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Off The Cuff Utterances

" The realization happens to ego(you) only
when it learnt to be in the present moment"

(ego) Part - 11

There is only one way that you(ego) can become aware or realize your own inner self. That is to bring yourself in your entirety to 'this' moment. This is somewhat easier always to read than actually do. But at the same time it is probably the simplest thing anybody can ever think of.

Disciple : Is that all to be
done for spiritual enlightenment ?
Master : Rather this is the most vital step and
important thing to do from your side and the
rest may follow suit !
Disciple : Please explain how does being in the
present helps to realize the self ?
Master : Because the inner self always belonged
to the 'this' moment only. If you as the ego
have to connect to your inner self, then you
have to come to 'this' moment.

When ego is centered in 'this' moment that very moment it can be aware of the inner self. The realization happens that very moment. There is no way you can realize the self or get the awareness of the self, if you are scattered in the past moments or even the future moments. Just like you have particular time to meet particular people - you would not want to meet your hairdresser when you are having lunch and you would not want to have meals while in the saloon. Similarly there is a time for connecting to the self too and that time is 'here' and 'now' .

Disciple : Scattered means what ?
Master : Not being in 'this' moment but
stuck up somewhere in some past events !
Disciple : Is it only of the past ?
Master : Need not be. Future too !
Being scattered everywhere except
'here' is the nature of unconnected ego !

Mind wants to hold on to insignificant events that took place decades ago. When it is too busy mulling over dead moments, it has obviously lost the track of being here in 'this' moment. This happens when the ego(you) not connected or realized or be aware of the inner Self. It is apparent mind without control. Not rooted but swaying and drifting all over.

Disciple : Which one is first ? Whether first
bring the mind to the present and realize the
Self or realize the self and as a result mind
turns to 'this' present moment spontaneously ?
Master : Both happen simultaneously ! But you
should first try to be in 'this' moment. That
is the ideal start.
Disciple : I got it !

When ego(you, jivatma) is unconnected, then you are always scattered in all periods of time except in the present moment. It is a trouble some mind, well modified and oscillating mind. Its a unfit mind for self awareness. Because the self awareness can happen to a mind which has managed to gather itself to 'this' moment and dismiss all the past moments as dead ones and do not relive them here now.

The well connected ego lives a different lifestyle. It may appear a little ambiguous to the untrained mind. Little is the concern for past events, or even the future possibilities. It just lives in 'this' moment. The past is just a documented data and future has no relevance at all.

Disciple : The whole spirituality is just about this ?
Master : In a way yes !
Disciple : What about all the rituals
one practice rigorously ?
Master : All kinds of practices are meant
to bring you to 'this' moment only !
Disciple : Do they all know that there
practices are meant for this only ?
Master : Need not be ! They may be
expecting some miracles to happen !
Disciple : Even praising the lord
does not bring goodness?
Master : Goodness means ?
Disciple : It can be said as fortunes !
Master : The only fortune or the greatest
miracle that can happen to anyone is when
one can be totally aware of 'this' moment
unconditionally without the slightest
compromise! The rest all other goodness
imagined by you are just beautiful rubbish !