More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" fulfillment does not come at the end of
life but now, by living this moment fully "

Part - 12

Ahamkar or ego is incomplete by nature. Because it appears to have severed its connection from its root known as Consciousness. This incompleteness drives the ego to search and seek things around and outside to attach and find completeness. Ego wants to study, fall in love, get married, have children and raise a little family and cultivate acquaintances, go to movies, restaurants, resorts and retreats just for this purpose.

Even after all the searching and attaining, ego still can feel unfulfilled. Some how the unfulfillment seem to remain despite money and people and fun all around. This incompleteness leads to half understanding of life by the ego. Living with half understanding and with sense of incompleteness, life turns out to be bed of nails.

Disciple : This state of incompleteness happens by birth itself ?
Master : In fact the birth itself has been caused by that only !
Disciple : So why does one take birth ?
Master : Certainly not just for college and marriage only
but to experience fullness of oneself during the living years !
Disciple : One can experience the fulfillment
even without college and marriage ?
Master : Quite easily ! But same time the
college and marriage does not stop one from
experiencing fulfillment at any stage, even
though they can distract a bit !

Taking human birth gives endless possibilities to the ego. Even animals and plants also are expressing as ego, but only human being has ego which is most productive and most destructive as well. It does everything to find the fulfillment whereas the animals do not hanker for fulfillment, because they do not have the evolved and sophisticated brain like humans.

Disciple : Animals do not crave for fulfillment ?
Master : Except eating and copulating, they do not
think of anything else as fulfillment !
Disciple : They don't get spiritual ?
Master : They don't even go for shopping,
leave alone getting spiritual !

Till fulfilment happens ego would try every circus possible in life and perhaps get tired or get spiritual at the end. But by then ahamkar or ego (you) may start to feel that its running out of time. The belief that the fulfillment comes at the end of life after having fulfilled every possible desire and completing all the responsibilities usually does not become a reality.

Disciple : What is fulfillment ?
Master : That which is half, when become
full, the fulfillment happens !
Disciple : What is that which is half ?
Master : The ego or ahamkar or your external self !
Disciple : How does it become full ?
Master : When it meets the other half !
Disciple : oh ! Where is the other half ?
Master : Right where you are !
Disciple : How do you I reach it ?
Master : By searching within !
Disciple : For everyone the same method ?
Master : Precisely !

Craving is a painful experience, but same time without craving for fulfillment one may never find fulfillment with awareness. Just direction of the search needs to be known well. Most human egos look out for fulfillment, which sometimes can appear to be fruitful, however can fizzle out soon. It is not always that the ego needs to roll up the sleeves and start the inner search only after a delayed understanding in life that the missing half is not found outside but right within.