More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

"To be pure consciousness is as
incomplete as to be plain ego"


Part - 6

The whole world, it appears, lives in blissful ignorance about the constant factor called Consciousness. Mankind is busy building or destroying its ego. The rest of creation like the insentient mountains and rivers are also totally deprived of any awareness. Finally, it is rare few wise men who knew that there is nothing to build or destroy but just put those loose ends together and simply get connected.

Disciple : Both ways it is incomplete?
Master : True. Without the slightest doubt !
Disciple : What about people renouncing world and planning
to drown themselves forever in the bliss of consciousness ?
Master : Indeed, they are a drowned people !

It is a wonder why man ever got into building up himself as ego and got himself stationed there and one day decide to toss it up in the air and move in the opposite direction. As long as he lived and performed in the world, he has no clue about his own source called consciousness and when he wanted to know about consciousness, he chose to discard the ego. Ironical but so true.

Disciple : I understand this imbalance very well !
Master : I am happy you said that !
Disciple : How does one strike the balance now ?
Master : When you stopped pampering
or tampering with yourself as ego
and have yourself(ego) well connected to your
source (Atman, Consciousness) is the only
way to strike a balance.

A balanced self is to be present in both entities(Ahamkar and Atman). The sense of fulfillment happens only when you are balanced in both. The famous mahavakya (declaration) '
Aham Brahma Asmi' (I Am Brahman) is one such evidence where I (ego) the Brahman(consciousness) are proved to be same. Nothing to add and nothing to remove.

Aham = (I, ego )
Brahmasmi = (Am Consciousness)

Disciple : But i have always been told that
I'm not my body, not my mind ?
Master : Either they did not say it properly or
you did not understand it properly!
Disciple : Whats the right way of saying it ?
Master : It should be, "I'm not my
body only" (but this consciousness also)
"I am not my mind only" (but my consciousness also).
Disciple : OK it makes sense now !
Master : This is much simpler and more proper understanding !

The purported differences created within one's personality such as body and mind as not mine can cause severe damage to one's lifestyle and thinking. You may begin to feel choked to live inside your own body and mind when it is not yours in your understanding. You even start to imagine that bondage is nothing but being arrested inside your body and when you released from the body only you can attain freedom. Such obnoxious thoughts have driven many seekers insane with their own body and mind.

Disciple : What are the problems in thinking
that I'm not the body and mind ?
Master : You will start to consider your own body
and mind as enemies or unwanted piles of trash. You
would not keep the body clean or healthy. You may want
reject all your thoughts as not yours and start to do opposite things
which can create tremendous conflicts inside. At the end of it all you
may even develop a great self disrespect and self disbelief !

Many seekers around the world imagine the soul to be stuck up inside the body and mind and when the soul escape through some holes of the body, then only it is free. Till then life is only a ' jail house rocking ' for all the seekers bound in body. The utter disrespect for body and mind is commonly seen among many seekers who take pride in torturing their own bodies as a mark of spiritual progress.

Disciple : It is scary even to hear all this !
Master : True, its insane spirituality !
Disciple : Now what should be my attitude about myself ?
Master : Consider yourself fine as you are and only
thing you have to do is to simply connect your
outer self (body, mind, intellect) to
your inner self(Consciousness, Atman) !
Disciple : How this connectivity is done ?
Master : That's what meditation is all about !