More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" merging with other half within can
happen in your living room while reading
the news paper and sipping hot coffee "

part - 13

Establishing your external self with its root within brings fulfillment, but before that, such an idea brings a doubt that everything external to you will run and hide from your sight just after that. It is a weird thinking that when the ego is awakened to the inner self, then when you open your eyes, you would find yourself in the jungles of Himalayas along with wild Bison and the Llamas.

DIsciple : Is it not Himalayas is the only place spirituality is possible ?
Master : Even skiing and para
gliding is possible in Himalayas !
Disciple : So you say awakening need not happen in Himalayas ?
Master : After traveling so far to Himalayas
you may even get tired and end up sleeping there !

Awakening of the ego to your own inner self restricted to a particular place is simply ignorance. It can happen even as you read new paper in your living room. In fact when it happens in most unlikely places, it can be more real and withstanding than awakening happened ten thousand feet above in mountains which might vanish as you come back to the mean sea level later.

Disciple : But I have always seen pictures of
great rishis (seers) in jungles and mountains
of olden days meditating along with deers
and butterflies !
Master : Because those days every place was still
like jungle. They were not producing toxins which
contaminated atmoshpere. They did not built structures
that scraped the skies. They did not have refrigerators
which spewed chloro fluoro carbon. They did not use
perfumes which punctured the ozone layer. Even their
own backyard appeared like Himalayas !
Disciple : What about butterflies?
Master : They did not use cellular phones which emitted
subtle magnetic radiation to drive those
butterflies to flutter away !

As the cities and towns grew wild with concrete and metal, seekers migrated to isolated places which were mostly mountains, where the human civilization of plastic and cosmetics did not reach as fast as the plains. A seeker atop the Himalayas or the Alps should have similar experience. A mountain is a mountain.

Disciple : Then why
the mountains are always
so special for spiritual growth ?
Master : The big mountains can remind you
(the ego, ahamkar) how small you are
in front of them. You come to know your
insignificance in front of them.
It somewhere urges you to close your eyes
and search for support from within.
Disciple : Does that not happen in a city ?
Master : Cities are built by human egos.
You will always find a hotel room to check
in and go to sleep safely as you watch the TV.
Disciple : So this experience does not happen
in the cities at all ?
Master : Looking at the traffic and
the reckless driving of people
it is quite possible in the cities too !
But out in the wilderness of the great mountains,
you have no choice but search within to
gather strength and support for your survival !
Disciple : So there is no God or some angels
in the mountains which will liberate the seeker ?
Master : Absolutely NOT !