More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When expand from where you are,
as you are, to your inner self, you will
complete the purpose of your living "

Part 16

You lived a life till today, from your birth, which was full of good and bad, success and failure, happiness and sorrow, experienced by your external self (body, mind, intellect). When this external self, as you are now get connected to the Inner self (Godliness, Consciousness, Atman), your life would come to a complete circle.

Disciple : I was always of the opinion that the
external Self must be emptied and my mind
should become empty in order to
experience the Inner Self.
Master : This is the most misunderstood idea
prevalent commonly and because of which
millions of seekers are stuck up half
way through in their spiritual journey!
Disciple : But is it not that emptying the good
and bad experiences and past memories
that I can reach to the Inner Self ?
Master : If you empty them all then there is
none to actually reach the Inner Self !
Disciple : Why is it like that ?
Master : Because you are only a bundle of all
these experiences rolled together as ego !

The external self (body+mind+intellect = ego) is nothing but the sum total of all your past experiences. Emptying them leads to imbalance. Your discrimination by the intellect should help you to understand this. Then the proper contemplations begin and that's when the connectivity between the external self (however badly shaped it is) will connect to the inner Self.

Disciple : Will everything remain the same even after connectivity ?
Master: Yes ! except that the way you look
at life and the way you express yourself in
this world would change !
Disciple : How does that help me?
Master : It may not help you much, except that it
would prevent you from suffering in the hands

of this tricky world !

Without a need to give up anything, without a need to destroy anything, without the renunciation, without erasing, without emptying, without annihilating, without a fight, without a warfare, without bloodshed, without removing, without sublimating, without exhausting, without perspiring, without struggling, without self torturing, this can happen in the most simplest manner. Upon the connectivity of the external self with the inner self, the only thing that is likely to happen is fulfillment and a sense of completeness.

The scriptures declare this union between the divided ones as Yoga. The reunion of the divided self is what Tantra deals with. The term
advaita or non-duality, one without the second are just about this only. The seeker(external self) finds what he sought(Inner self) and in that finding, he has arrived at his destination, his spiritual goal, his journey come to an natural end.

The end of this this 'long journey' to one's own inner self from one's own external self seem to take so many lives and so many scriptures and so many gurus and so many religions and so many paths and so many techniques and so many methodologies to accomplish.

The awareness of the union of the apparent division between the inner and outer self is the most celebrated moment in the life of a seeker. The world may declare that he has awakened and enlightened but to himself, he has just arrived home from a very long, tiresome and lost ways of a million years.