More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" unconnected ego is like the charcoal and
when connected to Consciousness it gets
transformed like the diamond "

Part - 10

Same carbon present in charcoal and diamond, but the quality of diamond always is exemplary, while the charcoal does not command much appreciation. A unusual phenomenon called allotropy makes the carbon exhibit veritable properties differently, even if they are just the same chemically. The ego or ahamkar is just an exhibit of the consciousness with certain unique arrangements of emotions and feelings. The same ego undergo transformation, when it get connected to the consciousness, where the arrangements of emotions and feelings give way to clarity and compassion.

Disciple : So essentially ego is the same before
and after its connectivity with consciousness?
Master : True ! Its like a car without gas when
unconnected and can zip past swiftly with gas
when connected ! The ahamkar functions
differently when connected or disconnected
from the consciousness !

Its the difference between having a bath in the tub or plunged into a swimming pool. The ahamkar does not die away or even get strengthened but remains the same. The connectivity makes it more equipped to face life comprehensively.

Disciple : Connectivity means awareness?
Do they both mean the same ?
Master : Yes, as a result of the connectivity here is
awareness of the inner self by the ahamkar or ego !
Disciple : Which is as good as I am connecting ?
Master : True. You become aware, realized, enlightened,
awakened, connected. However it is described, still the
meaning is one and the same !

The external self uniting or connecting with the inner self is the gripping climax of any spiritual pursuit. Upon connectivity you come to know that you did not now connect it but it has always been connected, only you become aware of the fact that you were always connected the Inner Self. This awareness breaks down the psychological wall built by the mind. The wall which apparently divided mind from the consciousness.

Disciple : So you say now that the inner self and
external self have always been connected ?
Master : Yes indeed ! But you come to know that
clear as a crystal when you became silent within
and realized the connectivity !
Disciple : Which one happens first ?
The connectivity or the awareness
of the connectivity ?
Master : Both happen simultaneously.
Like darkness and light appear and
disappear simultaneously !

The awareness happens as you are making an attempt to connect to the inner self. It would be meaningless to find out whether you become aware first or connectivity happened first. It does not really matter. But if you have a question which is kind of nagging your attention towards the subtlety of the inner connectivity then wrap up all those questions and dump them in the silence of your Inner Self during the meditation.