More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"every ego is an avatar(incarnation) of the same god"

Part - 7

The avatar(incarnation) is not some special chosen individual but everyone is simply an avatar only. Because all human beings spring from the same source called God(Atman, consciousness). But some seem to be more godlike than the rest is only because the some have realized that their ahamkar(sense of I, ego) is just a manifestation of the divine. They have stopped fighting with their egos and realized that the ego is just an extension of the Atman(Consciousness, God) .

Disciple : Its heartening to hear that even I'm an avatar !
Master : I did not say that to make you feel happy however !
Disciple : True. Because I cant believe that I am an avatar !
Master : If you believe someone else can be an avatar than
you better believe yourself to be one too !
Disciple : But there seem to be some difference ?
Master : Yes ! You don't know you are an avatar unlike a realized individual !

The avatar is not some special creature born in a special manner and does all special things in life. It is only the realization of the ego which makes is apparently 'special' . It comes to be aware that it does not have an independent existence but is only an extended consciousness. When you as the ego realized your true self(Atman, Consciousness) then you become an avatar without wasting a moment. That in any case does not qualify you to be someone special.

Disciple : So what exactly is this avatar thing ?
Master : Avatar means the expression
of Truth in the human form !
Disciple : OK. Every one is an expression of the same Truth ?
Master : Exactly. So everyone actually is
an avatar. Some realize it, many don't, while
some claim to be avatars and force themselves
to do all 'miracles' in the name of avatar hood !
Disciple : So there is no need for the avatar to do any miracles?
Master : The fact that he could realize the
truth is the biggest miracle ever possible !

It is a indeed a sad plight for a seeker when he expects himself to perform miracles, once he had realized the truth. He thinks he has to become magical in his thinking and doing, just because he has realized the truth. He also goes to meet a spiritually realized being, to see if he could perform any miracles (seldom to learn the ways to know the truth).

Disciple : So there are no miracles in this life ?
Master : Plenty. But the definition may
vary from individual to another !
Disciple : What are the miracles according to you possible ?
Master : The fact that you are breathing, seeing,
smelling, eating, sleeping, etc are the miracles themselves.
If you also come to know and get connected to your inner self
then the ultimate miracle has happened in your life !
Disciple : No body can perform miracles ?
Master : Yes. Only miracles happen, nobody can perform it !
Disciple : If someone claims to be performing
miracles, what it should be called as ?
Master : Just plain magic with certain psychic powers !

Upon self realization or self awareness, one begin to see life as a big miracle that happened. Morning sunrise, drifting clouds, swaying branches of trees, fragrant flowers, smiling faces, playful children, summer rain, empty roads, a silent crowd, even a good food and music can be called as miracle.

Disciple : These are very ordinary daily happenings ?
Master : Yes, and when they don't make any sense to you,
it is a clear sign you are lost in the mind and have not
become aware of the true self within !
Disciple : So even these ordinary daily happenings appear
in a different light to someone who has become aware of the
inner self and that's what miracles all about ?
Master : Well said, my dear !

When ahamkar(ego) is ignorant about the Atman, it would be a meaningless life of doldrums, somehow dragged about and pushed around. Upon the self awareness, there is a sudden awakening to the life outside. The whole creation comes alive in all its hue and color. Nothing much happens to your hair or your health or even your family and the house. But simply your(the realized ego) ways of looking and understanding life undergoes tremendous change. Upon realization you know the greatest miracle happened in you that you could see this life around as it is without incomplete mind in between distorting it.