More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"a ego without self conflict
can become aware of Truth"

Part - 4

Though it gives some satisfaction , when you get busy with the annihilation of ego, you only help it grow a little more. Every time you resort to fight it out, you would end up as a loser. Because its a meaningless fight with an improper cause. It is like your hand wants to grab that piece of cake and you want to cut your hand before it grabs.

Disciple : I did not quite understand that !
Master : The ego wants enlightenment but it
also wants the ego to step aside from the path.
Disciple : How does that happen?
Master : It happened because the ego (you)
did not understand about itself (you) !
Disciple : So whats the flaw in the thinking here?
Master : You think you are independent of ego
and Consciousness, which is a flaw.
Disciple : Yes I got it !

To consider yourself to be independent of ego is a grave mistake. That's where the unwanted self conflicts begin. Your ignorance about the fact, that you are the ego can cost you a life time of futile efforts in the name of spiritual practices.

Disciple : So the spiritual practices are not done to erase ego ?
Master : Not really, they are done only to fine tune the ego !
Disciple : Why it should be fine tuned ?
Master : When fine tuned, the ego can become aware of the self !
Disciple : As it is, the ego is not aware of anything ?
Master : In fact the ego (you) is aware of
everything except the most vital inner self !

The ego is the only instrument which can identify the inner self and can also attune with it. But if ego is caught up in ego busting, then Inner self remains untouched and unexplored. The inner self remain unknown and can cause a lot of agony to a seeker who entered the path.

Disciple : What are the faculties I can include
within the definition of my ego?
Master : You as an ego is quite

a well spread personality.
1 All bodily actions
2 The breath oriented activities
3 Functions of mind as all the thoughts
4 The Intellect with its ability to

dissect and discriminate

These are some of the main features, which can be summed up as your Ego. It is not a particular thing which is on the surface of your personality but your very personality is actually the Ego.

Disciple : So the spiritual enlightenment makes
the ego stronger or weaker ?
Master : Neither ! It would only make the ego
more subtler to get tuned to the consciousness within !