More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The distance between what you think you
are and what actually you are is maya"

( I L L U S I O N ) part - 2
The created world does not contain any illusion at all. It is a hard headed reality. The mountains and rivers and oceans are solid manifestations of the creator. The creation of plant life and animal life along with human life is undeniably real. Infact even the big cities and towns are not illusory.

Disciple : This sounds very strange. I have always
thought this whole world is false and full of maya.
I have been told by many that way !
Master : Such an understanding is part of the maya !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : The created world or the creator
(God, unseen Consciousness)is not false or
illusory. But the understanding you have
about you and the world is illusory !
Disciple : Am I part of the maya ?
Master : Never. You are as real
as the mango in a mango tree !
Disciple : That does not make
me very happy ! Some how I was
drawing comfort from thinking
that the whole world is a dream !
It was such a comforting thought !
Master : The idea that this world is
a dream is the most illusory thought that
can happen to man. It is also the evidence
of the existence of maya ! Maya at its best there !

Man lives in a slippery world of woderful illusion woven by his mind. It is slippery because he cant hold his own illusion steady. He doubts, suspects, even fears his own creation. The man's creation is identical to the God's creation because he used God's creation as a base.

Disciple : What exactly is God's creation here?
Master : The flower is God's creation !
Disciple : Then whats man's creation which is identical ?
Master : The 'beauty' in the flower is man's creation !
Disciple : Does it mean the flower is ugly ?
Master : Neither ugly nor beautiful. It is just a flower !

Man can 'see' beauty in the flower, ugliness in old age, sunset which is breathtaking, mountains which are majestic, rivers which are furious, lakes full of serenity, animals that are dangerous, people who are useful and goodness in the light and ghosts in the darkness.

The mind is like a movie house and a major production unit too. The mind where movies get processed, edited, special effects added and efficient projection happens too, outliving the state of art technology used in the hollywood studios. Just as how the movies are spun like an hour long magic over a simple story line, the maya too can create an endless magical movie over this simple world.

Disciple : Why does the mind create this illusion ?
Master : Because mind has this image building as
the supreme feature by default !
Disciple : Why the mind is created by God this way?
Master : May be for that dash of spice in our lives !
In Upanishads, maya is also described as sport(leela). As if the creator is having some fun watching this world like a movie packed with emotions, sentiments, revenge and adventure. Its like watching a non stop thriller, displaying every possible twist and the turn, the slip and the slide of a tale that seemingly never ends.

Disciple : Whats is the problem in creating
these illusions by the mind ?
Master : Nothing much, except that you start
to believe your own creation as real !
Disciple : Is that a problem really?
Master : Yes. Besides, you may fail to see the
actual world hidden beneath the veil of your own creation !

(Note - this is the part 2, new series by the master under the topic Maya. Click on the labels to your right side bottom panel to read the part 1, posted earlier for your better understanding - Ed )