More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Enlightenment does not end your discrimination
of the world but will only enhance, in simpler
words, you will be more worldly wise than before"

Part 14

Your spiritual enlightenment does not make you lose anything. You don't become empty. The emptiness idea is a killer. The emptying of mind and your self happens only because what you have now seem to be unworthy of having, so discard it, like disposing garbage at the end of the day.

Disciple : You mean I don't need to lose my ego ?
Master : And then what will you do ?
Disciple : I will sit in meditation and help people ?
Master : Then you need that ego. So better keep it safe !

The idea of emptying appeals to certain intellects only because those intellects discriminate the present situation in life as a great burden and relieving that burden appears to give some relief, like you empty your bowels in the morning and feel good about it.

Disciple : If not emptiness then what should I strive for ?
Master : Fulfillment !
Disciple : Whats the difference between them ?
Master : Emptiness can make you feel bankrupt
and fulfillment can make you feel the contentment !
Disciple : If the accumulations are bad and troublesome
and garbage like, is it not worth emptying them ?
Master : Need not be ! Because when you connected
to inner Self, even the garbage turns to be godliness !

The discrimination of intellect should be applied not to differentiate life as good and bad, but only as complete and incomplete. The discrimination of intellect wants to see life as good and bad only, because of its disconnectedness with the inner Self or consciousness(Atman, Godliness). But when it learnt to discriminate life as complete and incomplete then its a clear evidence of getting connected to the inner self (Atman, God).