More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" You can never cross your intellect
to reach the consiousness, but only
connect your intellect to the Consciousness "

Part 12

There is no mantra that can break the intellect barrier and enable you to enter the unlimited precincts of consciousness. Because the intellect is never a barrier but only a facilitator. The only mistake it does is that, it assumes itself to be the ultimate powerhouse hence need not listen to anyone else but only give orders. There is no point in crossing the intellect and rush to consciousness because without the intellect you can neither break the barrier of intellect nor cross the intellect nor even connect to consciousness.

Disciple : But you had mentioned earlier
that intellect is the last step to enlightenment!
Master ; True. But it is never meant that you
will go knocking down and breaking past the intellect !
Disciple : Indeed ! Let me clarify again, intellect is ego ?
Master : Yes, it is 'sense of I' the ego !
Disciple : Ego need not be dropped or shed or destroyed ?
Master : That's an illusion. All ego bashers are deluded !
The ego or ahamkar remains always !
Disciple : If it remains then how can enlightenment happen ?
Master : But my dear, If ego is not there, then to
whom does the enlightenment happen?

The Intellect is the seat of ego(you). You are centered in your intellect, but identified with body or mind most of the times. The intellect as ego can become an obstacle because it has been told that only in the shedding of ego, the highest spiritual experience can happen. But it is the view of the deluded people who have barbecued their sluggish minds on the charcoals of dampness and moist.

Disciple : So there is no need for the intellect,
to cross the intellect ?
Master : Absolutely ! You as intellect only
need to connect to your consciousness !
Disciple : How do I connect?
Master : You need not even connect !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Its already connected !
Disciple : How come I'm not aware of it !
Master : Yes, that's called as ignorance !
Disciple : What should I do now ?
Master : Be aware of the simple fact that you(ego)
are not the master of your life but there is
something called consciousness which is the real master !

The self awareness is the buzz word. When self awareness happened, it can be termed as enlightenment. Self awareness happens to the intellect(ego), where the intellect comes to grips with fact that consciousness alone can call the shots and intellect is just a shadow of the consciousness. In that very moment the self awareness overwhelms the intellect(ego).

Disciple : What is the difference between the intellect(ego)
before self awareness and after self awareness ?
Master : Before self awareness it was always desperate,
wanting to prove to the world of its existence !
Disciple : After the self awareness happened ?
Master : After self awareness, the intellect(ego)
has become so subtle that the discrimination happens
both internally and externally too !
Disciple : But intellect is alive even after the enlightenment ?
Master : Yes. because consciousness cannot express

itself and it needs a medium to express. The intellect is
just meant for that !
Disciple : I got it now !

Everything about you remains the same. What undergoes any transformation is the intellect only and not even your body or breath. The transformation is qualitative, when you as the intellect began to grow in awareness of the real Self from within.

Disciple : So I need not do anything in the name of
spirituality, except grow in awareness of the inner Self ?
Master : Well said !
Disciple : Does this awareness happen suddenly ?
Master : Need not be. It will happen over a period of time !
Disciple : Can you explain please ?
Master : It starts off as some weak
and incomplete awareness but
eventually have to end as total awareness.
Disciple: Total awareness of the Self is possible ?
Master : Without a doubt. It can happen to anyone !
Disciple : Are you having experience of self awareness ?
Master : Yes I know my driving force fully well and I am aware
of the connectivity between my ego the consciousness in me !