More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"only man can follow Dharma or follow Adharma
or even can drop them both or go beyond them all"

The whole creation is following certain Dharma choicelessly. Be it those distant constellations, or the neighborhood moon, or even our own constantly spinning earth, they all go on endlessly about their jobs on hand. The fact that this universe is still alive and keeps all its inhabitants ticking is its Dharma.

Disciple : Does this universe
follow certain Dharma ?
Master : Not at all. Whatever

happens to it is its Dharma !
Disciple : You mean they

dont follow any Dharma?
Master : They dont know how to

follow anything. They just live !
Disciple : Then why only man has so

many different Dharmas to follow ?
Master : Because only the man

thinks he has the choice to think about !
Disciple : It appears to me

like some kind of a curse ?
Master ; It is the curse and also

it is the blessing upon mankind !
Depends on how you wish to look at it !

The man interprets that the entire creation needs a Dharma to function. But in reality nothing in creation is even aware of any Dharma. Because whatever they are doing just now by default is Dharma itself. Because if nature follows Dharma, then it also means that earth can decided to stop someday from spinning and still worse, it can decide to spin in the reverse direction.

Disciple : So the earth does not know any Dharma ?
Master : It does not know even the opposite, Adharma !
Disciple : They just do what they are driven to ?
Master : True. But man interprets that
nature also is following a Dharma like himself !

Its a unique positioning of mankind in the entire scheme of creation that causes either bondage or freedom for all humans. While the rest of creation is neither bound nor have the need to find freedom, the mankind is busy getting bound and then device ways to get freedom too. He cooks up endless ways first to get trapped and then the endless ways to find freedom from the trap.

Disciple : Sometimes I wonder why
this should happen to humans ?
Master : Why whats the problem ?
Disciple : Because the plants and

animals and rivers and whole
of creation seem to be not suffering.

Why only human beings ?
Master : Indeed they dont raise a

question like this too !
Disciple : To become like nature is

the mankind's goal ?
Master : Probably yes. To become

one with nature is the goal !
Disciple : Will there be any difference

later between man and nature ?
Master : Yes. One major difference !
Disciple : From the nature's point of view ?
Master : The nature does not even know that

you ' recently' got merged with it !
Disciple : Oh ? the nature does

not celebrate this merger ?
Master : It is already celebrating.

With you or even without you.
Only man missed it out all the time !
Disciple : Now what happens ?
Master : When you get awakened

to the inherent natural Self,
you may quietly join the

celebrations, without any invitation,
without flashing cameras or

without any showering of
the flowers from the heavens.
As if you have been sleeping and dreaming
and now just got up to join the family
for breakfast, without a word about your
horrifying dreams during the previous night !

" there is no court of law or moral policing when
it comes to protecting the spiritual Dharma "

Part 5

The worldly Dharmas are usually monitored and protected by the man made laws. But when it comes to spiritual Dharma, there is neither monitoring nor protecting. Infact even if someone does not follow the spiritual Dharma, it may not amount to a major crime. But in the world, when Dharma is not followed, there can be hue and cry

Disciple : Once again, please explain
what is spiritual (adyatma) Dharma ?
Master : To know and to be aware and
establish in the inner Self is the
adyatma Dharma or spiritual Dharma !
Disciple : What is the worldly Dharma ?
Master : It is never singular, they are many !
Disciple : What are they ?
Master : In a day, you have to follow the duties
of a son, husband, father, boss, etc !
Disciple : Even they are called as Dharma ?
Master : Dharma is applied even when you have
to stand in a crowded line to buy your movie ticket !

People who are bent upon fulfilling the wordly Dharmas usually display similar attitude when they aspire for spiritual enlightenment. But the same worldly Dharmas can obstruct the process of self awareness beyond certain limit.

Disciple : Give me an example of a worldly Dharma
which possibly can obstruct the spiritual growth?
Master : Planning and execution is an impeccable
worldly Dharma, whether its groceries or building
a home or even marriage and family etc !
Disciple : How does this Dharma affect spiritually ?
Master : When he tries to apply similar planning and
execution in meditation and self awareness, it
somehow will fail him !
Disciple : Do you mean that planning
does not work in meditation ?
Master : Exactly ! Whole of
spiritual process is like that.
Most things happen on the spiritual
path are never in the plan.

Dharmas of the world are much limited in their scope and permenance. A murderer can justify his act of killing as his dharma at that moment and get away from punishment, while someone else can be awarded with death sentence for the similar crime. We have managed to use and abuse Dharma in this world somewhat unabashedly!

Disciple : Why the worldly Dharmas can fail ?
Master : Because they were designed by the limited mind !
Disciple : The worldly Dharmas are designed with logic ?
Master : Anything works on the basis of logic can fail
and fall apart at some point of time, so are the worldly Dharmas !
Disciple : The same logic cannot be applied in the spiritual Dharma ?
Master : The Truth is beyond logic. So the logic does not work 'in' there !

" Karma is the driving force
Dharma is the guiding force"

Part 4

The Dharma which man deviced is meant to make him successful or happy in the world. He would tamper with such a dharma as often as possible. He would change life partners, shuffle jobs, relocate homes, still can justify them all as the need of Dharma in order to make oneself feel happy.

Disciple : Is it not necessary to shift homes
and jobs in order to find happiness?
Master : It is indeed necessary, but one cannot
conclude that this is the Dharma of his life!

Disciple : If Karma drives a person to do all this
then is it not Dharma too takes shape accordingly ?
Master : Very well said ! Karma and Dharma work
hand in hand all the time !

The existence drives the man in the form of maya to create his own set of rules to survive his life on earth. Based on geo graphical, racial, religious and other experiences, he would adapt himself to a certain lifestyle which he would safely consider as his Dharma. If he cannot create his own Dharma codes, he would follow the most popular and successful Dharma principles prevalent in his time as his own dharma.

Disciple : Is it not fighting and killing
the enemy are the Dharma of an army soldier ?
Master : Yes, but upon reaching home, his dharma
will change and he has to behave
like a good father and husband ?
Disciple : True, so whats the real
Dharma of this soldier ?
Master : Not just the soldier but every
human being has a singular dharma
which is to realize his own
self and live in the awareness of it !
Disciple : What about the other Dharmas ?
Master : Just use them but eventually know
that they dont get you anywhere near the Truth !

The worldly Dharmas are plenty and can have various shades of authenticity to them. Infact most of them do not even know which set of worldly Dharmas to follow to make their own lives happy and successful. Few have the courage to set up their own Dharma codes, which they follow faithfully and manage to peel some happiness out of their lives.

Disciple : So I have the freedom to set up
my own Dharma codes or the do's and dont's?
Master : Yes, infact you have already had many such
unique Dharmas, authenticated by you, suitable to your lifestyle !
Disciple : May I know any one of them ?
Master : Waking up late in the night is justified by you as a Dharma
of your life because you could do much work at that time !
Disciple : Is it wrong to wake up at latenights ?
Master : Right or wrong is not the concern here, but to indicate
that you have made something as your Dharma quite suitably !
Disciple : I got the point !

" when you are at your natural best
then you are on the path of Dharma "

Part 3

The problem in reducing Dharma to a book of do's and dont's is that everyone wish to carry their own version of 'Dharma book' and can insist that version alone is true Dharma. This is the result of diluting the significance of Dharma to suit one's immediate convenience.

Disciple : Krishna in Bhagavad Gita told to "Give up
all the dharmas and surrender to me ". Why he said like that ?
Master : He only said to give up the false
popular Dharmas concocted to fit one's personla life !
Disciple : Why such Dharmas should be surrendered ?
Master : Because Dharmas you follow, which would

make you feel proud or arrogant and lethargy does
not help you progress on spiritual path !

The fact that popular Dharma can change its flavor from person to person, makes it very relative and volatile. A twenty year old boy and girl showed affection in public can be perfectly Dharmic to themselves, but need not be so for the onlooker who is about sixty years old and belonged to the old school.

Disciple : But it still baffles me, such an
important word does not have a proper meaning ?
Master : It baffles you because the proper meaning
does not seem to match your personal definition of Dharma !
Disciple : True. but what is the proper meaning ?
Master : 'Natural expression' is called as Dharma !

To be spontaneous is the Dharma way of living. To be in natural tune with yourself is to have the awareness fully in you. The more you are natural the more you are aware. Bringing you back to your normal living is Dharma.

Disciple : Things are getting cleared
about Dharma to me now !
Master : Good news. But no hurry,
take your own time !
Disciple : So Dharma does not mean
anything else but Being natural ?
Master : Thats the primary meaning but
now Dharma is being introduced in every
sphere of life. So we should understand
that Dharma is structured from the
grosser to the subtler and vice versa !

The primary meaning remains uncorrupt with its essentials intact. But as the 'wheel of Dharma' goes for a spin to the grosser levels, the meaning can apparently distort and become inexplicable. The grossification of the word Dharma is inevitable as it is understood by the seeker with his limited mind initially.

Disciple : So Dharma has two types of meanings ?
Master : Yes. The 'popular' and the other 'spiritual' !
Disciple : What does the popular dharma represent ?
Master : Individual conduct in tune with his principles in life !
Disciple : Whats the spiritual meaning of it ?
Master : Doing what comes naturally to you !
Disciple : What could be that ?
Master : Being aware of the Self !

" if light is the Dharma of sun then
awareness of the self is Dharma to you "

Part 2

Dharma is the innate nature in oneself. You can say even the basic tendencies hidden inside can be called as Dharma. When the individual understands, one's innate nature and gets tuned to it, then that becomes his Dharma.

Disciple : But what exactly is
the meaning of the word Dharma ?
Master : The fluidity in the meaning of Dharma
makes it something slippery and difficult !
Disciple : Which means we cannot
translate the word Dharma precisely ?
Master : Not always. It is a difficult one to
point out what is Dharma in a single word !

A book of moral conduct or a book of ethics does not contain actual Dharma. However lately Dharma has come to be synonymous with pseudo moral sensibilities. Because when Dharma is just about a conscience based social conformity, then it may lose its original import.

Disciple : It is not about living
a life of social conformity ?
Master : At a much grosser level, yes.
But certainly Dharma has deeper intent !
Disciple : May I know what is that ?
Master : It is about doing what comes naturally !

In creation everything is functioning in the most natural and spontaneous manner. They have no plans or a purpose but just follow certain table of time and space. The sun is the Dharmi and the sunlight is its Dharma. Rain is Dharmi and wetness is its Dharma. River is Dharmi and running and merging with the ocean is its Dharma.

Disciple : Merging with ocean is
not a purpose for the river?
Master : Never, but it is natural
for the river to merge. It need not plan !
Disciple : I think I understand a little now !
Master : Man is the only creature that can
live outside its natural ways and remain confused !
Disciple : What is natural for human beings ?

Master : To be aware of the Self !

The man has the natural urge to know his Self, which gets directed to grosser activities and in the melee of seeking material comfort, the Self seeking urges lose their significance and end up groping for a lifetime. Later on it comes as a great surprise that seeking Self is the real thing and the rest are just pastime.

Disciple : Can Dharma and Adharma
be translated as good and bad ?
Master : In a worldly sense, it can be translated that way !
But it is utterly meaningless when applied in spirituality !
Disciple : How is it to be understood spiritually ?
Master : Dharma as natural and Adharma as unnatural !

" Any lifestyle that can make you aware of self,
while living in this world, is called as Dharma "

Part 1

Life is like a journey. You are born at some place at certain time. Then the trigger is pulled, the gunfire was heard and your journey got flagged off. Whatever started as a journey needs to reach some place called destination. The lifestyle, the various experiences, people met on the way, the happy and sorrowful moments, success and failure, all make up for the journey.

Disciple : Any lifestyle can be descirbed as Dharma ?
Master : Any lifestyle that can lead you to
Self-Awareness is Dharma !
Disciple : Even if it is a negative
lifestyle, still can be Dharma ?
Master : Any lifestyle that eventually lead
you to Truth can NOT be negative !

Infact, as you get closer to Self-Realization or Self-Awareness, the negative and positive sides to your lifestyle will be dropped. Life just happens and you may not try to make it happen. But at the start of the journey it is important to follow a lifestyle with healthy, positive ideas.

Disciple : I was told Dharma is righteousness ?
Master : Rather, a righteous 'path' !
Disciple : I wish to know why ths distortion of meaning happens?
Master : It is not a distortion, but incomplete understanding !

Dharma has several word meanings. The usage can vary from religion to religion, but they all eventually try to point out the need to live a right kind of lifestyle, which would enable the man to attain his goal as a human being.

Disciple : Does Dharma have anything to do
with ethics and morality ?
Master : Sure, In the man made world,
it is important to follow certain rules
based on the norms and values by the human
beings themselves !
Disciple : All human beings know the purpose of life ?
Master : Need not be, but each one can have their
interpretations about the final destination !

The final stop of the life as journey is understood variously by people. But certainly everyone has some idea about life as a journey and that it has a destination to arrive too.

Disciple : What are the other possible
destinations people fancy in this life?
Master : The most popular is the arrival
at eternal heavens after death, based on the meritoriuos
life lived on earth till death !
Disciple : Is that so? I can reach eternal heaven ?
Master : Need not be, but atleast you would want to live
a meritorious life for that sake !

" Without maya there is no bondage
without bondage there is no seeking
without seeking there is no awareness

without awareness there is no freedom "

Part - 15

Life can be quite meaningless without the existence of maya. All the purpose and reason and meaning in life has been caused by maya. But it appears even this understanding or the ignorance of maya is possible only because of maya.

Disciple : Sometimes it appears that I have
understood it well, but yet I slip from that
understanding soon. It becomes very
consfusing at times !
Master : True. Thats why the spiritual path is
compared to the razor's edge !
Disciple : Why such a comparison ?
Master : Because, if you try to walk on the razor's
edge, the slipping out of the path
can be very frequently possible !
Disciple : It can be difficult to strike a balance ?
Master : Not just that. Even you dont slip,
stil the razor's edge can hurt you due to its sharpness !

Spirituality is a unpleasant task, if the seeker does not understand the ways of maya well. He would be nourishing some secret achivements even on the spiritual path. He can get frustrated with expected results never met. The seeker must know that any aspiration or ambition in material or spiritual life comes from maya only.

Disciple : The urge to be spiritual is also
the same maya effect ?
Master : Yes, even the urge to get
enlightened is by the same effect !
Disciple : Oh, Its shocking to hear !
Master : Why, even the feeling of being
bound by the 'world' is by the same effect !

The ability to create illusory perceptions alone is not the greatness of maya but also make people believe in them as real. Its ability to be credible in the world makes maya very special. It need not be ignored or rejected. Not destroyed or erased. But understood well adapt to it with total awareness.

Disciple : Once again, how to describe maya ?
Master : That which makes you believe in the
existence of past and future is maya !
Disciple : Do you say the past and
future does not exist ?
Master : Yes, atleast it does not exist,
in the way you see the past and future !

Wherever there is time and space involved, there maya is active too. The secret hopes you have for the distant unknown future and the indelible memories you carry from the distant past have divided you in to many indescribable parts. Maya thrives in those fragmented parts and keeps the man ignorant about it.

Disciple : So what exactly is true freedom ?
Master : Freedom from the influences of
maya is the true freedom !
Disciple : In other words, freedom
from maya is true freedom ?
Master : True, you summed it up so well !
Disciple : Living in the body but not
taking the body alone as real, thinking
by mind but not taking the mind alone
as real, living in the illusory world
created maya but still not influenced
by it, is what true freedom ?
Master : You said it all, bravo ! But
there is only one more thing to add..
Disciple : May I know what is that ?
Master : To remain rooted fully in
the consciusness from within, even
though it is not visible to the senses !
Disciple : Now my understanding is complete !

" Freedom found in the absence of maya is
just 'escape' , but not influenced by it, while
being in it, is true ' freedom' "

Part - 14

Enlightenment does not destroy or eliminate anything in the world. Mind still thinking, the body still active, breath flowing, ego brimming with bliss than ever before, the world still intact with all its din and roar, maya with its usual routine, the earth still spinning, stars twinkling in the atmoshperic pollution, moon waxing and waning, life is just the same.

Disciple : So nothing to be done ?
Master : No, you need to do something !
Disciple : What could be that ?
Master : Maya is like a car, if you have
not learnt to drive it properly, it will
cause misery to you and others around. So
you need to learn how to drive it gracefully
than to destroy the car blindly !
Disciple : Whats the advantage of
learning to drive oneself ?
Master : You can reach the destination
without any roundabout or without any
dependence on anyone !

As everything continue to exist, only you become aware of the ways of maya and establish awareness with your own self, refine your ego and continue your life on earth just as anyone else. The awareness of the influence of maya sets you free and allows you re-establish your ego with the consciousness, without the threat of maya anywhere around.

Disciple : So nothing to be lost in this whole process ?
Master : Nothing because you never created any of them !
Disciple : I realize that. I have been fighting with nature !
Master : The fight is the result of ignorance !
Disciple : The end of the fight itself seem to give me a great feeling !
Master : True. The end of self conflicts is the slear sign of awakening !

The influence of maya distorts your understanding and makes you expect and anticipate much from life and people. When your expectations are not met, the conflicts within begin. When you began ot realize that your restless inspirations in life stem from the maya effect, then you drop those tendencies which caused the conflicts. This is a very remarkable stage in the enlightenement of a seeker.

Disciple : Because there is nothing much to be done
than just be aware of things, it appears that I have
not achieved anything on the spiritual path !
Master : So whats the problem ?
Disciple : It does not give me a sense of satisfaction
of having worked for my enlightenment !
Master : This gross idea comes from the lifestyle where we
have to slog and earn everything in the world !
Disciple : Does not that apply on the spiritual path ?
Master : Its just a habitual thinking ! We carry this
'hard working' idea to meditation and spirituality too !

While living in the world demands planning, projection, execution, target, deadline and profit making etc, the spiritual sojourn is quite a different ball game. None of those aspects can fit in to the scheme of spirituality. While you earn sometimes and lose few other times in the material world, you have nothing to gain or lose on the spiritual path. You may have distances to cross and reach certain defined goal in the worldly life. But spiritually speaking, you cannot set goals and you cannot plan to reach somewhere. Because there is nowhere you have to reach except to where you are now. That alone can give you a sense of fulfillment.

Disciple : Whats one big difference
between maya and consciousness ?
Master : Maya drives you to 'become' someone.
Consciousness makes you aware of whatever you
are in 'this' moment, every moment !

" Maya is not the sacrificial cow or the scapegoat of your
enlightenment, but the very cause and support of it "

Part - 13

Maya is not human creation and man has little common sense to blame something, which exists since his own beginning, millions of years ago. The maya is as old as humanity itself. Avoiding maya like some dirty plague shows the plain ignorance of a seeker.

Disciple : I have been taught from childhood
that maya is a enemy and must be conquered
in order to attain godhood !
Master : Quite an amuzing thought indeed !
Disciple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because the idea of an 'enemy' and then
the 'conquest' then the 'attiantment' and finally
the 'godhood' are all conjured by the same maya !
Disciple : Gosh ! Then are we fooling ourselves ?
Master : More or less, yes !

Any view you can have about maya is caused by the same maya. Because you are trying to understand maya through maya only. Its like trying to understand the credibility from a shopkeeper of his own wares. The more one is engaged in the conquest of maya the more he is driven by maya.

Disciple : So maya effect will continue
on human beings at any cost ?
Master : Without the slightest doubt, indeed !
Disciple : Then what is the difference between the
maya effect, on a man prior to and after his enlightenment?
Master : Prior to self realization or enlightenment
or self awareness he was governed by maya !
Disciple : Whats the problem in that ?
Master : The problem was that the man was not aware of it !
Disciple : What about the man after his enlightenment ?
Master : Maya still governs the world , but the
man is now aware of it ! Hence not influenced by it !

The key for all the knotty spiritual jinx is not undo the knots but to understand the knots and stay aware of the existence of knots. In that awareness, the knots simply lose out their strangulating grip. The knots hold the fabric of created world intact.

Disciple : I slowly begin to understand the dynamics of maya !
Master : Good. You should also remain aware of its effect on you
under all circumstances !
Disciple : Suddenly maya appears to be very powerful to me !
Master : Almost invincible ! It infact runs this
world in an efficient manner !
Disciple : Sounds like a mafia running some syndicate !
Master : That's no comparison, because you can wipe out a cartel
but not the existence of maya. You can only watch
it quietly in total awareness !

The enlightenment or freedom from maya's effect on you is just the awareness of it. There is nothing more you can do about its existence in this world. Be it Krishna or Buddha or Christ, the greatest religious teachers of all time, were all dealing with millions of people who were entangled in maya. The enlightened ones always have to deal with maya effect on others, even after their intimate experience of Self- awareness.

Disciple : Now I figure that maya is just doing its
part to keep this world busy and running !
Master : very well put !
Disciple : As a spiritual seeker, my only choice is
to be aware of the presence of maya or not. That's all !
Master : I am spell bound by your eloquence !
Disciple : But is it not the being 'spell bound' is only a maya effect ?
Master : True. It is just a maya effect !
Disciple : Then why do you say that ?
Master : Just to enjoy the maya effect a bit. That's all !

" maya is never born or dead but can appear,
disappear and then can leisurely reappear too "

Part - 12

Maya keeps churning out ideas in your head all the time. It does so with just about everything. It gives you some illusory image about you and about others to you. It makes you see and think about this world in whimsical ways but with an reality tag. It is wrong to conclude that maya supplies only sorrow in to your life. It also causes whatever happy moments occured in your life so far. It can make you tickled all over, make you take revenge, hate, retaliate, depress, frustrate, encourage, inspire, motivate, fall in love, feel proud, go for a kill and lots more.

Disciple : How Do I come out of this ?
Master : You need not and can not come out !
Disciple : Oh, then should happen ?
Master : You need not come out because
you never went in it !
Disciple : True, what does it mean then ?
Master : Maya was born along with you,
pretty much as your body and breath !
Disciple : Is it part of me ?
Master : Yes, it is an integral part of you !
Disciple : I always thought maya is located
somewhere up in the skies who is projecting
this world like a movie to all of us !
Master : Thats because you watch too many movies
and you got this idea from that experience !

Maya is not an external source of illusion, but is sitting right inside you within your mind, like the manual cameras have the filters that will make the view colored, maya too works like a filter and make the world appear, in a colorful manner to you.

Disciple : Does it mean that I can
never live without maya?
Master : Yes. You cannot live in this
world without the maya effect !
Disciple : But I hear often that one
should kill or atleast chase the maya ?
Master : You can do that only if you have nothing
particularly to do in life and only if you are fully jobless !
Disciple : OOps. But maya cannot be killed ?
Master : If you can win a round of shadow boxing
then you can also kill maya !

Anyone who prescribed death to maya is actually suffering the spells of maya. Because maya has the subtle ways to make you think that you are totally free of maya and as a result enlightenend too. It can even make you think you are an avatar who has taken this birth to save this world etc.

Disciple : Now I dont figure exactly what should I do ?
Master : The problem is you think you have to do something
about it. But the reality is you cannot do anything about maya !
Disciple : So I should allow the maya to confuse me as ever ?
Master : Maya does not confuse you but only gives you wordly
experiences. Identify maya well in your life.

Understand how maya works.
Then live in harmony with maya,

but without getting influenced by it.
Disciple : Without getting influenced means
I should not do what maya makes me to do ?
Master : Instead, you should do whatever required,
even if it is influenced by maya but

Under the unfluence of maya, but not being ignorant about it. Living with maya side by side, but not getting lost in it. Seeing the world through the eys of maya but still having the clarity of vision. Maya is here to stay forever as long as this creation sustains itself. It is your choice to master the maya effect and learn to live with a sense of freedom and fulfillment in the rest of your living years.

" maya is like a dream while your eyes are open,
waking up from that dream is the real awakening "

Part - 11

When you wake up from your regular sleep, you will usually end up brushing your teeth as you sigh away all those stupid dreams that were dogging you much of your sleep. But not doubting even a weebit that upon waking up from the regular dreams on the bed, now the special dream session has started even without a bed in sight.

Disciple : You mean to say I am an incurable dreamer ?
Master : Dont worry, you have plenty of company !
Disciple : Do you get dreams ?
Master : When I go to sleep, I hardly find
any time for the dreams besides sleeping !
Disciple : How did that happen to you ?
Master : Because when I go to sleep, I dont think
of what is in store for me in future. I dont think
of whatever took place in my life till then. I just sleep !
Disciple : In your childhood, have you dreamt of anything?
Master : Yes, plenty. Dreams and nightmares galore !

The dreams during sleep will continue to haunt you as long as your open eye dreams are not identified and handled well. The bed time dreams are just the follow ups of what you dream in the day with your eyes and other senses along with your mind open wide. In short, whatever your mind imagined during the open eyes living, will assume reality during the bed time sleep. Because what you experience or wish to experience or afraid of experiencing in wakeful moments will take shape with color and other effects during your bed time sleep and will toss you up and down with its effects.

Disciple : I get some real sweet dreams in the
bed time sleep. Is that ok ?
Master : Sure, but if you can have sweet dreams
then be prepared for the nightmares to continue !
Disciple : Thats scary ! Sweet are ok with
me and not those nightmares !
Master : Ok, but the dreams go on even after you
get out of your bed and even as you have the shower !
Disciple : I thought with my shower, all dreams come to an end ?
Master : On the contrary, you start a fresh new set of dreams !

Even as you take the shower, if you noticed, you do not consider you as just a plain human being but as a husband or a son, or even the boss or a tormented housewife. The superimposed roles you play seem to take over the plain human being that you are. You always seem to be rushing somewhere. To catch something. To make something a reality. To prove a point to yourself and others.

Disciple : But thats what life is all about ?
Master : Not really, life is a lot
more than what you think it to be !
Disciple : But am I not supposed to think of me as someone ?
Master : Yes, but to get lost in that someone and
forget the real you can pose problems

While it is necessary to take the roles you play seriously, you cant be really too serious about them and as a result lose track of your original being. The vedanta declares such a superimposed you as a dream or maya. The roles are real but the roles alone can never be real. The one who is playing the roles is the ultimate truth and devoid of the real one who is playing the roles, when you take your roles to be serious, then you are left far behind in lurch chasing the dreams of a non existing role you donned.

Master : Let me ask you some questions for a change !
Discple : My pleasure, but please make it easy !
Master : Yes, the easiet and simplest for you !
Disciple : OK, Im game !
Master : What is the brand of your toothpaste ?
Disciple : Well, well, I think it is some name
starting with P. But not too sure !
Master : What were you doing when you used it ?
Disciple : I usually plan about the day's appointments at that time !
Master : There you are ! you missed being the simple man
brushing teeth in the morning !

While it appears that to be a business man even when you brushed teeth as very smart and productive, there is a possibility of losing track of your real identity underneath those constant plannings. Your assuming the roles with such obsession can cost the hidden you beneath those roles a heavy toll.

Disciple : But I seem to get such good
ideas only when Im in the bath !
Master : Thats OK, not a problem !
Disciple : But you seem to discourage such things !
Master : Never, Im saying you can plan and assume
your roles and actions for the day without hesitation !
Disciple : But does that not amount to dreaming with open eyes ?
Master : Yes, but they cant have influence over you !
Disciple : Really ? How is that ?
Master : When you know well that your plans and assumptions
are just dream like and to constantly remember the real you
amidst your busy planning and assuming can save you
from becoming the victim of your own dreams later !
Disciple : Am I to tell myself that the person who is
planning and scheming in me is not the real me ?
Master : Precisely ! Remind yourself that you are
independent of all thats happening around and about you !
Disciple : What happens If I do so ?
Master : You simply wake up from the open eyed dreaming !

There will be a time when you will remain in constant touch with your true self despite the heavy planning that may go on the surface of your personality. You may never lose track of the real you and thats when you are awakened from the dreams that you chase all your lifetime with no end.
"Maya is NOT an enemy you should fight,
NOT a problem you should find solution,
NOT a challenge you should face,
NOT a puzzle you should solve,
Maya simply 'IS' just be aware of it"

Part - 10

The wondrous panaroma of life with all its glitz, itch and the pain, is a creation by maya. The real world does not contain pain or pleasure. There is no drama there that can grip your attention and stir your soul. No trophies for the early arrivers and not even the penalty or punishment for the late comers.

Disciple : What kind of a place is that ?
Master : Its not even a place !
Disciple : Sounds very dull without the drama etc !
Master : Yes but you dont even

want to sleep while being there !
Disciple : Why is that i dont want to sleep there?
Master : Because you dont want to

miss a thing by sleeping it out!
Disciple : Is it some unusual entertaintment ?
Master : No its an extra ordinary contentment !
Disciple : But can may also provide such a
like Consciousness which you just described?
Master : Yes. Maya can even make someone think that
he is enlightenend, because he has conquered maya !

Maya is not some emotion or a feeling. It is not even a thought. But something which is the cause for all these. It exists in its own absence. Curiously it has similar attributes just as Consciousness does. The maya is ever present, all pervading, unseen, beyond senses, maya also cannot be comprehended easily, even though it exists and surrounds you all the time.

Disciple : Then what is one striking difference
between Consciousness and maya ?
Master : The maya begin and end in time.

The Consciousness does not !
Disciple : But what causes the birth of maya ?
Master : The human mind !
Disciple : So the mind is the creator of maya ?
Master : Not really, the creator is the

same which created this world !
Disciple : Then what it is exactly ?
Master : It is just a feature that

comes with the mind during creation !

Certain features simply come with the main product whether you like or not. Maya is just a feature that comes along with mind during the making of mind in creation of humanity. There is no mind which is born without this feature built in. Perhaps this feature alone is responsible for the brain to function in multi dimensional propensities.

Disciple : So you are saying that
maya is actually helpful ?
Master : Yes, atleast it is not as harmful
as what we would like it to be !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Without maya in our lives, we
would not compare and compete, make
efforts to attain or renounce, not even show love
or hatred, infact no one will even try to get spiritual
looking for that distant dream called enlightenment !

The whole life can be meaningless without the maya effect. The special meaning what humans have interpreted, out of their lives must be attributed wholly to maya. The ablity to emote, then voice it, to intellectually challenge and explore, physically build super human cities, towns and buildings and bridges, invent automobiles and computers and give them all a purpose and value is all the greatness of maya. If there is something that still gives you hope and a promise and a lot of cheers to live for something down the road, thats called as maya.

" All problems are maya and so are the solutions "

Part - 9

Maya creates the problems and also provide solutions. Maya creates the bondage and also fecilitates liberation from it. It makes you experience sorrow and help you find solace too. It drives you to find success in life and can also create obstacles enroute. It creates the illusion of security, protection, support and also creates a hidden fear of missing them all. It can make you feel like a winner and a loser at the same time.

Disciple : But my problems appear so solid to me !
Master : That solid is the influence of maya there !
Disciple : But I do find proper solutions at times !
Master : That proper is the maya in your life !

Maya does not have fixed ways to see the world. It is not even aware of the kind of distorted vision it has caused you. It is simply inert and cannot think for itself. It has no mind of its own but it can influence all human minds. It is like your shadow. It is there but not exactly.

Disciple : So what is the way out of this maya ?
Master : There is no way out or no way in !
Disciple : Then what should I do ?
Master : Nothing really ! Just know that maya is
there and is distorting your vision. Thats all!
Disciple : Does that bring a clarity of vision ?
Master : Yes, the clarity here is only the
awareness of the distortion !
Disciple : So the distortion remains even after
the awareness of the self ?
Master : When you know it is a distortion,
then it cannot distort anymore !

The rising and setting of the sun still would appear as rising and setting only, even after the self awareness. But the awareness brings a clarity to see the false but still know the truth. This is an unique experience, which would enable you to understand the maya point of view even after you had freed yourself from the trappings of maya.

Disciple : If one goes beyond the happiness and sorrow
created by maya then what is in store?
Master : Nothing really. Just the absence of happiness
and sorrow result in silence and that would be
experienced by the mind as bliss.
Disciple : Is it possible for everyone ?
Master : Yes. Everyone with the human features !

Only human beings can get ' bound ' and be aware of it and only human being can be 'free' from that bondage and be aware of it too ! The animals can be bound but they can never be aware of it. They just dont know if they are bound or free. It does not matter to them if they are bound or free.

Disciple : So maya does not work for animals ?
Master : Not at all ! They dont have a distorted vision at all !
Disciple : But in that hollywood movie I saw a dog crying for the dead wife dog ?
Master : Movie dogs are like that. In indian movies even a snake can cry !

Because the maya does not influence the animals, in no way makes them to feel free or even bound. But they just hang around and go about their lives chasing their prey, eating and sleeping and making a living. They simply dont know things exist in this world such as enlightenment.

Disciple : So to be born as a human being is special or not ?
Master : I think it depends upon the individual
to answer such a delicate question !
Discple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because not every man
feels special about his life !

" presence or absence of maya does not
decide your freedom, but the awareness
of maya, whether it is present or absent will "

Part - 9

Maya need not be done away with, because you cannot do away with it. The life we believe to be real and the values we have for life as real need to continue, in order to sustain life and expression, despite they all contain the maya effect. The entire evolutionary process of life on earth is based on the maya effect. Its as fragile as the Eco system that governs the life on earth. A unseen fabric of life which thrive when taken seriously, but can also draw its dagger and engage you in a brawl, in case you thought you will kill the maya because its bad, like all those good men did in Hollywood movies to all those bad men towards the end.

Disciple : A brawl ?
Master : Yes, you can say that !
Disciple : I thought I am bad at fighting ?
Master : But you seem to do it all the time !
Disciple : But I don't fight with anyone ?
Master : True, except with yourself !

When you are ignorant about the influence of maya in life, there is very little chance of fighting with it. But moment you are aware of the maya's influence then the trouble starts. That's the reason why the seekers on the spiritual path can appear more troubled at times. Because they get caught between the positivities and negativities of their minds. They become aware of the real and false and that can set the seeker upon the big brawl of their lifetime. The fight happens within oneself, when the maya gets branded as wrong, negative and false.

Disciple : Is it not spiritual journey is meant to
provide happiness and confidence to the seeker?
Master : On the contrary, it should shake you out from
your habitual thinking of 'positive ideas' such as confidence
and happiness !

Maya cannot be only negative because maya is the very cause of this split up between the negative and positive. Which means whenever you deal with positive and negative aspects of life then you are under the spell of maya. But to just being aware of the positive and negative dichotomy as the handy work of maya, then you get transported to yet another dimension of life. A new dimension where the maya continue to exist but does not bother you anymore.

Disciple : Does it mean I and Maya can live side
by side without messing up with each other?
Master : Exactly ! You can live very peacefully
without being taken for a ride by this world !
Disciple : How do I deal with maya in such a way
where the maya become my friend and I need
not fear the maya anymore?
Master : All the religions and spiritual
techniques are meant just for that !
Disciple : Are they not part of maya too ?
Master : True ! They are just the products of maya !
Disciple : Even being spiritual is only an influence by maya ?
Master : That's a bold statement but indeed so true !

Maya helps you ever so easily to get trapped and be bound on one hand. Same maya also offers solutions by its other hand and help you get out of the trap and liberate you. The true liberation hits like some speeding vehicle on a highway, when you realize both the bondage and liberation are master strokes of maya, but originally never existed, in that very moment your awakening too happens in its full blast.

" just as much the light is part of sun, that much maya is part of this world "

Part- 8

You can chuck a bad goggles which caused distorted vision to you, in to the nearest trash can. But to rip off maya from the world's face and dump it in some other unheard planet is not that easy. To identify maya itself can be a tough call, because most of the times, most seekers get trapped in to seeing somethings as maya and somethings as truth, which was also created by the same maya.

Disciple : Can that be possible ?
Master : Anything is possible for maya !
Disciple : Is it more powerful than Consciousness ?
Master : Cannot be, but it can appear to be so !
Disciple : But how is that maya can influence
one's understanding about the same maya?
Master : Because all understanding in you
happens only in the field of maya!

Any activity happens in the mind has a unseen hand of maya in it. Even your understanding about maya happens in your mind influenced by maya only. So it is always going to biased. Mind can never see the world unbiased. The inherent maya element always will distort the truth.

Disciple : Then which part of me which
actually get me free from maya ?
Master : Your Intellect which can discriminate
but even that can be influenced by maya !
Disciple : Just like the virus entered in to computer
distorting data in the computer through various parts?
Master : You can say that. But unlike computer virus,
this one cannot be removed with some anti virus software

The maya is the way of the world. There is no other way. Just like traffic rules on the road, maya is a must in the world to live. The ignorance of traffic rules can cause confusion on the road, ignorance about maya will cause pain and sorrow and that occasional fanciful high and happiness. In other words, if you are not aware of maya then you are just now messing up your life.

Disciple ; I find it scary to live with
something as dangerous as maya !
Master : Dangerous is just your opinion.
There are millions of people in this world
use the same maya to feel good, positive,
honest and humble. They use it to heal and
reflect and contemplate and meditate and
even 'feel' evolved !
Disciple : And I feel dangerous about maya
because of the particular understanding I

derived about maya through my
experiences of maya ?
Master : Well said !

All your opinions, beliefs, judgements, ideologies and concepts belong to maya. Never you can stay away, even after you found your freedom from maya. The running of the world's machinery will come to a grinding halt, when maya is absent totally on the face of this world.

Disciple : Who benefits in this kind of game ?
Master : Its a strange game without any gain or loss !
Disciple : You mean I would not lose anything due to maya ?
Master : Nor you can win, because mays itself is
not interested in success or failure !
Disciple : Oh, how does maya look at its own life ?
Master : To be present or to be absent !

Maya has nothing much to do when you see the world just as the world. But when you see it as a place to perform, prove, succeed, compete, fight, fall in love with, escape fear, enjoy, suffer, to be happy, to find peace of mind, to be spiritual, to get enlightened etc, then maya is gripping more stronger than ever. Nevertheless the maya seem to be a necessary evil.

Disciple : Why do you say maya is necessary ?
Master : Because, if maya is totally absent then nothing happens !
Disciple : Nothing really happens ?
Master : Yes, including this dialog !
Disciple : Then how precisely I should deal with maya ?
Master ; Do not banish maya but just befriend. Thats the key !

" spiritual growth, spiritual journey, spiritual destination,
spiritual enlightenment is all just maya at play "

Part - 7

Maya weaves a world that is far superior in appearance to what is actually created as this world by the Consciousness. While every living thing in this creation can get only food and sleep and perhaps the shelter, only mankind can get many extra things which the rest of them cannot. Mankind can get noble, good, sweet, honest, humble, egoless, can get spiritual, can get enlightement etc, which nothing else in creation ever can get.

Disciple : You mean to say only man
is eligible to get spiritual?
Master : Im saying only man makes
much ado about nothing !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : It means man is making
unwanted fuss meaniglessly !

Man thinks that if he had become spiritual, then he is freed from maya. But hardly he knows that even the idea of spirituality and getting spiritual stem from maya only ! He glorifes himself as a seeker and carry that special identity and flaunt everywhere he goes. He even sympathizes with the so called 'unspiritual' humans.

Disciple : Is it wrong to be spiritual ?
Master : Never, but it is wrong to think that
your idea about spirituality is real !
Disciple : Is there a way to get out of this trap ?
Master : Yes indeed !
Disciple : Please enlighten me with it ?
Master : It is to know that your understanding of
enlightenment is just an idea and you should agree
that you have 'no idea' about spirituality or enlightement !
Disciple : Then how does one progress in the path ?
Master : There you are. One more idea called progress !
Disciple : You mean there is no progress on the path ?
Master : You neither can progress nor can regress !
Disciple : Oops, then how come everyone believes in such a thing ?
Master : Let us thank maya for that !

The progress on your spiritual path is just imagined by you. If someone smiled or said hello to you voluntarily, then you wish to believe that you are growing up spiritually. If nothing happens the way you wanted for a week long time, then you start to suspect that you are falling on the path of spirituality.

Disciple : So how and from where does this idea
of rising and falling come ?
Master : The mind see the world objectively.
It also see the creator or the Truth(Atman, God)
objectively out of habit. Then due to this illusory
thinking you also start to calculate the distance
between you and god is called as path and with
some specialized guidance you believe that you
can reach the god who is sitting away from you
like some distant star on the night sky.
Disciple : So where does the rising and falling happen ?
Master : This is where you start to imagine about
rising (whenever you are happy) and falling
too (whnever you are not so happy) .
Disciple : Yes it is true that I always see spirituality
to be synonymous with success and happiness !
Master : Whoever thought that way will certainly experience
the rising and falling all the time on the spiritual path !

Disciple : So what to do with the failure and success ?
Master : Accept the failures and success equally as same !
Disciple : Then what happens ?
Master : Then the real miracle happens !
Disciple : What is that ?
Master : You will go beyond both success and failure
and happiness and sorrow !
Disciple : What does that mean exactly ?
Master : It means that you would stop considering spirituality
as a path to success and happiness only !
Disciple : What happens as a result of this new found wisdom ?
Master : Maya will ease her grip over you.
Thats the beginning of freedom in your life, Get ready !

" the false look so real that the real appear false "


Part - 6

The amazing factor called maya is always going to be the focal point of discussion among seekers worldwide, that the shadow called maya gained prominence over its own source. It is a surprise that people still want to believe(read as doubt) that there may be someone called god, while they are ready to vouch for the reality status to the world.

Disciple : Am I to understand that this
world is not real and just a shadow ?
Master : Not really ! The independent existence
of the world is unreal. The world out of ignorance
do not understand or recognize its own source, but

thinks that it is false ! The source is being suspected
of its existence by many !
Disciple : Im not clear yet !
Master : That is OK, dont try too hard to understand.
Im saying that the husband is never independent of the
man inside him. If the husband thought he is only a
husband and has totally forgottten the man inside him
then he is in trouble !
Disciple : I got what you say now !

(a few minutes later)

Disciple : Does it mean the husband is false?
Master : No. The husband is real. But husband
without man inside is false !
Disciple : How come the husband is sametime true and false ?
Master : That glory goes to maya alone !
Disciple : I think I am missing a point here !
Master : True. The husband should not get lost with his
husband identity forever, but should be aware of his manhood.
Disciple : So should I remain as a bachelor even after marriage ?
Master : I think your wife should decide that!

Maya needs a base to function. It needs a platform to perform. It cannot survive on its own. If tree is the base then maya spreads evenly on the tree and mix inseperably in to it. Then the tree appear as a 'beautiful' tree to someone. It can similarly trigger all sorts of emotions and feelings in you through the distorted perception triggered by maya.

Disciple : Sounds like a fairly tale !
Master : More or less, it is like that !
Disciple : So maya makes everyone imagine this way ?
Master : Not everyone will see maya's effect similarly !
Disciple : Ooh ! Does it work differently for different people ?
Master : Most certainly, yes !

The same tree which appeared 'beautiful' to someone, can appear 'useful' to someone else or 'fruitful' to yet another. The same world can appear as the 'abode of sorrow' or the 'world of joy' or 'puzzle to solve' or even the 'mystery to celebrate' to different people. It depends on the unique experiences of the individuals.

Disciple : How come the maya create so much variety ?
Master : Thats the way to trick the mind to sustain ignorance !
Disciple : Is that wrong?
Master : Not at all. Maya just does its job !
Disciple : Why people dont show interest in the Truth ?
Master : Perhaps the Consciousness or Atman does not provide
the variety we get from maya. The Truth appear dull and colorless !
Disciple : Should we then make the Truth colorful ?
Master : Then it would become maya !

" dealing with maya without the knowledge of maya is ignorance "

Part - 5

In any case maya will continue to exist, before or after enlightenment. The awakening or the self awareness does not chase the maya to run and hide in the closet. It only helps to understand and deal with it better. It would be childish to think that with the self awareness, the maya will split the scene and quit the action forever.

Disciple : Maya does not disappear?
Master : Never ! It is here to stay !
Disciple : Does it mean the man of self awareness
learn to live with maya despite its bad influences ?
Master : Maya does not represent bad inluences only !
Disciple : Do you mean maya is good also ?
Master : Yes. Infact, wherever the good and bad differences
exist there only the maya can exist !

The maya is neither good nor bad, but it seem to play a crucial role in creating the good and bad differences. Maya causes both the negative and positive sides to your life. Atleast it gives a false life to such dualities or paradoxes.

Disciple : Im surprised to hear that
maya works out to be good too !
Master : True. All good and beautiful
things in your life are experienced
because of maya only !
Disciple : I figure that now !

Maya or the illusion makes you attribute qualities to everything you perceive through all your senses. It does not have the power to create objects out of air. It cannot produce, manufacture build or even plan. It is just a distorted vision which gives birth to distorted understanding about life. It makes you see life around you in an distorted manner as good and bad.

Disciple : So maya does not create anything ?
Master : It cannot create anything !
Disciple : Which means this world is real ?
Master : Everything is real in this creation !
Disciple : So what is the illusion here ?
Master : Seeing the unlimited as limited
and as a result unable to experience the
unlimited is the illusion here !

Maya not only makes you see the unlimited consciousness as a limited creation, but also hides the truth from your vision. Hiding the truth and projecting the false is the typical style of operation for maya. But if you resort to quell maya and get the right vision, then you are making a mistake because maya will intensify its influences and overwhelm you in a mysterious way.

Disciple : Oh, that sounds scary !
Master : Exactly, thats
the plight of all
the people who fight it
out with maya. It would
only cause more trouble
in your seeking truth !
Disciple : OK, So how do I handle it ?
Master : With care indeed.
First clearly identify it
and then understand its subtle
nuances then observe how it
works till when you learnt
how to allow it happen in your
life but still stay free from its influences !
Disciple : Suppose if I miss
out and get in to the
trap spread by maya once again ?
Master : No problem, because
ignorance is after all bliss !
" maya is not the cause but only an effect "

part - 4

Maya does not keep you in ignorance. But when you are ignorant about the unlimited Consciousness, then maya comes alive. Maya is never the cause but only the effect. There is little need to blame maya for the illusory lifestyle. It does not exist by itself but still appears to be independent.

Disciple : So does maya exist or not ?
Master : It wholly depends on you !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : It means that you are the creator of maya !
Disciple : Does it mean maya can be destroyed by me ?
Master : Maya need not be destroyed !
Disciple : What do i with it when i know it is only an illusion ?
Master : Just play with it !

Maya is the result of duality. Whenever mind perceives the world with duality, there maya is vibrant. If mind is not applied, then this dualistic world may end abrubtly. The maya helps you surfing the world as somebody on the waves of good and bad experiences in a world of objectivity.

Disciple : Even after enlightenment or self awareness,
the maya factor will continue to exist ?
Master : Yes, because if one man is awakened from the
clutches of maya, it does not mean that everyone also
get freed from the same maya !
Disciple : Others would still continue to be
under the influence of maya ?
Master : Yes and they will never know the
perception of the awakened man !
Disciple : How does the man handle maya
after the awakeneing to his own self ?
Master : With utmost care !

Despite freedom from maya, the maya may still be required to deal with life outside. The common man is always embroiled in divisive maya. His high vulnerability to maya and its influence is only due to the validity he gives to maya's existence. When your mind figured the fact that maya is a certain appearance and does not have substantial life by itself, then your mind is more cautious in dealing with it.

Disciple : How does this maya work ?
Master : It neither drives the world to behave
false nor works in order to confuse you !
Disciple : What does it do then ?
Master : It is just there simply !
Disciple : Then how come it seem to cause so much havoc?
Master : Such a thinking is yet another illusion !

Maya does not cause any havoc. It is just like seeing through a faulty spectacles, seeing through the goggles with a cracked lens. The crack would appear on everything you see around. After sometimes you start to believe that this whole world is actually cracking up. Neither the crack in the glass is maya nor the world with the cracked look is maya. But the phenomenon which makes you think that the crack on your spectacle as real and attributed to the world is maya.

Disciple : I think I am getting somewhere about this maya !
Master : Thanks to maya. It can keep you drifting
out of conext easily for long time !
Disciple : So you are saying that there is a fault in perception ?
Master : More or less, yes !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : It just happens when mind can percieve only the gross
on surface and fail to grasp the subtler truth within !

Part - 3

Mind does not contain maya in it. But what it experiences in the world as a result of its projection is called as maya. Mind has the ability to see the world in a particular way, based on its prior experieces. Strangely, the mind only experiences this world as it was projected by itself. It first creates a cause for suffering or enjoyment then resort to enjoy or suffer.

Disciple : This one is all greek and latin to me honeslty !
Master : Thanks to your mind, it wants to keep you busy with
its projection and does not allow unknown ideas to enter !
Disciple : What you are saying is just an idea ?
Master : Everything is just an idea only initially,

till exeperienced personally !
Disciple : Does that apply to enlightenment too ?
Master : True, even bondage is just an
idea, unless one felt it !

Mind thrives by ideas. The ideas can be good, bad and some times ugly too. The spirituality also first enters in one's life as a nice little idea. People even live for many years toying with the idea of becoming 'spiritual' some day. Even they actually become spiritual by finding a guru and get initiated, still the idea can remain as idea only, because of its many years of sustenance as an idea. They even believe that they are spiritual but in reality except learning a few techiniques and mantras, there may not be anything particularly spiritual about them.

Disciple : So whats the difference between an idea and a belief ?
Master : When you toy with an idea for a prolonged period of time
it can become a belief !
Disciple : Please give me an example !
Master : If you thought you are very hard working (even if others
tell that you hardly work), if you prolong such a thought more often
then slowly it takes the shape of idea and the idea soon mature in to
a belief. Then you will not ready to listen to anyone but simply
believe that you are a hard working person !
Discple : Ok I got it !
Master : Similarly, one can have ideas like 'Im honest',

I'm humble', I'm sincere', 'I'm bad', 'I'm full of love' etc
which can potently become such strong belief
over a period of time !

The ideas are the projections of mind. It projects on just about everything and everybody. Ideas about oneself, about others, about places, objects and even spirituality. Sometimes the projected ideas seem to match the reality too, which gives rise to mind to believe that all its ideas are totally perfect.

Disciple : i wish you could give me an example ?
Master : Sometimes you have an idea about a restaurant
that it serves hopeless food and when you landed up there
with friends and when the food is actually hopeless, you
feel that your ideas are always right and start to validate
your million other ideas as real, based just on the
singulat restaurant experiece !
Disciple : This is how I start to beleive all other ideas of mine ?
Master : Precisely ! But you may also doubt some ideas !
Disciple : Because mostly they are projected by others in to you !

You have inborn ideas and borrowed ideas. The inborn ideas are there probably for a long time, since you were born. Borrowed ideas are brand new and just heard from someone. though it appeals to you, still it has not become internalized in you. It also a lot dependent on who supply the ideas to you. Some people have deep influence on you and some people you may refuse to accept.

Disciple : How come I believe someone so deeply ?
Master : Just the idea you have about the person,
when it fitted him well, or if he managed to fit well
in to your idea, then you start believing him.
Discple : If he does not fit my idea?
Master : You will do just the opposite !
" The distance between what you think you
are and what actually you are is maya"

( I L L U S I O N ) part - 2
The created world does not contain any illusion at all. It is a hard headed reality. The mountains and rivers and oceans are solid manifestations of the creator. The creation of plant life and animal life along with human life is undeniably real. Infact even the big cities and towns are not illusory.

Disciple : This sounds very strange. I have always
thought this whole world is false and full of maya.
I have been told by many that way !
Master : Such an understanding is part of the maya !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : The created world or the creator
(God, unseen Consciousness)is not false or
illusory. But the understanding you have
about you and the world is illusory !
Disciple : Am I part of the maya ?
Master : Never. You are as real
as the mango in a mango tree !
Disciple : That does not make
me very happy ! Some how I was
drawing comfort from thinking
that the whole world is a dream !
It was such a comforting thought !
Master : The idea that this world is
a dream is the most illusory thought that
can happen to man. It is also the evidence
of the existence of maya ! Maya at its best there !

Man lives in a slippery world of woderful illusion woven by his mind. It is slippery because he cant hold his own illusion steady. He doubts, suspects, even fears his own creation. The man's creation is identical to the God's creation because he used God's creation as a base.

Disciple : What exactly is God's creation here?
Master : The flower is God's creation !
Disciple : Then whats man's creation which is identical ?
Master : The 'beauty' in the flower is man's creation !
Disciple : Does it mean the flower is ugly ?
Master : Neither ugly nor beautiful. It is just a flower !

Man can 'see' beauty in the flower, ugliness in old age, sunset which is breathtaking, mountains which are majestic, rivers which are furious, lakes full of serenity, animals that are dangerous, people who are useful and goodness in the light and ghosts in the darkness.

The mind is like a movie house and a major production unit too. The mind where movies get processed, edited, special effects added and efficient projection happens too, outliving the state of art technology used in the hollywood studios. Just as how the movies are spun like an hour long magic over a simple story line, the maya too can create an endless magical movie over this simple world.

Disciple : Why does the mind create this illusion ?
Master : Because mind has this image building as
the supreme feature by default !
Disciple : Why the mind is created by God this way?
Master : May be for that dash of spice in our lives !
In Upanishads, maya is also described as sport(leela). As if the creator is having some fun watching this world like a movie packed with emotions, sentiments, revenge and adventure. Its like watching a non stop thriller, displaying every possible twist and the turn, the slip and the slide of a tale that seemingly never ends.

Disciple : Whats is the problem in creating
these illusions by the mind ?
Master : Nothing much, except that you start
to believe your own creation as real !
Disciple : Is that a problem really?
Master : Yes. Besides, you may fail to see the
actual world hidden beneath the veil of your own creation !

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