More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Ego need not be nourished or
destroyed but just mastered "

Part - 18

The spiritual master is not necessarily a master of the masses, but he is called as the master only because he has mastered his own ahamkar(ego, the sense of I) . It does not automatically qualify him to be the master for everyone else. Infact, he may even choose to debunk his own experience of Truth and get on with the mundane life. It is absurd to think that when you get established in your self, then onwards you have to be on a mission to enlighten this whole world. In other words, whoever is seen busy 'enlightening' the spiritual seekers are not necessarily the fully awakened ones.

Disciple : Oh, I thought it is default to quit
the job, divorce from the family members,
travel around the world non stop and teach
everyone how to get enlightened !
Master : People are quite fine even without
this self awareness, It need not be imposed !
Disciple : But is it not a duty of the master
to awaken everyone ?
Master : Yes its a 'duty' only to wake up
those who seek to wake up !

Ahamkar which is not awakened yet, but is fully lost in the dualities of life need not be forced to see the Truth. The half baked 'world teacher' may cause more damage to the common man in feeding him immature spiritual ideas without his wanting, than anything spiritually significant. The individual should feel the need to find the Truth and when as a seeker of Truth approach the master with right attitude, then only there is any kind of teaching imparted.

Disciple : Can anyone approach a master
without the need to know the Truth ?
Master : In most cases, it is like that only. But
the master as a teacher should try
to indicate the purpose of the meeting time and time again !
Disciple : If they dont listen but persisted upon their ignorance ?
Master : They need to be relieved and given space for contemplation
and reflection of their own. However great, the big oak tree does
not allow the other plants to grow in its shadow !
Disciple : On the other hand, what if someone claims as a teacher
and behaves like a Master and impose his ' wisdom' on others?
Master : Think you are in a zoo and watch from distance !

Upon little familiarity with the spiritual insinuations, the seeker suddenly can behave like a teacher, who claims to have taken the special birth to teach the ignorant millions out of 'compassion' . That's just the ego trip. The disconnected ahamkar at play. However divine it may sound, just the change of clothes and name does not make someone awakened to the Self within.

The misguided spiritual seeker is far more destructive to himself than any destruction caused to him by the world and various experiences in it. When a seeker stopped learning and behaved as the awakened teacher, it leads to complications in knowing the Truth to one self and to the others. Truth takes a backseat and the wrong notions about spirituality and enlightenment can find promotion and significance.

Such a ahamkar which is steeped in ignorance, but is refusing to accept it, same time thinks it has arrived already at the land of the eternal divinity and has all the Gods wrapped around in the fingers is the most difficult ego, to attain the connectivity within.