More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" You can neither have ego nor do away
with ego, because you are the ego "

Part - 2

The clear sign of misguidance on the spiritual path can be spotted when someone is busy talking about shedding the ego or wiping it clean. They hardly know the fact that the one who is busy cleaning up the ego is actually the ego. Like you neither having a breath of your choice nor can shed it out of your choice.

Disciple : This sounds like some revelation to me !
Master : Need not be. Because it is just a plain truth !
Disciple : But all the seekers around the world seem
to be busy in doing away with the ego !
Master : Because they first made the mistake of branding the
ego as bad and the consciousness as good !
Disciple : OK. How did that happen?
Master : Some unqualified teachers of the past who were caught up
in the good and bad of this world, must have started this joke !
Disciple : How come people followed it ?
Master : Because it suited their divided minds !

Most people unfortunately consider spirituality as giving up the bad and replace it with good, even though they have never achieved such a thing. Because pick any 'good' man or a 'good' woman on the road at random and call him or her a fool, then you can see how bad they can get. Besides, what is good to someone can be terribly bad to someone else. The mind is always used to see this world with divisions. The good and bad, right and wrong, success and failure, gain and loss, etc. Such a divisive mind also saw spirituality as turning to good from bad, turning to merits from all sins etc.

Disciple : If it is not becoming good from bad,
then what is spirituality?
Master : It is to become untouched by good and bad !
Disciple : Such a person who untouched by
good and bad cannot do anything?
Master : why so ?
Disciple : Because, whatever he does
become either good or bad ?
Master : Yes, some people claim it as
good and some will claim it as bad !
Disciple : So what does this man of realization do ?
Master : He simply does whatever comes to him naturally !
Disciple : What if people claim, what he does as bad ?
Master : He does not care even
if they praise it as a noble thing !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means he is untouched by
the complaints or complements !

The ego thrives on dualities. Its existence is sustained by the opposites. Without good and bad there is no existence for ego. At the same time, the inner self (Consciousness, Atman) is totally devoid of any opposites. It is ONE without a second. But when people try to understand the Consciousness with their limited minds then they brand God or Atman(Consciousness) as good and they also naturally end up branding ego as bad. Because for every good thing there has to be a equal bad thing present.

This is the concept in some religions where man is a automatic sinner by birth, whereas the Lord is a automatically meritorious always. This is how the silly and stupid mind divide everything as good and bad. It also divided the man and God as bad and good and interpreted spirituality as becoming good from bad.

Disciple : What is the problem in that ?
Master : Plenty ! The so called spiritual people think
they are automatically good and they also consider the so called
worldly people as automatically bad !
Disciple : True ! Sometimes even I consider myself
to have become good these days !
Master : which also means that you considered yourself
as not so good till these recent days !