More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Meditation is singularly meant for you(ego, ahamkar)
to rediscover your true source(Atman, Consciousness) "

Part - 8

The process of you reconnecting to your source is done while you set your self upon some exhaustive meditation sittings. Meditation where you cease all your worldly dealings for awhile and sit freely with your senses all shut in a natural manner. It takes a few sittings for your mind to actually turnaround within and identify the source.

Disciple : I have been wanting to ask how
this re connectivity is done !
Master : Yes, at the right time,
I am explaining myself !
Disciple : Always I seem to be in a hurry
to finish any practice !
Master : You cannot complete this process unless
you have understood clearly all that is
needed to know about ahamkar and consciousness !

The hurriedness of a seeker comes from the habit of trying to 'finish up' with eating, sleeping, washing, cooking, and reading, etc. You always think that everything must be finished. But when it comes to meditation you cant sit with the idea of finishing it.

True meditation has no beginning or end. It just happens and keeps happening. Even as you get up from the meditation seat, you should still make an attempt to remain in that meditative state. There is no finishing up with meditation. Because the mind which is busy with the idea of 'finishing up' things fast is a very restless mind.

Disciple : Strangely my mind always is disturbed
every time i tried to meditate. Why ?
Master : It happens to all those who get busy
with the ego bashing in the name of meditation !
Disciple : What is the problem in that ?
Master : The problem is that the ego alone is meditating and when it knows the meditation would lead to its own destruction, it start to protest and you think it is a kind of disturbance !
Disciple : So what should be done ?
Master : Be assured that the spirituality or
the meditation is not meant for any destructive
purpose but only meant for the reconnecting purpose !
Disciple : OK ! I got it, when the mind knows no danger
to its existence, then it would cooperate during the meditation.
Am I correct?
Master : How so precise !

People who consider spirituality is shedding(also killing, erasing, annihilating, emptying, destroying, dispelling etc) the ahamkar are those who are bound to behave like buffoons on the seat of meditation. People who cannot meditate are those who have their basics totally wrong about spirituality in general and meditation in particular.

Disciple : But i see some people who can sit always
with eyes closed totally oblivious of the world around ?
Master : They have got the basics too wrong !
Disciple : Is it not OK to be lost in meditation?
Master : Meditation is not meant to lose yourself
but to rediscover yourself !

Getting lost in meditation is a fantastic idea to many because they don't want their egos to be still alive. They want to lose their ego as soon as possible. They would appear always 'lost' even when their eyes are opened, as they deal with people around. When the theory is learnt wrong then be assured the practical personal experience of the meditation also can go haywire.

Disciple : So what should be the ideal attitude
for meditation with reference to ego?
Master : Firstly you should know that you are
the ego and it is ego that is meditating !
Disciple : OK, meditation is not done for the sake
of ego but ego is meditating ?
Master : Good. That's the right understanding !
Disciple : Whats the next step ?
Master : You as ego sit quietly and find out if
there is anything present deeper inside you !
Disciple : Why it should be done ?
Master : Because the ahamkar or the ego is now tired
of running your life and it wants to know if there is someone else
deeper inside who can handle your life better than you as ego !