More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" The ego does not dissolve but simply
completes its long process of seeking "

Part - 14

Awakening of the ego (you, ahamkar, jiva) to its hidden self ends all searching
and seeking and journeying in its life. It does not ask question ' whats to be done next ' any more. The idea of ' what next' belong only to seeking ego, which is busy doing or seeking something in life.

Disciple : So what exactly is the role of the awakened ego ?
Master : The awakened ego does not even bother to know what is the role !
Disciple : But there should be some purpose for it ?
Master : The purpose is usually dreamt by the sleeping ego !

Being in 'this' moment, the awakened ego does not raise usual questions like, what is the next step ? It is not thinking of the next step, because it is totally present with the present moment. When you are busy eating there is no question of what should follow after the eating.

Disciple : You mean there should not be any planning ?
Master : Plans happen on their own, you need not sit and
chalk out. You need not plan to plan !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : When you plan then you plan only
with the limited informations you have !
Disciple : But is it not awakened ego knows what is in store ?
Master : Awakened ego knows only about what is here and now !
Disciple : The awakened ego is not all knowing ?
Master : The 'all' is indicating the all pervading consciousness
and not all human beings and all their state of affairs !

It is a myth that the awakened self keep a track of everyone at all times. Even prominent news agencies don't do that. They borrow news items from each other. There is a certain clarity about others which does not mean that the awakened ego is busy watching every movement of the billions of people around the world. Some kind of plan certainly happens to the awakened ego, but not necessarily in a manner where it would try to decide how the future should be.

Disciple : It is surprising to hear that
awakened ego does not plan ?
Master : Again, it does not plan the way
it used to. But there will be some planning
taking place, which somehow does not appear
concrete like before but very fluid ! It may even resort
to some planning but unlike before, it is not obsessed
with its own plans !

Planning goes on. The thinking happens too, as much as breathing. Eating and sleeping would continue too. Everything happens but awakened ego simply cannot shift to some other period of time. It would be sitting pretty on the present moment, because the inner self belong to present moment only.

Disciple : Why it does not shift
to any other period of time ?
Master : Because any other period
of time does not exist !

Disciple : But how come earlier
it was always wandering to past
and future ?
Master : Because it was searching. When searching
happens then, speculation and projection and
assumptions are ripe.

The ego earlier was not so much happy
with its present state of incompleteness. So it always kept wandering from one end to other. From past glories to future possible glories. But upon awakening it has found what it searched always and now it does not dismiss the present anymore and would not leave 'this' moment at any cost. It has found its home back. No more loitering aimlessly in the portals of time and space. It simply remains here in 'this' moment !