More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The union of ahamkar
and atman is called yoga "

Part - 16

Greatest merger or unifier happens not between you and something else, but between you and yourself. What the scriptures scream from top of their throats is just about this unifier. To get you full from being half.

Disciple : When two become one then it is called yoga?
Master : Very true !
Disciple : The union here is not of people but of one self with self ?
Master : Yes ! That alone is true union !
Disciple : What about union of people with each other !
Master : Such unions never last longer !
They are mostly convenience !
Disciple : True it appears that all relationships
between human beings are based on some convenience !
Master : Not just people. Even if you buy a car
and sit inside it and drive, it is some kind of union too !
Disciple : How is that ? Please Explain !
Master : Every ego is keen to have union somewhere.
If not people, they believe union with money, power,
places and objects can bring that fulfillment !
Disciple : I got it ! But whats the problem
in such a union with inert objects?
Master : Lots of problem there. Because you don't
know for sure how they would remain. Some day
they have to be condemned. Besides,
you have to protect them too !

The human ego is hungry and thirsty and is always on the look out to quench and satiate thirst and hunger. When there is money in the wallet, fat balance in the bank, brand new car in the garage, it seem happy. But also it suffers deeply inside about the impermanence of all such inert objects. Even as it somehow manage to pass through life by uniting with one or other object, some part of ego is aware, they are not going to be there forever.

Disciple : So the union with material objects not needed ?
Master : That's thinking of an extremist !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because either he runs after material union
or simply run away from it. Both ways it is not going to help.
Whoever jumps from one end to the other extreme is an extremist !
Disciple : I understand that now. So what should I do ?
Master : Unite with the material objects or even
people but be clear that they don't fetch you that
most elusive fulfillment you seek in your life !

While the inert object and sentient human beings come and go in your life, you continue to associate and dissociate with them from time to time. Meanwhile it is important you as ahamkar(sense of I, ego, you) need to find out right things to unite. Something that can bring ever lasting sense of fulfillment.

Disciple : Is it possible to explore the inner self
while being busy dealing with world outside ?
Master : Yes indeed. In fact the world and all the
people in it are only to help you in that process.
They make you understand this world has
nothing to offer you permanently. This world is not a
source of distraction but only means to your own end !
Disciple : Then why the world appear to be a source of
disturbance while practicing spirituality for the earnest seeker ?
Master : That's because his earnestness alone is not enough, but
he should have known the uselessness of the world outside too.
Unless he has stopped believing that union outside with objects
and people bring happiness, he would find spirituality a big challenge !

Living in this world, having devalued everything of this world, not rejecting, not running away, but just hanging around and going about living a life but at the same time looking seriously within to locate the source of your own self, you would have managed both your material pursuit and spiritual fulfillment.