More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" dealing with maya without the knowledge of maya is ignorance "

Part - 5

In any case maya will continue to exist, before or after enlightenment. The awakening or the self awareness does not chase the maya to run and hide in the closet. It only helps to understand and deal with it better. It would be childish to think that with the self awareness, the maya will split the scene and quit the action forever.

Disciple : Maya does not disappear?
Master : Never ! It is here to stay !
Disciple : Does it mean the man of self awareness
learn to live with maya despite its bad influences ?
Master : Maya does not represent bad inluences only !
Disciple : Do you mean maya is good also ?
Master : Yes. Infact, wherever the good and bad differences
exist there only the maya can exist !

The maya is neither good nor bad, but it seem to play a crucial role in creating the good and bad differences. Maya causes both the negative and positive sides to your life. Atleast it gives a false life to such dualities or paradoxes.

Disciple : Im surprised to hear that
maya works out to be good too !
Master : True. All good and beautiful
things in your life are experienced
because of maya only !
Disciple : I figure that now !

Maya or the illusion makes you attribute qualities to everything you perceive through all your senses. It does not have the power to create objects out of air. It cannot produce, manufacture build or even plan. It is just a distorted vision which gives birth to distorted understanding about life. It makes you see life around you in an distorted manner as good and bad.

Disciple : So maya does not create anything ?
Master : It cannot create anything !
Disciple : Which means this world is real ?
Master : Everything is real in this creation !
Disciple : So what is the illusion here ?
Master : Seeing the unlimited as limited
and as a result unable to experience the
unlimited is the illusion here !

Maya not only makes you see the unlimited consciousness as a limited creation, but also hides the truth from your vision. Hiding the truth and projecting the false is the typical style of operation for maya. But if you resort to quell maya and get the right vision, then you are making a mistake because maya will intensify its influences and overwhelm you in a mysterious way.

Disciple : Oh, that sounds scary !
Master : Exactly, thats
the plight of all
the people who fight it
out with maya. It would
only cause more trouble
in your seeking truth !
Disciple : OK, So how do I handle it ?
Master : With care indeed.
First clearly identify it
and then understand its subtle
nuances then observe how it
works till when you learnt
how to allow it happen in your
life but still stay free from its influences !
Disciple : Suppose if I miss
out and get in to the
trap spread by maya once again ?
Master : No problem, because
ignorance is after all bliss !