More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" you don't become clear with your consciousness in
your life, but because of consciousness you become
clear about life "

(ego) Part - 9

Some people tend to mix up conscience and consciousness as one. But they are dramatically different from each other, though both glorified highly in their worlds. Conscience is considered utterly a noble quality while living in this world. You can hear people saying, if one is clear with his conscience then he is free. This freedom cannot be compared with the freedom one may find as a result of knowing the consciousness. The conscience belong to the worldly life and Consciousness usually belong to the spiritual life.

Conscience is that which makes you feel guilty and regretful in life. Many religions of nobility have considered regretfullness or feeling the guilt as a great way to get purified. But almost always the guilty can never feel pure about himself but only a pile of rotten trash.

Disciple : So what is conscience ?
Master : A psychological source which churn
out moral and ethical aspects of your life !
Disciple: That is not consciousness ?
Master : Not at all. They are as different as sand grains at

kalahari desert and the snowflakes over lake baikal in russia.
Disciple : Where is conscience located ?
Master : It is a kind of book of rules designed
and built by the mind based on what it learnt
as good and bad from childhood days!

Conscience is an expression of the unconnected ego. Consciousness is the source of the connected ego. Conscience is glorified but at the same time suspected too because some times it can be faulty. But Consciousness is neither right nor wrong. It is beyond both. The conscience helps you to understand the good over evil. But Consciousness gets you way far above all that this world calls as good and bad.

Disciple : Conscience belong to the ego ?
Master : Yes. Clearly so !
Disciple : So does all the conscience of all the people same ?
Master : Cant be. It can be unique !
Disciple : Give me some examples please ?
Master : An indian son's conscience would feel bad to
return home in a drunk condition, but an european son's
conscience may feel its ok as long as he drank within limits !
The typical Indian family conscience, does not allow the members
to sit together and drink but it is perfectly alright for a father
and son to share a bottle of wine in many other parts of the world !
The right and the wrong of such moral and ethical happenings
is decided and pronounced by the conscience.

Because the conscience is a vital factor in one's life, since it decides every action that is performed by you, it almost assumed an importance which is as real as the Consciousness. But conscience is playing only within the jurisdiction of the mind. Just a stop over facility before you descend upon the real consciousness within.

Disciple : Even the spellings are different ?
Master : Yes. But very similar and hence can confuse too !
Disciple : Whats the basic difference between them ?
Master : Conscience helps you to live a
moral life according to your own standards
meanwhile Consciousness help you
to be even alive ! Consciousness caused your
life and conscience leads your life.