,
this one cannot be removed with some anti virus software

The maya is the way of the world. There is no other way. Just like traffic rules on the road, maya is a must in the world to live. The ignorance of traffic rules can cause confusion on the road, ignorance about maya will cause pain and sorrow and that occasional fanciful high and happiness. In other words, if you are not aware of maya then you are just now messing up your life.

Disciple ; I find it scary to live with
something as dangerous as maya !
Master : Dangerous is just your opinion.
There are millions of people in this world
use the same maya to feel good, positive,
honest and humble. They use it to heal and
reflect and contemplate and meditate and
even 'feel' evolved !
Disciple : And I feel dangerous about maya
because of the particular understanding I

derived about maya through my
experiences of maya ?
Master : Well said !

All your opinions, beliefs, judgements, ideologies and concepts belong to maya. Never you can stay away, even after you found your freedom from maya. The running of the world's machinery will come to a grinding halt, when maya is absent totally on the face of this world.

Disciple : Who benefits in this kind of game ?
Master : Its a strange game without any gain or loss !
Disciple : You mean I would not lose anything due to maya ?
Master : Nor you can win, because mays itself is
not interested in success or failure !
Disciple : Oh, how does maya look at its own life ?
Master : To be present or to be absent !

Maya has nothing much to do when you see the world just as the world. But when you see it as a place to perform, prove, succeed, compete, fight, fall in love with, escape fear, enjoy, suffer, to be happy, to find peace of mind, to be spiritual, to get enlightened etc, then maya is gripping more stronger than ever. Nevertheless the maya seem to be a necessary evil.

Disciple : Why do you say maya is necessary ?
Master : Because, if maya is totally absent then nothing happens !
Disciple : Nothing really happens ?
Master : Yes, including this dialog !
Disciple : Then how precisely I should deal with maya ?
Master ; Do not banish maya but just befriend. Thats the key !