More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"Ego is both good and bad it acts
according to need and convenience"

Part - 3

The ego is apparently a burden only because most of the times, it does not know how to respond to the demanding situations. Because of the immaturity and being ill equipped , it seem to get trampled every time there is someone or some situation pose a threat. The reason why the need to get rid of ego has gripped the fancy of the seekers around the world is only because, ' what cant be handled well, must be ridden off '.

Disciple : How does this ego form itself ?
Master : It does not form itself, it is a built in
feature that comes with all human beings !
Disciple : Even animals have ego ?
Master : No body can have or reject ego, but the body mind
complex is called ego. So animals are also ego only.
Disciple : But then what is the difference
between a animal ego and human ego ?
Master : Animal does not know that it is a ego,
whereas the man knows that he is a ego !

1 Anything that has a name is ego
2 Anything that has a form is ego
3 Anything that has a birth is ego
4 Anything that has a death is ego
5 Anything that functions in time is ego
6 Anything that functions in space is ego
7 Anything that divides good and bad is ego
8 Anything that wants to be spiritual is ego
9 Anything that can experience disease is ego
10 Anything that can suffer in pain is ego
11 Anything that can enjoy good things is ego
12 Anything that can that can become happy is ego
13 Anything that can cry in sorrow is ego
14 Anything that wants to get enlightened is ego
15 Anything that probably can get enlightened is ego

In other words, the ego is the central theme of your whole life. To rid of it is something like watching the 'Invisible Man' movie, where the main character is not seen but does everything a holly wood character should. If you shed ego then you may have to become invisible.

Disciple : So where exactly is this ego located ?
Master : It is rooted in the intellect and has a mind
as the software with breath as energy and a
physical body as hardware !
Disciple : Oh ! the ego function like a computer ?
Master : More or less !
Disciple : But whats the difference ?
Master : The computer does not know that it is
a computer and man knows that he is a man !
Disciple : Is that why they tell human birth is special ?
Master : I don't know if it is special but certainly has more
features than anything else ever created on earth !
Disciple : Whats is the one extra feature which other
creatures do not possess and is so unique
to the human being only ?
Master : Self - Awareness !

The ego alone can be aware of the self. If the ego is shelved or disposed, then there is NO CHANCE of any kind of awareness possible. The ego alone 'gets' enlightened. Minus ego there is none to get enlightened.

Disciple : I learnt from childhood that ego is like
some bad habit which must be kicked ?
Master : If it is to be kicked, then you
may end up receiving that kick !
Disciple : Is it not some tendency which should be dropped ?
Master : That way of thinking needs to be dropped first !
Disciple : Is it not some arrogant behaviour or
selfish motive which can be called as ego ?
Master : That's just minuscule expressions of your ego !
Disciple : What are the other expressions of my ego then ?
Master : Everything you express.. Anger, love, lust, greed,
honesty, sincerity, fidelity, jealousy, kindness, compassion etc.
Just about anything that comes from man is ego.
In short MAN is EGO !