More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

Part - 3

Mind does not contain maya in it. But what it experiences in the world as a result of its projection is called as maya. Mind has the ability to see the world in a particular way, based on its prior experieces. Strangely, the mind only experiences this world as it was projected by itself. It first creates a cause for suffering or enjoyment then resort to enjoy or suffer.

Disciple : This one is all greek and latin to me honeslty !
Master : Thanks to your mind, it wants to keep you busy with
its projection and does not allow unknown ideas to enter !
Disciple : What you are saying is just an idea ?
Master : Everything is just an idea only initially,

till exeperienced personally !
Disciple : Does that apply to enlightenment too ?
Master : True, even bondage is just an
idea, unless one felt it !

Mind thrives by ideas. The ideas can be good, bad and some times ugly too. The spirituality also first enters in one's life as a nice little idea. People even live for many years toying with the idea of becoming 'spiritual' some day. Even they actually become spiritual by finding a guru and get initiated, still the idea can remain as idea only, because of its many years of sustenance as an idea. They even believe that they are spiritual but in reality except learning a few techiniques and mantras, there may not be anything particularly spiritual about them.

Disciple : So whats the difference between an idea and a belief ?
Master : When you toy with an idea for a prolonged period of time
it can become a belief !
Disciple : Please give me an example !
Master : If you thought you are very hard working (even if others
tell that you hardly work), if you prolong such a thought more often
then slowly it takes the shape of idea and the idea soon mature in to
a belief. Then you will not ready to listen to anyone but simply
believe that you are a hard working person !
Discple : Ok I got it !
Master : Similarly, one can have ideas like 'Im honest',

I'm humble', I'm sincere', 'I'm bad', 'I'm full of love' etc
which can potently become such strong belief
over a period of time !

The ideas are the projections of mind. It projects on just about everything and everybody. Ideas about oneself, about others, about places, objects and even spirituality. Sometimes the projected ideas seem to match the reality too, which gives rise to mind to believe that all its ideas are totally perfect.

Disciple : i wish you could give me an example ?
Master : Sometimes you have an idea about a restaurant
that it serves hopeless food and when you landed up there
with friends and when the food is actually hopeless, you
feel that your ideas are always right and start to validate
your million other ideas as real, based just on the
singulat restaurant experiece !
Disciple : This is how I start to beleive all other ideas of mine ?
Master : Precisely ! But you may also doubt some ideas !
Disciple : Because mostly they are projected by others in to you !

You have inborn ideas and borrowed ideas. The inborn ideas are there probably for a long time, since you were born. Borrowed ideas are brand new and just heard from someone. though it appeals to you, still it has not become internalized in you. It also a lot dependent on who supply the ideas to you. Some people have deep influence on you and some people you may refuse to accept.

Disciple : How come I believe someone so deeply ?
Master : Just the idea you have about the person,
when it fitted him well, or if he managed to fit well
in to your idea, then you start believing him.
Discple : If he does not fit my idea?
Master : You will do just the opposite !