More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Freedom found in the absence of maya is
just 'escape' , but not influenced by it, while
being in it, is true ' freedom' "

Part - 14

Enlightenment does not destroy or eliminate anything in the world. Mind still thinking, the body still active, breath flowing, ego brimming with bliss than ever before, the world still intact with all its din and roar, maya with its usual routine, the earth still spinning, stars twinkling in the atmoshperic pollution, moon waxing and waning, life is just the same.

Disciple : So nothing to be done ?
Master : No, you need to do something !
Disciple : What could be that ?
Master : Maya is like a car, if you have
not learnt to drive it properly, it will
cause misery to you and others around. So
you need to learn how to drive it gracefully
than to destroy the car blindly !
Disciple : Whats the advantage of
learning to drive oneself ?
Master : You can reach the destination
without any roundabout or without any
dependence on anyone !

As everything continue to exist, only you become aware of the ways of maya and establish awareness with your own self, refine your ego and continue your life on earth just as anyone else. The awareness of the influence of maya sets you free and allows you re-establish your ego with the consciousness, without the threat of maya anywhere around.

Disciple : So nothing to be lost in this whole process ?
Master : Nothing because you never created any of them !
Disciple : I realize that. I have been fighting with nature !
Master : The fight is the result of ignorance !
Disciple : The end of the fight itself seem to give me a great feeling !
Master : True. The end of self conflicts is the slear sign of awakening !

The influence of maya distorts your understanding and makes you expect and anticipate much from life and people. When your expectations are not met, the conflicts within begin. When you began ot realize that your restless inspirations in life stem from the maya effect, then you drop those tendencies which caused the conflicts. This is a very remarkable stage in the enlightenement of a seeker.

Disciple : Because there is nothing much to be done
than just be aware of things, it appears that I have
not achieved anything on the spiritual path !
Master : So whats the problem ?
Disciple : It does not give me a sense of satisfaction
of having worked for my enlightenment !
Master : This gross idea comes from the lifestyle where we
have to slog and earn everything in the world !
Disciple : Does not that apply on the spiritual path ?
Master : Its just a habitual thinking ! We carry this
'hard working' idea to meditation and spirituality too !

While living in the world demands planning, projection, execution, target, deadline and profit making etc, the spiritual sojourn is quite a different ball game. None of those aspects can fit in to the scheme of spirituality. While you earn sometimes and lose few other times in the material world, you have nothing to gain or lose on the spiritual path. You may have distances to cross and reach certain defined goal in the worldly life. But spiritually speaking, you cannot set goals and you cannot plan to reach somewhere. Because there is nowhere you have to reach except to where you are now. That alone can give you a sense of fulfillment.

Disciple : Whats one big difference
between maya and consciousness ?
Master : Maya drives you to 'become' someone.
Consciousness makes you aware of whatever you
are in 'this' moment, every moment !