More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"touching base at Consciousness
ego does not get destroyed but
simply gets transformed"

Part - 9

It appears as if the ego is destroyed, but really speaking it just undergoes transformation. As if just born, soon after it had connected itself to its inner self. It is in a way the end of the saga of ego. The ahamkar or ego realizes that it does not have an independent hold over life but only subordinates the much bigger consciousness.

Disciple : The awareness of the
inner self belong to whom ?
Master : It belongs to the ego or ahamkar, thats
the individual you or the external self !
Disciple : Awareness does not
happen still deeper inside ?
Master : No, awareness of the 'still deeper inside'

happens to ego which is you !

Awareness is both noun and verb too. The inner self has awareness as an attribute but by itself does not become aware of anything. Only your mind can become aware. It usually is aware of all the things that take place outside. You mind is aware of time and place and people's presence and their personal details, it can be aware of what clothes you wear and what food you eat and constant awareness about its surroundings makes the mind a highly sophisticated instrument. But when you (ego, ahamkar, the sense of I) become spiritual, then slowly you try to become aware of the inner self too.

Disciple : In the height of realization, i was told,
that there is only awareness and nothing else ?
Master : That is an immature understanding !
First of all, the realization happens to ego only as a
result of its awareness of the inner self. So the ego
will be present even at the height of realization.
Only that it may be undergoing some changes !

You are presently located in the mind. You are centered in your mind. Because you believe whatever happens to your mind happens to you. The mind is in other words known as ego. There is no separate ego independent of you or your mind. Its all the same.

Disciple : So mind is ego ?
Master : Mind contains ego too !
Disciple : What are the other things it contains ?
Master : It contains intellect and memory and the sense of I !
Disciple : All of them put together is ego or ahamkar ?
Master : you can say that !

When you function from mind you are simply an ego. When you take your emotions to be real and justify your emotional response to the world as real then you are just a plain ego who is bound to suffer or enjoy because of this world. But when your mind handover its authority to the inner self, then you have shifted your location from mind to the inner self (Atman, Consciousness, Godlikeness, etc ) then you are still an ego but a enlightened ego.

Disciple : Whats the difference between a
plain ego and a enlightened ego ?
Master : The plain ego wants the world to
behave according to its ideologies and the
enlightened ego adapts itself to the world
and does not push any ideology anywhere !
The enlightened ego goes about living its life
without any self doubt and the plain ego lives
with nothing but self doubt !

The mind always is in the danger of a doubtful living, because it always doubts the presence of some inner self. It is not sure about the inner self. Many times the ego does not have enough courage to look within. Then it somehow manage to live in the world with all the existing doubts inside.

Disciple : What are the changes likely to
happen to ego during the realization?
Master : The ego which had a quest to know
the truth come to an end. Because it has found it.
The ego also feel content and complete. This is not
a change but transformation ! Earlier it depended
on the world for its happiness and now it has found
its own happiness from within. Earlier it has many
unresolved issues and questions and now after
realization it seem to have resolved issues with
itself and seem to have no more questions, but
only answers. Whatever it was searching for seem
to have been found as a result of realization.
Disciple : Does this man of realization or the
'transformed ego' really solve all the the issues?
Master : Need not be. He may have solved issues
about himself but others may still continue with
their issues about him. But certainly the man of
realization does not have an issue about his own self.
He is clear about himself.