More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Discrimination will continue even after
the self awareness. Only your ability to
discriminate undergoes a sea change "

Part 13

The spiritual enlightenment does not stop you from worldly discrimination. You continue to apply your mind and intellect as much as your body and breath in the world. In fact the viveka or discrimination only gathers some extra sharpness or subtlety than before. Earlier on, it used the worldly knowledge alone to discriminate but after the awareness of the self, it is lot more subtler in understanding the world from a spiritual point of view.

Disciple : Oh, the discrimination has to be
done even after self awareness?
Master : Yes, if you have to eat and sleep and
live in this world after self awareness, then the
discrimination also has to be done !

The need for discrimination lasts till your last breath in your body. There is no question of going beyond your mind and intellect and reaching some unknown destination inside you. The idea of breaking the mind barrier and going beyond the intellect are all just a fancy myth. The seeker need not go anywhere but only need to connect to his own inner self from where he is now.

Disciple : But what about my spiritual journey then ?
Master : Its a journey where you don't go anywhere !
Disciple : Which means there is no spiritual goal in life?
Master : In fact you have to travel back to where you are
now from where ever you have gone and lost ! Which means
you are the goal and where you are supposed to be now is the destination !

The spiritual journey is guided by the discrimination of intellect only. A rotten or a misguided intellect always takes the seeker to far distant places in search of truth. Go to sacred places on pilgrimages, go to distant places of worship, travel far and wide to countries in search of god and happiness are all a clear indication of an ignorant intellect.

Disciple : So there is no spiritual goal or a destination?
Master : Why, there is not even a path, really speaking !

The path and the goal are just suggestive and not a concrete reality. But there is certainly a quiet inner transformation of the self, which can be termed as a journey which is not actually moving from one place to the other. The transformation happens within you quietly and others may not even suspect it. The world remains the same but how you would look and deal with the world may change as a result of the transformation.