More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" All problems are maya and so are the solutions "

Part - 9

Maya creates the problems and also provide solutions. Maya creates the bondage and also fecilitates liberation from it. It makes you experience sorrow and help you find solace too. It drives you to find success in life and can also create obstacles enroute. It creates the illusion of security, protection, support and also creates a hidden fear of missing them all. It can make you feel like a winner and a loser at the same time.

Disciple : But my problems appear so solid to me !
Master : That solid is the influence of maya there !
Disciple : But I do find proper solutions at times !
Master : That proper is the maya in your life !

Maya does not have fixed ways to see the world. It is not even aware of the kind of distorted vision it has caused you. It is simply inert and cannot think for itself. It has no mind of its own but it can influence all human minds. It is like your shadow. It is there but not exactly.

Disciple : So what is the way out of this maya ?
Master : There is no way out or no way in !
Disciple : Then what should I do ?
Master : Nothing really ! Just know that maya is
there and is distorting your vision. Thats all!
Disciple : Does that bring a clarity of vision ?
Master : Yes, the clarity here is only the
awareness of the distortion !
Disciple : So the distortion remains even after
the awareness of the self ?
Master : When you know it is a distortion,
then it cannot distort anymore !

The rising and setting of the sun still would appear as rising and setting only, even after the self awareness. But the awareness brings a clarity to see the false but still know the truth. This is an unique experience, which would enable you to understand the maya point of view even after you had freed yourself from the trappings of maya.

Disciple : If one goes beyond the happiness and sorrow
created by maya then what is in store?
Master : Nothing really. Just the absence of happiness
and sorrow result in silence and that would be
experienced by the mind as bliss.
Disciple : Is it possible for everyone ?
Master : Yes. Everyone with the human features !

Only human beings can get ' bound ' and be aware of it and only human being can be 'free' from that bondage and be aware of it too ! The animals can be bound but they can never be aware of it. They just dont know if they are bound or free. It does not matter to them if they are bound or free.

Disciple : So maya does not work for animals ?
Master : Not at all ! They dont have a distorted vision at all !
Disciple : But in that hollywood movie I saw a dog crying for the dead wife dog ?
Master : Movie dogs are like that. In indian movies even a snake can cry !

Because the maya does not influence the animals, in no way makes them to feel free or even bound. But they just hang around and go about their lives chasing their prey, eating and sleeping and making a living. They simply dont know things exist in this world such as enlightenment.

Disciple : So to be born as a human being is special or not ?
Master : I think it depends upon the individual
to answer such a delicate question !
Discple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because not every man
feels special about his life !