More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Any lifestyle that can make you aware of self,
while living in this world, is called as Dharma "

Part 1

Life is like a journey. You are born at some place at certain time. Then the trigger is pulled, the gunfire was heard and your journey got flagged off. Whatever started as a journey needs to reach some place called destination. The lifestyle, the various experiences, people met on the way, the happy and sorrowful moments, success and failure, all make up for the journey.

Disciple : Any lifestyle can be descirbed as Dharma ?
Master : Any lifestyle that can lead you to
Self-Awareness is Dharma !
Disciple : Even if it is a negative
lifestyle, still can be Dharma ?
Master : Any lifestyle that eventually lead
you to Truth can NOT be negative !

Infact, as you get closer to Self-Realization or Self-Awareness, the negative and positive sides to your lifestyle will be dropped. Life just happens and you may not try to make it happen. But at the start of the journey it is important to follow a lifestyle with healthy, positive ideas.

Disciple : I was told Dharma is righteousness ?
Master : Rather, a righteous 'path' !
Disciple : I wish to know why ths distortion of meaning happens?
Master : It is not a distortion, but incomplete understanding !

Dharma has several word meanings. The usage can vary from religion to religion, but they all eventually try to point out the need to live a right kind of lifestyle, which would enable the man to attain his goal as a human being.

Disciple : Does Dharma have anything to do
with ethics and morality ?
Master : Sure, In the man made world,
it is important to follow certain rules
based on the norms and values by the human
beings themselves !
Disciple : All human beings know the purpose of life ?
Master : Need not be, but each one can have their
interpretations about the final destination !

The final stop of the life as journey is understood variously by people. But certainly everyone has some idea about life as a journey and that it has a destination to arrive too.

Disciple : What are the other possible
destinations people fancy in this life?
Master : The most popular is the arrival
at eternal heavens after death, based on the meritoriuos
life lived on earth till death !
Disciple : Is that so? I can reach eternal heaven ?
Master : Need not be, but atleast you would want to live
a meritorious life for that sake !