More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Centered in hidden self, ego has learnt
how to deal with this manifested world"

(ego) Part -15

The disconnected ego severed from its own source is like tree without a root and when there is a storm the tree would fly away. The unconnected ego knows that its not rooted. So it would try to find places and people where it can find the rooting.

Disciple : Oh, so the ego knows
that it is not rooted ?
Master : Very well !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : In the form of fears, self doubt,
instability, disturbed mind, etc !
Disciple : People with such symptoms know
well the cause for it ?
Master : Need not be ! But still they try to
look around to anchor themselves !

The dependency on the world is increasing to an individual who has not self anchored. The dis connectivity within drives everyone to cling on to something outside, hoping to find strength and stability. The whole life becomes a search for this individual(ego, ahamkar, jiva) to find the rooting somewhere !

Disciple : What is the problem in rooting somewhere else ?
Master : It is as troublesome as trying to drive your car
with flat tyres hoping to fill up air in atmoshpere as you drive.
Disciple : Can that be possible ?
Master : Exactly ! That's my question too !

The foundation and its building need to be in the same place. They cannot be in two separate places. But having the foundation in one place and looking for a property to just build the house on top elsewhere can be such an unbelievable thing to do. But that's precisely what happens all the time with most individuals.

Disciple : Is there any possibility at all
to find such anchoring outside ?
Master : Possible. But they are all just
transitory ! Don't stand for long !
Disciple : Because no body wants to take
such a responsibility ?
Master : Nobody can take such a responsibility !
That's the problem !
Disciple : Then why people still try ?
Master : That's called ignorance. They someday
curse the world as evil and
call people as cheats and resign to find
comfort in some depression !
Disciple : That's pretty bad !
Master : Still worse, they decide to destroy
their individuality in the name of spirituality !
Disciple : But ego bashing is taught commonly
in all the spiritual circles !
Master : That's just adding up to the ignorance !
From ignorance to deep ignorance ! From darkness
they fall to deeper darkness !

When the anchoring did not happen within, the same world appears like a constant challenge. Running hither and tither looking for people who can appreciate, people who can praise, who can support, who can wipe tears, pat on the back and in those temporary moments of joy, deceive one self as having found the root.