More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" if light is the Dharma of sun then
awareness of the self is Dharma to you "

Part 2

Dharma is the innate nature in oneself. You can say even the basic tendencies hidden inside can be called as Dharma. When the individual understands, one's innate nature and gets tuned to it, then that becomes his Dharma.

Disciple : But what exactly is
the meaning of the word Dharma ?
Master : The fluidity in the meaning of Dharma
makes it something slippery and difficult !
Disciple : Which means we cannot
translate the word Dharma precisely ?
Master : Not always. It is a difficult one to
point out what is Dharma in a single word !

A book of moral conduct or a book of ethics does not contain actual Dharma. However lately Dharma has come to be synonymous with pseudo moral sensibilities. Because when Dharma is just about a conscience based social conformity, then it may lose its original import.

Disciple : It is not about living
a life of social conformity ?
Master : At a much grosser level, yes.
But certainly Dharma has deeper intent !
Disciple : May I know what is that ?
Master : It is about doing what comes naturally !

In creation everything is functioning in the most natural and spontaneous manner. They have no plans or a purpose but just follow certain table of time and space. The sun is the Dharmi and the sunlight is its Dharma. Rain is Dharmi and wetness is its Dharma. River is Dharmi and running and merging with the ocean is its Dharma.

Disciple : Merging with ocean is
not a purpose for the river?
Master : Never, but it is natural
for the river to merge. It need not plan !
Disciple : I think I understand a little now !
Master : Man is the only creature that can
live outside its natural ways and remain confused !
Disciple : What is natural for human beings ?

Master : To be aware of the Self !

The man has the natural urge to know his Self, which gets directed to grosser activities and in the melee of seeking material comfort, the Self seeking urges lose their significance and end up groping for a lifetime. Later on it comes as a great surprise that seeking Self is the real thing and the rest are just pastime.

Disciple : Can Dharma and Adharma
be translated as good and bad ?
Master : In a worldly sense, it can be translated that way !
But it is utterly meaningless when applied in spirituality !
Disciple : How is it to be understood spiritually ?
Master : Dharma as natural and Adharma as unnatural !