More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" the false look so real that the real appear false "


Part - 6

The amazing factor called maya is always going to be the focal point of discussion among seekers worldwide, that the shadow called maya gained prominence over its own source. It is a surprise that people still want to believe(read as doubt) that there may be someone called god, while they are ready to vouch for the reality status to the world.

Disciple : Am I to understand that this
world is not real and just a shadow ?
Master : Not really ! The independent existence
of the world is unreal. The world out of ignorance
do not understand or recognize its own source, but

thinks that it is false ! The source is being suspected
of its existence by many !
Disciple : Im not clear yet !
Master : That is OK, dont try too hard to understand.
Im saying that the husband is never independent of the
man inside him. If the husband thought he is only a
husband and has totally forgottten the man inside him
then he is in trouble !
Disciple : I got what you say now !

(a few minutes later)

Disciple : Does it mean the husband is false?
Master : No. The husband is real. But husband
without man inside is false !
Disciple : How come the husband is sametime true and false ?
Master : That glory goes to maya alone !
Disciple : I think I am missing a point here !
Master : True. The husband should not get lost with his
husband identity forever, but should be aware of his manhood.
Disciple : So should I remain as a bachelor even after marriage ?
Master : I think your wife should decide that!

Maya needs a base to function. It needs a platform to perform. It cannot survive on its own. If tree is the base then maya spreads evenly on the tree and mix inseperably in to it. Then the tree appear as a 'beautiful' tree to someone. It can similarly trigger all sorts of emotions and feelings in you through the distorted perception triggered by maya.

Disciple : Sounds like a fairly tale !
Master : More or less, it is like that !
Disciple : So maya makes everyone imagine this way ?
Master : Not everyone will see maya's effect similarly !
Disciple : Ooh ! Does it work differently for different people ?
Master : Most certainly, yes !

The same tree which appeared 'beautiful' to someone, can appear 'useful' to someone else or 'fruitful' to yet another. The same world can appear as the 'abode of sorrow' or the 'world of joy' or 'puzzle to solve' or even the 'mystery to celebrate' to different people. It depends on the unique experiences of the individuals.

Disciple : How come the maya create so much variety ?
Master : Thats the way to trick the mind to sustain ignorance !
Disciple : Is that wrong?
Master : Not at all. Maya just does its job !
Disciple : Why people dont show interest in the Truth ?
Master : Perhaps the Consciousness or Atman does not provide
the variety we get from maya. The Truth appear dull and colorless !
Disciple : Should we then make the Truth colorful ?
Master : Then it would become maya !