More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" In god's creation, there is nothing to
discard but everything to be included "

Part - 15

The inner self is without any modifications. Just a plain nothing like. The external self is full of modifications. Your intellect (the ego, the sense of I) is also part of the external modifications. The usual misconception is to consider the external self as unwanted dust and wiping it clean, with some quick fix solution in the name of spirituality seem to be appealing to an intellect which is not able to carry the burden of the discrimination in the world.

Disciple : But is it not the external has caused
the sorrow to myself in this life !
Master : May be so ! But when you say 'myself'
whom are you talking about ?
Disciple : Not sure but i think I am talking
about my external self !
Master : If that external self is wiped out in the
name of spirituality then who really enjoys the
stillness and silence of the inner self ?
Disciple : My external self only ! But I think
I found out what is the flaw in my thinking !

The seeking and finding and awakening are all an experience happening only to the external self in a unique manner. Your inner self need not look and search anything. In fact it is because of this wrong notion that the external self as a dust or unwanted garbage, needs to be dropped or wiped has caused the fear in your mind and intellect that they refuse to cooperate while you are in the process of connecting yourself to the inner self.

Disciple : So actually the external accumulations in
the form of past experiences need not be dropped?
Master : Need not be !
Disciple : But will that not be an hindrance
to my spiritual progress ?
Master : The fact you are spiritual itself is
because of the external self only !

It is the experiences you go through in life that makes you question life and probe in to Truth. If you wiped out the external self and all its past experiences, then there is no any need for any spirituality to you ! They are as important and real only to make your spirituality more meaningful. The sense of being bound and a sense of getting liberated are all belonging to only the external self(body,mind and intellect). The inner self (consciousness, atman, god) is not really bound or suffering or is in need of any spiritual enlightenment.

Disciple : Which means the accumulated experiences
from the past only helps me to be spiritual and also
helps me to grow spiritually and even helps me
to get the awareness of the self ?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : I got it. But how exactly they help me to
find my inner self, what is the means to connect
my external self to the inner self ?
Master : Firstly it is the discrimination and
then by the contemplation !