More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Bliss happen only to
a mind settled within "

Part -17

When you look at your face on the mirror, the sense of looking at ' your ' face comes from this ahamkar only. From the tip of the nail to the bristles of hair on your head, its all ' you '. Even the hair fallen from you is ' your ' hair. Similarly the bliss of your being is meant for your ahamkar only.

Disciple : Really ? I was of the opinion that only in the
absence of ahamkar the bliss can be achieved ?
Master : Neither absence of ahamkar nor the
achievement is possible !
Disciple : I understood that well, but I felt bliss
comes from emptiness within ?
Master : May be so. But someone has to
be there to experience it ?
Disciple : I got the point now !

Bliss is not some 'too much happiness' overwhelming a seeker, as it was supplied by the gods themselves, because of the nobility of a seeker. Bliss is always brewing within, but is experienced by the ahamkar only when it reunited within. The blissful 'personality' is seen outside by others but there nothing much they can do with it except draw inspirations. The ahamkar starts to experience the bliss due to its recent visit to the domain of the inner self.

Disciple : Does this bliss over flow from
within to others too ?
Master : Its not a tap water in your kitchen.
It does not flow anywhere !
Disciple : Is it not others also can come and
drink the bliss of this man of enlightenment ?
Master : If at all they drink something like bliss,
then its their own bliss, which got
triggered by this man of bliss !
Disciple : How can someone else
trigger bliss in me ?
Master : Pretty much the same as how
others trigger anger in you !

The man of awakening experiences bliss from within since he got connected to his own self well. In his presence or in his words probably there are certain hidden keys which trigger the bliss of a seeker. It need not always be the case with everyone around to find similar bliss being triggered. But the man of self awareness certainly is in tune with his own self, where bliss also is one of the happenings.

Disciple : How does bliss function ?
Master : There is no mechanism to it to function !
It is not even a device. But it is just a state of mind
where there is total absense of stress. The stress free
mind can experience certain 'peace of mind'
which is actually called as bliss !
Disciple : Does it help others too ?
Master : Need not be always as a condition but the person in bliss
certainly does not depend on anything, anymore for his happiness !
Disciple : Can he create harmony in this world,
bring peace to war torn countries ?
Master : Far from it, he is in harmony and peace with himself !

Bliss is not a tangible body part which can be transplanted. It can be somewhat contagious, that it can result in making someone trigger his own bliss. Certainly not contagious like some plague. The bliss is not usually handed over but traced within. It is just a byproduct as a result of the reunion of ahamkar(ego) and atman(Consciousness).

Disciple : How long does it take to
experience this bliss for a seeker ?
Master : Till the day when you actually stopped
fighting with yourself !
Disciple : Ok, How do I stop this fighting or self conflicting ?
Master : By settling down within yourself than
looking for places outside to settle !
Disciple : Does it mean I should not have a house
or a job of my own where I settle ?
Master : Not exactly. But knowing well
that the house you live cannot trigger bliss
all the time as you would want it to be !

Settling within needs to happen regardless of how well you have settled in your life externally. Infact there is never any 'settling down' possible in the gross world. Settling down within opens the fountain of bliss from within. Such a bliss cannot be borrowed, cannot be manufactured, not bought or sold, or even handed down or passed on.