More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" This world is whispering and sometimes
even shouting Consciousness,,,,Consciousness at you,
you can hear that only if you are available to it "

(r e c e p t i v i t y)

It appears that you and me are pushed into this world to perform the circus of life in front of an unseen guest, who would judge and perhaps at the end of it all, hand out a medallion or simply an empty whack on the head. The circus of life can get little tough to perform, when you fail to understand the ways of the world.

Getting spiritual in life mans its now time to understand the ways of the world. Not certainly going beyond this world as it is usually exhorted by some spiritual bigwig or understood by the all knowing disciple. Going beyond the world indeed happens only after a foolproof understanding of it. That's where the trouble starts. Most aspirants at the threshold of spiritual learning seem to have some idea about life and are unwilling to change it for anything. They simply try to bypass the world.

Shravanam is simply 'listening'. But if you try, you can extract much deeper meaning too. To start with, listening to the Guru is the greatest service possibly done by the disciple while on the path. When you reach a spiritual master for some sound spiritual advice, then it is time to turn off your views and beliefs and get receptive to receive what comes to you from the master.

Classic examples of a receptive and a not so receptive seeker..

1, non- receptive seeker : Meditation is to sit upright with eyes closed for 20 minutes. I should empty the mind by dropping all the thoughts. is it not?

2, receptive seeker : I have read many books on meditation and i think I'm confused and have doubts. I wish to know from you what is meditation. Can you please explain ?

The non receptive seeker is wanting to confirm what he already knew and is afraid of any changes in the way he thinks about meditation. The receptive seeker is prepared to change his views and beliefs and tread the path shown by the master. While the majority of the seekers don't really seek the Truth but only seek comfort zones where they can sustain their individual fancies and be spiritual at the same time by associating with a Yes Guru.

Such seekers can be easily identified in any sat sang (spiritual gathering) who revel in individual importance. Even when they are sitting in the sat sang, they would be full of themselves. Adjusting the clothes once in every 10 seconds, checking the nail polish for 150th time in a single hour etc are the clearer signs of a non receptive seekers. There are also some who get lost in their own 'world' of fantasies where gods dine,wine and dance with him or her exclusively.

Every time you get to meet or speak to the master is a golden opportunity to explore into your spiritual Self. But if that is wasted on plain useless talk of emotions and feelings, then there is no one else left for talking about Self. Buying property, house, car, shifting home, planning a baby, getting a loan from the bank, stock market situations, marriage issues, children admission, their education, job transfer, how other remain bad in this world, how oneself is so good always are some of the most popular talks a seeker can soon digress into.

Disciple : So the seeker-disciple should just listen ?
Master : Even the master needs to be receptive at the start !
Disciple : I'm happy to know both have to be receptive !
Master : Sure ! But once spoken enough then its time
to let the master speak and simply listen !

The problem in receptivity is that the seeker-disciple is always full of expectations. It takes hardly a few minutes for a 'good' guru to become 'bad' and the 'bad' guru become 'good' again, depending on how much the guru could match the expectations of the disciple-seeker. The seeker somehow misunderstands that the guru here is to troubleshoot during the critical situations when the seeker cannot decide on something. Involving the guru on making a decision about where to invest money seem take the burden off the seeker's shoulders. When the guru is expected to be a inhouse consultant, sorting out the disciple's ever growing problems on a 24x7 basis, then by all means the Truth has slipped quietly, in to the side alleys of the seeker's mind.

What the seeker can look for is to learn the ways from the master, to prepare the mind for decision making than handover all the decision makings to the master. The master should only tell you how to decide than make the decision itself. Receptivity is right at the top of prerequisites for seeking Truth.

"If you think you have forgotten
God and spirituality, it is better
that way, so that you can start
afresh now in 'this' moment again"

part - 3

Some people regret that they lost touch with that special spiritual flavor in their lives, they had many years ago. It appears like a mammoth effort to reinvent the similar flavor now and they resign to despair and futility in 'this' moment. There are a few others who spell anguish, that they did not get enough 'spiritual' early in their lives. They let their non-spiritual years to black out their present possibilities. Least they realize that the past memories of a full fledged spiritual life or the lack of it, does not help much now here.

Because when you reinvent your old spiritual ways, you are only waking up the sleeping tradition in your life. All the traditions and customs and even the different cultures and religions are just the ancestral property left for your enjoyment or suffering. You can delight or die in such a well preserved traditional wisdom but you need to know that, it is not your own personal experience of the Truth in 'this' moment. That is why the up keepers of religions and traditions are in the danger of living from the leftovers of a distant past in their memory.

Even when you approach a Guru you would carry all the memories of data, you have read and seen in movies and try to match it with the living Guru. Your memory of a movie where you saw a Guru sitting with legs in lotus position and 3 feet above the ground without any support, may never match the living Guru you went to meet.

Disciple : So the gurus don't
sit suspended in space ?
Master : They can, when they set up their
monastery in the moon someday !
Disciple : You say the guru should
not be seen from the memory?
Master : Because the authentic Guru will
never see the disciple from memory !

In fact the real coming together of the guru and disciple is possible only in the present 'this' moment. If any of them stayed behind or stepped forward, the meeting does not happen even if they are sitting together for years together. Such hollow relationship between the two can only surrogate false wisdom.

Disciple : In fact I came to you after seeing
your picture with a smiling face !
Master : Now what happened ?
Disciple : I'm searching for that smile !
Master : Watch out ! In that search, you may miss out
on the vital truth of 'this' moment behind that smile !

The husband and wife almost always get into a tiff for this only reason, when they meet each other, they refuse to see each other in this moment only, but carry their memories worth decades and decay their relationship. The thrill of meeting someone for the first time fades away like the ink on your fax machine, because you have refused to refresh yourself when you both met again, to 'this' moment. Even your computer will hang when it is not refreshed once now and once then.

Disciple : So how does the remembrance
finally help me spiritually anyways ?
Master : To remember the teachings of the
Master and apply it when required is the
best possible way to use your memory or
remembrance !
Disciple : What about the
festivals and culture and tradition?
you said they also only memories ?
Master : The festivals and special occasions are
to be remembered as reminders to your
awareness of 'this' moment !
Disciple : Difficult to understand actually !
Master : There is nothing to understand, if you
listened to it only from the present mind, but
you are using a busy mind engaged with past
and a lots of future probably !

The day when you have sorted out your memories of past from awareness of 'this' moment, you have already arrived at the portals of the sacred Truth. It is strange because 'this' single moment here appear so small and limited but opens the vista to Totality. The overwhelming scope of the present moment can baffle you and will never let you find 'time' again to drift in to your memories for a rerun. Because your experience of truth can be memorable, but you can never experience it from the imaginative memory.

"God is not a profound memory but
a living reality, in you and me "

( remembrance )
part - 2

You can remember your school days of little responsibilities and rejoice now. You can remember now, all those boys and girls you encountered and shared your formative years. You can relish now with glee some intimate moments with your family members many decades ago. You can remember all your friends, enemies and lovers of your entire past with such fond memories in 'this' moment now. But when it comes to God you just cannot do that. In fact it is a great blunder to exeperience God, out of sheer memory.

You are making a cursory mistake when you try to remember God. Because memory is only a mortuary of dead matters, even if the matter is about God. Datum Summum, a dead data bank of the highest kind, like a bundle of dry wood fallen from a living tree. No doubt the God factor existed in the past too but it exists in the present also. It would be as insulting, as the wife praising the younger looking husband, without a silver hair in the picture and rejecting the real living husband in front, with little or no hair left on the head.

God does not have a glorious past or a promising future. Because where God is, there only present moment can be. It is somewhat like saying, sun can be seen only in the day time. In other words, whenever there is day time, there is sun. Similarly you can access to God or the Consciousness only in 'this' moment.

Disciple : What is the difference between God and Consciousness?
Master : Same for practical purpose, but theoretically speaking
God appears to be easy to imagine or remember but Consciousness
appears to be difficult to imagine or visualize !
Disciple : What are the other names for God?
Master : God is known by different terminologies. Higher Self, Inner Self, True Self, Creator, Source, Truth, Ultimate reality, Atman, Brahman etc !
Disciple : Why so many types of names for the same entity ?
Master : Because there are as many types of seekers out here !

Call what may, the creator or God belong to only the present 'this' moment and gives a slip when it is sought in the form of old memory or a future achievement. You cannot satiate your present hunger with the memory of a sumptuous lunch you had over the last weekend. Though the fulfillment was real as you left the plate, but it cannot fulfill your hunger in 'this' moment. Most seekers make the mistake of experiencing a bliss or fulfillment by reading a book where some one had described it. The upanishads describe awakening in great details but the seeker visualizes such extra ordinary state of Being as he reads the statements and then simply 'remembers' those descriptions and experience a pseudo sensible bliss or fulfillment. Its as foolish as a lover remembers the good times worth 30 years old, with his beloved and finds himself excited in 'this' moment. He may appear excited even without his beloved in sight, but it is just the play of smaranam or remembrance.

All your judgements happen from remembrance. You tell a dish as good or bad not by the dish itself, but by the remembrance of a same or similar dish you had days ago. All the experiences are decided as good and bad only by comparing from similar experiences from memory. While this is agreeable with most things in life, when it comes to God or Consciousness, you can never look to experience it from the experiences you imagined in the past and stored in your memory.

Disciple : Memory or remembrance is of no use in spirituality ?
Master : It helps a lot only to remember the inspiring statements and various other techniques and methodologies used for awakening. But memory itself cannot serve the purpose of fulfillment. Its only a key and it should only unlock yourself to 'this' moment here !

The ability to separate memory from the reality is the most vital step for a seeker. If he could be little cautious then memory could be put to good use and does not allow it to mix up with present reality of 'this' moment. Do you realize even when you look at a tree you don't see it from the present moment but always mix it up with all the beautiful things you heard and seen about trees in the past? Don't you do the same with music and people? Is it not all the weird voices and music you hear inside your head at certain times are played out from your memory, but you want to give it some reality status?

Disciple : So the remembrance is only a pseudo reality ?
Master : Yes! remembrance can serve up a
reminder of God, but cannot be God itself !
Disciple : If remembrance is of the past then
how does one comprehend 'this' moment ?
Master : By awareness. Only awareness
can bring you to 'this' moment !

"Remembering God from past is
directly proportionate to
rejecting God in the present"


Remembering always is only about past. You cannot remember the future times and need not remember the present time. You can jog down your memory lane and try to remember as many good and bad things in your life from the past but how much this remembrance is helpful when it comes to self awareness? Because the seeker somewhere begin to treat god as a thing of past and considers it as a virtue to 'remember' it.

The God or Consciousness cannot be comprehended anywhere else other than in the present now. But when you make the smaranam gain more importance, then you are only celebrating the memorial day of God every time you 'remember' God. In other words you announce that God is dead. Because only great people who lived and died for some greater cause are remembered by people later, every year.

Disciple : But i have been told that I should
remember God everytime Im in trouble !
Master : You wrongly figured that !
They must have said it differently !
Disciple : I cant think of another way !
Master : They said remember that there is someone
called God in the times of crisis !
Disciple : Oh yes ! That could be a possibility !
Master : Just remembering God in the time of
crisis can only indicate that you forgot God
in the times of fun and frolic !
Disciple : So you mean I don't need to remember God at all ?
Master : You have to remember God only if you had forgotten !
Disciple : I'm not sure now, whether to remember or forget God ?
Master : Neither !

Reducing 'God' to some body, who can be conveniently forgotten and remembered according to the need of the situation, tells how we want to keep Truth at a arm's distance and stay independent of one's own consciousness most of the times. This is the impact of trying to visualize the Godlike Consciousness to human like forms. Because we remember or forget only human beings,including one's own dearly beloved mother and father or wife and husband.

When you try to see God in a human being, then the chances are that soon you will forget that God and remember only when situation demands. The reason behind introduction of so many festivals is just that. To remember the long forgotten human gods at least once in every year.

You cannot attain self awareness with the help of memory. The memory is good only to remember a telephone number or a TV program. But most gadgets do that job themselves and you store the data in the memory of the device. The growth of technology is special, because you don't need to remember any data anymore but just feed it in device and retrieve whenever you want. The memory seem to be loosing out on its importance because even a simple, insignificant metal device can remember.

Some people think that an enlightened person must remember everything in his life. The names of all the people he met and numbers of all the telephones, people spoke from. But a sharp memory is not necessarily a sign of enlightenment or even intelligence, but only a gross exercise by a cellular phone in your hand.

Disciple : So what is the significance of
smaranam or remembrance in spirituality?
Master : Smaranam is not to remember God,
but to remember that there is something called
God and that you have not yet realized it !
Disciple : The smaranam helps to grow spiritually ?
Master : It helps you not to grow but to be
on the path, every time you slipped !
Disciple : So there is no need to
remember my Consciousness also?
Master : You can ! In case if your
consciousness is dead some day !

God is not a human being who lived in some undocumented or badly recorded distant past. The True self in you is called as God. Just like the presence of seed in every leaf and twig of a tree, the creator or god is also present in every living thing on earth. But only the human being can realize this. But sadly he has hit the dead end of his search by just remembering the God, than realizing it in the present moment.

The problem in remembering God is that you will make no more effort to meet God. Like you can never meet your super mom who could not live anymore, at her ripened age of 85, some odd years ago. Now her picture may hang unattended in some corner of your house and 'remembered' once in a year, so that you can forget her for the rest of the year. You hang pictures of your gods and gurus too, crucify them to the wall and remember them on particular days and declare those days as auspicious.

The smaranam is important in spirituality, only when it comes to remembering the spiritual teachings of the Master and applying them in one's own life every moment. It is of no use to remember the birthday of the dead master and celebrate every year by taking a early morning shower on that day(for a change). It is of no use to constantly remembering and thanking the many gods endlessly and never try to realize them in you in the present moment. The Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Christ can only be a source of inspiration in your life than the objects of worship. Their teachings must help you on your path to awareness of your own Self than settle down comfortably inside a puja room (place of worship) and constantly remember or profusely thank.

Disciple : Is it wrong to thank the God and the guru ?
Master : You can thank some stranger who offered
a lift in his car ! But with the God and the guru,
there is no need to thank !
Disciple : So what should be the attitude ?
Master : Gratitude should be the attitude !
Disciple : Will it help ?
Master : Yes, it helps to move ahead and be free !
Disciple : Free of what ?
Master : Of God and guru !

Writing the name of a God or a guru for a million times can improve your handwriting and can exhaust a dozen pens and notebooks. Besides that, it can bloat your ego a little more for having counted the number of times it was written correctly. These are all the ignorant attempts of a childish seeker, who hopes to earn goodness of the God, like some school kid had to write a word for hundred times, which she misspelled, as imposition in school to earn good will of the teacher.

Disciple : So what is smaranam or remembrance ?
Am i to remember anything or not ?
Master : Smaranam is to remember your goal of life than
plainly remembering the God or Guru who reached his goal of life !
Disciple : What happens if I remember my goal in life ?
Master : You will at least know whenever you drift away from it !

" Certifying your 'understanding' of
life to be real is as ignorant as doubting
the presence of God or Consciousness "


If you thought it is OK if you did not know God and such an ignorance can be managed like how people manage diabetes, then you might get into trouble again. Because ignorance is not just about your inability to realize the truth, but it is also about giving the reality tag to your ideas and beliefs. Because the ideas and beliefs belong to your mind, which is always shaped by people around you, by the books you read, by the experiences you went through in life, by the movies you saw and by the tear jerkers you watched on tube. They cannot be taken for real. After watching the tele serials, if you had concluded that to be a good woman you need to cry a river on a daily basis, then you have sadly mistaken the reality.

Disciple : At least I was happy with my dreams and ideas as reality !
Master : So what's the problem now ?
Disciple : You seem to disturb that too !
Master : I don't disturb but I just point out !
Disciple : I feel you are very cruel !
Master : Just cant help it !

This world is meant to sustain your ignorance and strengthen it moment by moment. Including the parents everyone you interacted in your life have contributed to this concrete reality to your notions. The guru in your life seem to be the only beacon light that can point out to you that you are dreaming. While others encourage you to dream better and have self belief, only the authentic master can have the courage to be cruel and slap the seeker to wake up from his dreaming. Not knowing the true self is ignorance and believing the imposed self as real is deepening that ignorance. Because the borrowed self is so feeble and needs regular pep talk from various sources to keep it alive. People who live with such borrowed self usually strive for confidence boosting and motivation and positive thinking etc. In the name of positive thinking you tend to borrow a lot of junk, to augment the false self wrapped around you.

The self help enthusiasts do not know that any amount of data they gather, wisdom scribbled in note pads for future use, repeating invigorating statements like ' I'm a winner' 'I am unbeatable' 'I'm invincible' mentally and get their minds psyched out with incredible suggestions with the help of a self help book are only scratching skin deep and can never enter inside their true self.

Disciple : Please explain what is this true self and the false self ?
Master : Your body and mind are the false self and the consciousness
behind the mind is the true self !
Disciple : How can my body and mind be false ?
Master : They are not actually false. But knowing just
them and believing only them to be real and ignoring
the Consciousness within makes it false !
Disciple : Knowing the body and mind alone is half knowledge ?
Master : Very well said !
Disciple : Hence it is false ?
Master : Bulls eye !!!

The half knowledge of one self is the cause for miseries in life. The division between the seeker and the sought become so distinctly clearer there. Everyone in the world has this half knowledge. But fewer people happen to have the complete knowledge of the self ! The degrees of ignorance can keep varying from tom to dick and then to harry. Everyone in the world is not equally ignorant. Some are so ignorant that they do not know they are ignorant.

Disciple : Why is the knowledge of the
body and mind is not enough ?
Master : Because they both survive
by support from outside !
Disciple : Is that wrong ?
Master : Not at all ! But it is only
a borrowed existence. That is bondage !

If you keep training your mind to think positively with the help of various tools from outside, like living and working in particular places claiming that only such places give positive energy or acquainting with certain people because only they emit positive energy, avoiding people and places which are considered to be negative and feel threatened in their presence is all the sign of a poor and weakling mind, which has come to depend on the outer resources. Any amount of development to your personality can be shattered on a single day only because the personality is developed with borrowed materials from outside. The personality you built with positive thinking etc do not have a proper foundation and can be unstable always. The body and mind self of yours is highly vulnerable and prone to the unpredictable world. Its high on susceptibility that every passing day can leave a indelible mark on it.

Disciple : How to identify if I am NOT
connected with the inner self ?
Master : When you appear in your life,
like a man in a swimming pool on his very first day!
Disciple : How to identify if
I am connected to the inner self ?
Master : Whenever you appear in your life,
like a fish in the water ! The saying that
'A fish in the water is never thirsty' is
applicable to the man who is connected to his inner self.
Disciple : What is the wrong in thinking positive ?
Master : Positive thinking will not
let you know the true Self !

Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Positive thinking is just
figment of your imagination !
Disciple : Does it not help?
Master : It helps. But you will be constantly
under the threat of negative thinking !
like a fish out of water !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : Your need for positive thinking is a clear sign
that you are presently entangled with negative thinking !
Disciple : Is it OK to be in the negative thinking then ?
Master : Need not be. It is as bad as positive thinking !
Disciple : So do you say that I should not have self belief ?
Master : The fact you have belief in the borrowed self tells that
that you have a borrowed strength which can desert you anytime !
Disciple : Believing in one's external self is not good idea ?
Master : Yes, only the borrowed self needs belief, because it is not yours !
Disciple : You mean i don't need to believe my own inner self ?
Master : Yes indeed ! Your inner self needs no belief
Disciple : Do I not need confidence in life ?
Master : Never, because confidence is just a
fancy lid that covers all your fears !
Disciple : Should I be always less of confidence ?
Master : Confidence has relevance only for ignorant people !
If you simply connected to the inner self,
you will NOT be prattling
any of these nonsense anymore !

To be totally ignorant of one's inner Self is much less damaging than those who constantly glorify the disconnected external self. People who are ignorant of their true inner Self are those who come to depend on miracles and black magic. Their minds are constantly polluted with ideas of protection from evil forces and fighting with the negative elements etc. They in their own idiotic ways create Shields of protection for them. Like you may want to protect your clothes in the kitchen with an apron, the gross mind of a disconnected self will look around for all kinds of protection, in the form of a mantra or a maha mantra or some yantra (enneagram like diagrams), crystals, colors,visuals, suggestions, self hypnosis, healing, scanning and endless other new age, self help ideas.

Disciple : The self does not need any help ?
Master : Yes ! if it is connected to the inner Self !
Disciple : Till such a time, can I use self help ideas ?
Master : You can ! Because self help gurus in the
market are waiting for you ! But always keep in mind
that the self help is needed only till you establish your
contact with your inner Self !
Disciple : I got the point now !

"The ignorance about not knowing who the president
of your country is quite pardonable, but certainly not
the ignorance of your own Self "

Part 1

There are certainly more things unknown to you than what is known. You may not know the name of your immediate neighbor, or the old man who smiles at you everyday when you go for a walk. Cooking, driving, washing, dieting, public speaking, bargaining, you may not know any of them, but still can qualify to live in this world. It need not ruffle a single hair on your head or skip a single beat of your heart. Life can still smile at you and you can be happy too. Because ignorance is after all a bliss. Being ignorant about the headline news of the day, certainly will make you feel blissful. But you cannot afford to be ignorant about one singular thing and that is your SELF.

Disciple : Am I not knowing myself ?
Master : No ! you are knowing !
Disciple : Then whats the problem ?
Master : You are not knowing fully !
Disciple : How much do I know of myself ?
Master : You know you can eat, walk, sleep, breathe,
dream, emote, feel, think, contemplate, meditate,
reflect, but you are yet to know that you can just BE.
Disciple : I used to BE but my mom used to shout !
Master : That's laziness. But this is a dynamic BEing.
Disciple : If i know that, will my mom stop shouting ?
Master : Who knows, she may also join you !

While knowing the world can make you feel tired, the knowing of the Self can be quite enlivening. Not that you will start to grow younger or your skin will shine like the evening skies at los cabos over the Cortes sea, the southern most tip of the world. Nothing, including your death can be stopped or delayed, but certainly knowing the Self indicates that you have come a full circle in your life all over. All would be really over !

Not that you would have learnt to walk on the Suez canal without getting drowned or vomit strange objects out of your mouth or pick all the people's mind in the whole wide world even as you are sitting in your bedroom and yawning away or became a miracle monger one fine morning as a result of this Self knowledge, but you would have only lost the charm for such trivial things in life and will live a life free from all the glitz, glamour and grandiosity. The knowledge and experience of the Self can be quite enchanting in itself and in fact you don't become a performer of the miracles but a sheer witness to the miracles performed by life all around you, every passing moment.

Disciple : So i cant walk on the water
as a result of this Self knowledge?
Master : No, you may have to still hire the boat !
Disciple : I cant even spew fire from the mouth ?
Master : Never, you can deliver at the most a fiery speech !
Disciple : Cant I make some ash falling from the roof ?
Master : No ! in fact you will have to fix your roof immediately !
Disciple : Will i still have to work and earn money etc ?
Master : Yes ! Perhaps you will work much better,
but in a holiday mood !
Disciple : I cant read other people's mind ?
Master : No need, because its not worth it !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because after the Self knowledge you would feel
so fresh that you may not want to dirty yourself !
Disciple : Will God speak to me or grant boons !
Master : No, because you may never
require them after Self knowledge !
Disciple : Will my problems be solved at least?
Master : No ! Because they will never
appear like a problem to you anymore !
Disciple : Will my wife and children and
neighbors appreciate me after that ?
Master : I can't guarantee on that one !

The avidya or ignorance is not a ignorance about performing miracles. The ignorance of being magical and developing siddhis(miracles). The ignorance is about not knowing what one really is but imagining so many false things about one self. It is a puzzle always that the ignorance or avidya of the Self is never felt, unlike the ignorance of driving or cooking. In fact billions of people can live in sheer 'bliss' and confidence in this ignorance of the Self and even kicked the bucket eventually.

Disciple : Is it a must that I should know my Self !
Master : Absolutely not !
Disciple : What is the harm in not knowing the Self ?
Master : Nothing much, just that you will cry when
the world slapped you and laugh when the world tickled you.
Disciple : Whats the problem in that ?
Master : The problem is you will never know when it will tickle you
and when it would slap you. You will be ignorant about that too !
Disciple : What if i do not know that ?
Master : Then you will experience fear of not knowing when it will
happen and anger of being unable to handle when it happens.
Frustrated as it keeps happening, depressed because you may
start to think that you can never get out of the clutches of this world.
Disciple : Do you mean if i get the Self knowledge,
I will handle this unruly world a lot better ?
Master : Hardly ! But sure enough, you can handle yourself
better in the same unruly world !

The ignorance is as old as the creation itself. Human beings have been generally ignorant since the days of Adam and the apple of discord and the best thing is that usually they are not aware of it. Being aware of the ignorance of one's Self brings such distraught feelings, that even when occasional awareness of self ignorance happens, people can conveniently divert the attention and go to shopping, instead of sitting down and figuring out whats troubling deep beneath.

Man has invented many ways to ignore his own debilities. Whenever he feels 'something' lacking in him, he would find some ways to suppress that. Make a call to someone who would appreciate, remember the times when he was glorified by others, watch cartoon on TV and go to a movie and compel all the friends to join or simply invite everyone for a mouthful of gossip over a cup full of tea. It takes a rare few courageous ones to look in to the lurking fears and insecurities and uproot them. Sweeping the dust into the carpet is more easier for them than sweeping it out.

Disciple : So what should I do now ?
Master : Good question. Because no one else can do it for you !
Disciple : I realize that ! But is it not
the Guru who should take care of such things?
Master : How is that, kindly explain?
Disciple : He should remove ignorance by his spiritual powers.
He should save the disciple from all the potential enemies and dangers.
He should bless all the family members to be healthy and
do well in studies and work. Is it not his responsibility?
If he takes care of all this, then I don't need to search for my Self.
That itself is a freedom to me. Is it not ?
Master : You blew my mind just now !!!

The divine grace in the form of blessings from the Guru can shower a disciple but that's not meant to be understood as responsibility. It is not even a duty. The blessing of the guru to the disciple is only to awaken to the ignorance and know the Self. That's the greatest blessings the disciple can receive and the blessings are not to run the household and business matters of the disciple. The disciple is deluded if he thought the guru should protect and make him feel good and nice every time he called or met.

The grace of the divine is always present and the guru also is always blessing. No guru ever can keep all the blessings in a gunny bag and release according to the demand. But the grace of the unknown and the blessings of the guru is available only to those who are available to the guru and the unknown.

Disciple : What is being available to the divine grace ?
Master : Not questioning God and expecting God to do
all that you want. But being prepared to face life as it
springs is the best way to be available to God.
Disciple : What is being available to the guru
Master : Listening to him than always imposing your ideas !
Being prepared to face when the guru points out your ignorance
than expecting him always to glorify our ignorance !

When the individual identified the ignorance and start tracing its root then he has become already a seeker. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom. The working knowledge and the functional wisdom of his Self as his personal experience will enable the seeker to find what he has been seeking. The seeker needs to know that he is not seeking to create the Godlike Self but only realizing the simple fact he already is rooted in the same Self. This realization removes avidya or ignorance and integrate the seeker with his own Self, which eventually liberates the seeker from being bound
by the world and his various experiences in it.

" True meditation must help you not only
handle yourself efficiently but also with a
life which is bursting in seems everywhere around you "

(total absorption)

It is not much about earning admiration from the world. But it has more to do with your personal attunement with life and the world with all its people outside you. The people around you create situations for you and also place you right into the thick of it. You alone cannot create many situations but you need a bunch of people. You cannot live all by yourself all the time and be prepared for people to cris cross into your life, even in your sweetest dreams. The sad fact among many seekers is the belief that they need spiritual knowledge to sort out the situations with the help of a guru or someone who has pocket full of strategies. On the contrary, to be meditative is to face the situation as it arises, however great or gruesome.

Pralaya is about getting yourself totally absorbed in to whatever that is happening in 'this' moment all around you. To be totally with the rain when it falls and with the sun when it shines. Traditionally speaking, to many seekers the word pralaya creates imagery like the world is splitting into two and ocean entering into your house and drown you while you were asleep. Because we always consider the pralaya is happening to the world independent of you. Like some major tsunami sending the entire Arabian sea to drown the whole of the Arab land. the asteroids come and hit the surface the earth and wipe out the whole of the human race etc.

In Greek language it is called as 'apokalupsis eschaton' or simply apocalypsical. The end of the world can never happen on a single day, as it is predicted by some pundits during 2012, only because this world was not created on a single day. The grand finale or the doomsday of this world is inevitable but it would take a few million years to drive the final nail into the coffin of this creation. It would happen gradually, slowly but steadily over a period of time, as the sun is running out of gas, will end as one more dead star in the atmoshpere. One great and a happy news is that we would not be around during that time. You would have by then dissolved back into the great five elements.

Disciple : Then what exactly is pralaya or total absorption ?
Master : It is about your sense of oneness with life around you !
Disciple : Oh, I should have come to this
point without wasting time on self absorption ?
Master : That may not be possible !
Disciple : May I know why ?
Master : Because unless you absorbed with yourself,
you would never know what is total absorption.

Self absorption(laya) is like learning to drive your car well. Total understanding of its features and complete mastery over its controls. Total absorption(pralaya) is like driving that in the most efficient manner along with millions of other automobiles during the rush hour. You cannot drive you car without knowing the driving. Your body and mind is like a high powered vehicle and the self absorption allows you to know your controls well, then drive you through the dramatic and dangerous streets of this world. It is actually an over simplified example.

Disciple : What am I missing here ?
Master : Nothing much except that you did not realize that
self absorption in the form of meditation
extends up to total absorption.
Disciple : What efforts i should make for this total absorption ?
Master : None ! The total absorption is natural.
The laya leads to pralaya on its own !
Disciple : If it is natural, what is there for me to know or learn ?
Master : You should know that Self absorption is
only 50 percent of meditation and total absorption is
where the finishing touch to the meditation happens !

The world does not get dissolved or destroyed or come to and end because of your total absorption. Elections will continue and we will pick up the wrong candidate as usual, the few and sporadic civil wars rocking many parts of the world may continue, the richer countries will still create a war like situation among its poor counterparts and create a market for their arms and ammunition, Nobel prize will still be much sought after, Oscar award can still go to a bad actor, media would still be hunting for news item and make mountains out of molehills, global warming will be still warming perhaps a little more intense, hole in the ozone might get a little wider and deeper, all good people continue to think they are good and the bad ones continue to defend themselves. Your total absorption may not make any difference to the world outside at all. At the most people close to you might claim that "you have changed lately" and they cant figure if everything is ok with you.

Disciple : Then why this total absorption is important,
if it does not help anyone in the world?
Master : The 'purpose' of the total absorption is not to benefit
the world, but only to benefit you !
Disciple : How does it help me ?
Master : While self absorption helped you to harmonize with yourself
the total absorption will help you to harmonize with the world !

Harmonizing with the world does not end the erratic behaviour of people around you, but it just gets you accustomed and tuned to it, without cribbing much. But because the world fails to tick you off anymore, because it cannot get you excited or frustrated and happy anymore, it appears like the end of the world, which happens to be the common understanding of the word pralaya.

Even if the entire humanity is wiped out due to a strange asteroid striking from yonder, still you cannot claim it as the end of the world. The solar system would still be functional and earth can still cause a shadow on the moon. But it is the human ego to declare the beginning and end of the world based on his presence or extinction. In the whole scheme of life in universe, human beings don't make up a great presence.

Disciple : So what happens to me during the total absorption ?
Master : Simply you will be in tune with life!
Disciple : Does this provide me some solace or a solution ?
Master : Neither, but it takes away your perception of life as a
trouble or a joy. It simply lets you go through your life without a word,
where you don't need either a solution or the solace !

One man's misery can make others miserable or joyful. But one man's enlightenment does not make anyone anything. Mostly because the total awareness or absorption takes away the possibilities of the trivial joys and grumpy sorrows. It is like a vacant land without any building in it. The truly enlightened may not even go around solving problems of this world or become a prophet with tablets full of commandments. Certainly remains like a rose garden in a quiet corner emanating the fragrance of his enlightenment. It is up to the passerby to spend sometime to experience such fragrance in the form of wisdom from this man of total absorption. He is not on a mission to alleviate the human misery or promise a paradise to the broken hearts.
Disciple : Will the senses function to this man of total absorption ?
Master : Yes ! fully well.
Disciple : But then whats the difference ?
Master : His senses do not function from memory or from anticipation !
Disciple : Can you explain ?
Master : His seeing and hearing etc happens only in that moment. He would see a mountain cliff or the sunrise as it happens and not from his memory. He would not be able to mix up his 'memorable' moments with his present seeing and hearing, However pleasant and great his memories of the same sunrise years ago. He would see the sunrise as it happens and does not anticipate an 'incredible' or a 'gloomy' sunrise. His memory of the past may be intact but he cant put it to use and mix it up with 'this' moment. So everything appears always 'new' to him, as if he is just delivered by his mom only this morning. People who cant attune to his ways of living and expect him to connect to the past, will find it difficult to adjust with the fact that he is not available anymore to the distant joys and sorrows shared with him in the past. It would be a difficult propensity to plan anything with him too. He would defy any concrete and organized plans and appears to be changing the plans every moment. His attainment to 'this' moment can cause moments of instability to others. He can simply appear unscrupulous to the uninitiated ones.

Being in total absorption is not being in love or hatred with life. It is perhaps a meditative state of mind where the mind lost its grips with everything the world had introduced as norms and values. But surely he cannot slip away and become a anti life or anti people. He lives in yet another dimension beyond the love and hatred. The words like compassion and benevolence can come close to describe it but may eventually fail. In other words he would look simply complicating to others. He would not announce himself as the savior of this world and woe others to share his joy and bliss. The others may find it hard to relate to him, or even understand him.

Disciple : Looks like there is more trouble than
harmony in this total absorption !
Master : Yes a lot of trouble for people who
have lots of expectations and indeed a benediction
for people who tuned to him.
Disciple : How this would benefit me personally
if I'm totally absorbed with me and the world?
Master : you either become a curse or a great blessing
to others. it would not matter to you. But you will live
your life like a bird on the wings that leaves no trace behind
when it flew away...

Pralaya follows the laya in a more natural manner but then you may still want to have a go at this total absorption, jumping the line. In which case, follow the following..

1. Look at something - say the TV program-

which is dynamic and not static !
2. Look at it consciously and fully (being lost in it)
3. Do not mix up other issues that torment you at that time.
4. Do not mix up some memories of a similar event
with what you see on the screen even for comparison.
5. Do not expect what is to come in the next frame.

You would begin to feel a certain intensity about even the regular thing like watching the idiot box. You can certainly have the rare glimpses of what it is to have total absorption. Husbands are always the good couch potatoes for such TV watching, but they terribly miss similar intensity in other areas of their lives. Everyone is surely gets the total absorption with something at some point of time, but they are not able to convert the similar absorption with
the rest of the situations, or even with their own selves, due to certain ignorance

" Till laya or the self absorption happened, you were
busy interpreting life as good and bad but when laya
happened, the good and bad dropped and what
remains is just life "

Part - 2

The state of laya or self absorption is not the end of life or even the goal of life. In fact it is the very beginning of a brand new life. You were trying to make a living till the personal experience of laya happened, but after that life is simply lived. Life will simply happen through you, just like a breeze that passed by at the most unsuspecting moment. The awareness of the timeless self that comes along with the self absorption is the end of all interpretations about your life.

Disciple : Sounds fantastic ! But i don't figure this one !
Master : That should not be a problem actually !
Disciple : Why do you say that ?
Master : Because life still goes on !

The biggest futility on the path of seeking is to set goals and then try to reach them. This may work to some extent with reference to your body, you can plan a particular yogic posture and practice it. You can plan the six pack ab with a special trainer to work on it in the gymnasium or you can plan even your breathing pattern a bit. How many times to breathe in and how long to hold the breath and then how fast to throw breath out can be calulated. But all your planning can go for a straight toss up when you try to scheme something with your own mind. Your thoughts can play hide and seek with you and frustrate you forever, when you just thought you began to control them. So the best thing when you hear a idea like self absorption is to simply allow it to get into your head. You cannot tell when it would happen. But if you get flustered about this waiting for it to happen and resort to make it happen, you will end up like the dog chasing its own tail but can never catch it. Self absorption happens in you, to you, for you, but definitely not by you at the start. It may happen when you try to sit quietly, again and again without too much plans. Either a deep meditation or a deep sleep will certainly happen, either ways you don't loose a thing. so it is OK.

Disciple : This meditation as a result of
self absorption is the final stage ?
Master : Not really ! There is more to happen !
Disciple : Like what, may I know ?
Master : Releasing you from such a self absorption !
Disciple : Why should I release myself ?
Master : Because you may have to attend your telephone call !

The self absorption or laya with awareness can happen only to people who have no fear of exploring the unknown. People who check for monsters in their closets and people who cannot sleep with lights turned off or without the music on are not meant for this. The secret tip to make this a successful exercise is to adapt some kind of a holiday mood and then give it a try. But first things first. You should be clear about what should happen in case you got absorbed on a Sunday morning without any warning. Just let it be. It is not the end of your life or the world outside. It is not even enlightenment.

Though images and visuals are actually obstacles but you can use them intelligently, during absorption periods, visualize empty skies and feel that you seem to be drifting in the sky. Do not make it a grand practice out of it and spoilt the effect of it. Please do not ask how many times to visualize and which time is the best time to visualize etc. This visualization must be used when mind seem to entertain unwanted images only.

Disciple : I can visualize the empty skies
even at the start of such self absorption?
Master : Not as a rule but of course you
should know that least used techniques
are the most effective ones !
Disciple : Is it Ok if I practice when
I'm in the middle of the work ?
Master : There you go ! Now you are
trying to create some system out of this.
Don't get trapped !

There is no time fixed for this kind of laya. The time factor pops up in mind only because you think that the absorption will remain for hours together. But just a brief peeping inside for a minute or two with unconditional detachment to the outside world, is the ideal start and then once you have learnt the knack of the voluntary absorption, you can prolong the period to more than just a minute. Because of the absorption happened for a jiffy, do not start to suspect that you have become highly prone to bliss and beatitude. But then, you are not too far away from it.

Disciple : So it is not a deep absorption from the start ?
Master : Never ! Not from the word go !
Disciple : I got it ! it happens in stages gradually !
Master : Yes ! You get closer and closer !
Disciple : How long it will take for deep absorption?
Master : As long the distance you are from the present moment !

Mind or the Ego is fed and kept alive only by the experiences of your past and the your scheming of your future ! When mind is brought to the 'this' moment exclusively, it seem to have vanished in to thin air. This is usually mistaken by people as the death of Ego. When a small time company is taken over by a multinational company, the small time company may loose its independent identity but is now getting connected to much bigger entity. Similarly there are two people in you, one is powerful(your ego) and the other is most powerful(the Consciousness). When the powerful become aware of its connectivity with the most powerful, then the powerful become most powerful too. But in the bargain the powerful looses its power. That's the hangup here. Just the silly ego trip.

When this power trip is ended by the Ego, absorption is just a child's play. The Ego should know that there is no threat to its existence. Upon such an assurance it would not really 'mind' groping a bit without fuss. This is how it begins, but soon as the Ego begin to get the taste of the Consciousness, it would want to get deeper. Then one day in the most unassuming manner it would have you absorbed fully, even as you were doing the most hopeless thing on earth, such as cleaning your faucet. The more and more you familiarize yourself to the present living moment, the quicker your mind is ready to take that plunge.

Disciple : Sounds amazing !
Master : Its a sign your mind is now ready !
Disciple : What I should do now ?
Master : Nothing ! The more you stop trying, quicker it would happen !
Disciple : If stop trying how it would happen?
Master : By being just aware of it without trying will trigger it !
Disciple : Awareness is the key ?
Master : Yes ! So what do you plan to do now ?
Disciple : Just shut up myself and sit down anywhere and be aware !
Master : Bravo !

You don't have to connect your mind to the Consciousness but it gets connected by itself. Even that job is saved for you. So follow the following...

1. Get that silly mind to the 'this' moment exclusively.
2. Stop trying all funny things !
3. Focus on you fully-your body,breath,mind
4. Be aware of whatever happening !

In 'this' moment, in silence, with total awareness you will get absorbed fully. Many things are likely to happen during this process. Like walking into some unknown territory, tress passing into an unknown property. Certainly more thrilling than anything even remotely romantic. The release of absorption is decided by your mind. It would suddenly wake up to some future commitment, then the absorption trip is over. You get released. Its 0k. This is how it works. You would take it easy again and again drop in there to 'this' moment with intense awareness. As the absorption period get longer, you should choose a place and time suitable to remain undisturbed.

This laya simply purifies your mind. The Upanishads call the mind as pure when it does not carry that heavy load of past times and future times like Atlas carried the globe on his shoulder. Pure mind is not necessarily a religious mind or noble mind but its simply a quiet mind without any conflicts and contradictions. It is so much in harmony with itself. This purity is the possible result of absorption. Just like the vacuum cleaner absorb the wrinkles of dust from the carpet and get it cleaned, the various layers of the mind also gets cleaned up in the process of this absorption. Every time you get released from such absorption, you would find you lesser and lesser burdened about yourself. That unburdening of youself is the beginning for something more greater to come.

" Your mind is like a ocean in turmoil, but when the
calm arrives after storm, the ocean gets self absorbed
and become serene and bountiful, so is your mind "

Part - 1

The most frivolous translation to this word can be sleep. But that's the most popular translation too ! Indeed the sleep is an incredible act of total absorption, but when you just hear the word 'sleep' it can sound silly and stupid. Laya is far more meaningful than just hitting the sack at the end of the day. The absorption that happens during your sleep cannot be a very good quality, only because you never know what happpened during your sleep.

Disciple : So what is absorption or laya?
Master : When your mind comes back to
its source and get absorbed in it, it is called laya !
Disciple : How does the mind return to the source ?
Master : Like how it went drifting to places of
fun and pain, just the reverse course of it !
Disciple : You mean return in the path which it chose to drift away ?
Master : Yes ! You are too quick to grasp such subtler things !

Regularly speaking, when mind gets absorbed with the vacuum like self, where there is no place for the outside world, but totally has connected to inner silence and experiences the inexplicable sense of oneness with your own self, is called as laya. It is not as fancy as it may sound. Because when there is a state of laya, you simply become aware of yourself more completely. Your awareness of yourself is even now happening, but not so fully. Everyone is aware of one self to great depths at various times, but never so fully.

Disciple : What is one self ? What is my self ?
Master : whichever you claim as you !
Disciple : My house ?
Master : No ! That's yours and not you !
Disciple : My body ?
Master : Yes ! Go on !
Disciple : My breath and mind ?
Master : Yes !
Disciple : My thoughts and emotions ?
Master : They all make up your mind ! So they are already incuded !
Disciple : My ideas and plans and dreams ?
Master : They all belong to just your mind.
Like the hands and legs and eyes and ears,
all of them belong to your body !
Disciple : I got it ! All these are my self ?
Master : These are only 50 percent of you !
Disciple: Oh ! What more still left ?
Master : Find out and tell me !

Getting absorbed with oneself is being totally dissolved to the outside world. Just like sleep. You are dead to this world, the world is dead to you too. The famous movie stars and sport stars are all dead during that time. Why, even your own husband or the wife or your child sleeping next to you is totally absent to you. So deeply absorbed that you never knew you were snoring away to glory, till your partner stuffed your head with a soft pillow. You are neither a man nor a woman, smart or dumb when you sleep. Have you ever heard of anyone sleeping intelligently ? or angrily ? Impossible. Your entire contact with the outside world dissolve and your mind is just absorbed to it's own incredible depths. All the emotions and feelings and sentiments you were displaying helplessly while awake seem to be totally absent. In the deepest part of your sleep, mind is experiencing your true self but since you are sleeping, you dont know about it. That's why sleep appears like a culprit to an enthusiast of spirituality and meditation.

Disciple : Is that why i get such a deep sleep
every time I try to meditate ?
Master : Yes ! Sleep and meditation are like
twin brothers, who look so much alike but
still different from each other !
Disciple : what happens if i meditate
without falling asleep ?
Master : You will be aware of your
hidden self, which others may not even know !
Disciple : What happens if I slept off during meditation?
Master : Others will be aware of your sleep, except you !

Meditation is a simple process where you detach yourself consciously with everything around and outside you. The reason to shut the eyes and lock the hands and legs is just for that. Keeping the hands off and mind off the outside world and turn the mind around to your incredible hidden self. Your body and mind are visible you, it makes up only 50 percent of the total you, the rest 50 percent is hidden beneath the mind. The big fuss on the spiritual path is all about getting the hang of this hidden you.

The sleep phenomenon is akin to real meditation. Only difference is that you can never recall your sleep experience, except that you can say " I don't know how the hell I slept like this" . But in meditation you will be aware of your self. Most meditators resolve not to sleep during meditation and as a result, they neither meditate well, nor sleep properly. This is a danger that awaits the ambitious meditation practitioners.

Disciple : To fall asleep during meditation is OK ?
Meditation : Yes ! without any doubt !
Disciple : Is it natural to sleep like that ?
Master : I have not heard of any artificial sleep so far!
Any sleep is natural, so better sleep it off !
Disciple : Even watching movies make me sleep !
Master : They are such bad movies that they make you
detach from life outside, so you get sleep naturally !
Disciple : Even lectures at college hours make me sleep well !
Master : Anything your mind cannot comprehend
will make you feel sleepy ! Because they are going
beyond the comprehending abilities of the mind.
Disciple : When is the mind fully awake ?
Master : Whenever it is involved in something
it can control very well, within its domain !

The sleep over powering your meditation can be treated like some trailer before the main movie. If you can sleep shamelessly during your meditation again and again, someday you would have exhausted all your residual sleep. It is important to sleep off the pending hours of sleep from your system. So that you are ready for some real time mediation without drooling all over your face during meditation out of sleep. People who seek a simple peace of mind or some relaxation in their 'club med' during weekends through meditation do not realize that they are missing a big occasion to check out their hidden self. Because to them, the purpose of meditation is to only relax the mind and keep it inert and sleepy, which is kind of a crime in the world of truth seekers. That's why the best time to experiment any kind of meditation is just after you woke up from a deep slumber, quickly after the teeth brushed and body showered. Much before the world start to encroach in to your personal space threateningly so real.

Disciple : So what should I do then ?
Master : Sit for meditation !
Disciple : If sleep comes ?
Master : Sleep well !
Disciple : If meditation comes?
Master : Meditate well !
Disciple : Both are OK ?
Master : Yes ! But please do only one of them !

Laya also is known as destruction in the Brahma Sutras. When the mind is thus totally absorbed it is as if destroyed. But upon contemplation you will realize, it is not the mind that is destroyed but the time and space is destroyed. It is childish talk when some one says that mind will be destroyed during the absorption time. Mind has only withdrawn like the legs and head of a tortoise. Sri krishna, the famed author of 'Bhagavad Gita' gives this fabulous example of how the tortoise goes into hibernation inside its own shell.

The best way to gather your mind towards yourself for absorption is to get your focus on to the present moment. Refuse to entertain anything from the past or future. Then, your mind already will be in some good shape, when you are focused only on the present. The thoughts of past and future breaks your mind into millions of pieces. But when you brought your mind the present it is already undivided and is ready to get absorbed within yourself. Only an undivided mind can be absorbed.

Disciple : How long i can be in this absorption ?
Master : As long as it remains ! You cannot fix time for this !
Disciple : what happens to me as a result of this absorption.
Master : Your mind will become quiet and is simply unruffled !
Disciple : whats my condition when
my mind come out of this absorption?
Master : It would be clear about what it sees and
understands the world in the right light.
No more confusions, chaos within the mind
which is a full and healthy mind !
Disciple : How do I use this experience
of absorption for the benefit of the world ?
Master : By keeping the mouth shut !

The funny thing about a seeker or a meditator is that he is so excitable. He wants to shout from the rooftops, how he became silent and pat himself for such an act of bravery. If he managed to sit for a minute quietly, he starts to believe that he is now fit to travel only in the astral plane and no more by the airplanes. This excitement is a killer. It would prevent further absorption.
Keeping a certain purpose or benefit on mind about meditation will only slow down the process.


" If something can come out of Nothing
then that Nothing is actually something too "

SRISHTI (part 2)

Think about it ! Every time the word creation is used,
you think of a new beginning and as if nothing existed before.
That's why we always want to imagine that there was nothing
in the beginning and then BANG !!! everything got created.
The word creation always can mislead. How can anything
be created from nothing ? Can a plant be created
from nothing?

Disciple : So what was there before the creation of the plant ?
Master : The seed !
Disciple : Then where does the seed come from ?
Master : From an earlier tree !
Disciple : So how should we explain the creation ?
Master : Recycling of matter and spirit !

Imagine the word 'Nothing' exactly as it is described,
you will always end up in something. You may want
to call it as emptiness, void, vacuum, darkness and
many other 'meaningful' words, but the fact remains
that when you start to describe it, it has already
become 'something' !

The human mind is obsessed with the birth and death
matters or a beginning and end possibilities. That's
obvious when they wonder at times 'why they
where born?' but still get busy with getting married
and giving birth to babies. The creation as a concept
of the mind has assumed a greater meaning which
has also resulted in the creation of many different
gods who contest the ownership to this creation.
But the question remains, can anything be called as
'creation' if it is created out of 'something' ?
The husband is born on the day of his marriage
but it does not mean he never existed before.
He was still around even before in the form of
a happy bachelor boy who got transformed or
just recycled into a husband.

Disciple : Does it mean that there has never been a proper creation ?
Master : Yes ! precisely !
Disciple : Then how should i call the creation of this universe?
Master : Modified or manifested Consciousness !
Disciple : So what is this universe ?
Master : Universe is like a huge artist's studio where everything is continuously modified !
Disciple : Does this apply to everything, besides the universe ?
Master : True !

Even the thought you were created by your loved mother
and father can be a farce. The mom's womb is like a furnace
where the clay was placed, baked and shaped and then delivered
as a brick. But in the process one may forget that the clay was
brought from the earth before it became the brick. You should
not be compared to a brick for all valid reasons, but the fact
remains that you were just the 'essence' of your father, which
was placed in the womb of your mother to give that shape and
size of what you are today.

You were only the food consumed by your loved parents.
Prior to that you were only scattered in the form of food
grains in the fields, nourished by the great five elements.
The rice, wheat, oats and malt and all the spices your daddy
ate, got condensed to the seed form as semen, which was
transplanted into the womb of your mother. Even as your
father chewed and swallowed (sometimes gobbled) the food,
it gathered some of his traits as it passed through the
complicating process of digestion and streamed in to
the blood cells of his body. They both believe, they
are like partners in this process called 'creation',
but they were simply like oven and fire where
you just got baked.

Disciple : So I'm never created by my parents ?
Master : Nor by anyone else ! you just got processed and your parents
happen to be around that time ! (but hush, hush ! Never let them know this...)
Disciple : Should they be called as the catalysts?
Master : If you wish to !
Disciple : So what do I learn from this ?
Master : That you are a recycled God !
Disciple : That makes me feel little proud and arrogant !
Master : No need ! You are still not very special !
Disciple : But you just said I'm the recycled God
Master : Yes ! So is everyone !
Disciple : So I'm never special ?
Master : You can be 'special' some day !
Disciple : When is that ?
Master : When you realize that you are just the recycled God !
Disciple : Do i not realize that now ?
Master : Reading the menu is not eating the food !

Any amount of reading alone is not enough.
Logical and intellectual appreciation alone
does not make you come out of this clutches
of creation and dissolution. There is something
more required to actually digest this truth and
make it a part of you.

Disciple : How does this knowledge help me ?
Master : It will free you from the pangs of your and other's birth and death !
Disciple : Is that called as enlightenment ?
Master : If you wish to !
Disciple : What would be the result of this knowledge ?
Master : You will not complain next time, that i don't remember your birthday !

Its all over, when you know all the inventions, discoveries,
creations have always existed and that you came to know
of it just now. Columbus was just ignorant about america,
till he 'discovered' america and can never lay claims that
he actually 'discovered' it. Because people already lived
there when he arrived. The sweet dish you just invented
in your kitchen had always existed in many other forms,
but now decided to manifest through you in this particular
form. Not claiming the ownership but realizing the true
'miracles' of life will get you free from the bondage
of birth and death.

" This Universe is the face of God.
He displays his numerous expressions
through the warming sun and dampening
rains and those million giggling stars"


Imagine you without a face, or with a face that looks like a dead pan. Imagine your mind 'empty' without thoughts -as many people claim to have achieved and encourage others too- Imagine your body does not move at all but appears to be paralysed, if your breath does not swirl and stir in and out of your body, if the blood stopped circulating itself, If the heart behaved like a lump of metal and could not get even an attack.

That would be a sorry state of living. You express yourself all the time. Even if you don't speak a word or do anything, still that can be an expression too. Everything in creation constantly expressing. The myriad shades of the skies, be it the morning sunrise or the sunset of the twilight or in the dead of night. The roaring rivers, the tumbling oceans, silent valleys, focused peaks of mountains in total
concentration, blinding streaks of lightnings and the deafening claps of thunder. God is emoting all the time.

Disciple : So Prakriti is a feminine gender?
Master : Yes she is the real Miss Universe !
Disciple : She remains Miss or Mrs ?
Master : It totally depends on you !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : If you see creation and creator
separate then she is only a Miss.
If you see creation and creatoras
inseparable then she is a consort of Purusha !

When Purusha expresses Himself, he becomes Prakruti.
When prakruti withdraws herself, she becomes Purusha.

In other words,

= Purusha
Creation = Prakruti

You are simultaneously both the creator and the creation too. You contain both. The essence of what went in to the creation is present in you too. That's how you create a few things in life through your 'created' body and mind.

Disciple : Ah ! that sounds interesting !
What exactly I create ?
Master ! Many things !
Disciple : Name at least one thing
which I can create really well !
Master : Problem !

Anger, love, lust, desperation, frustration, sadness, sorrow, passion are also created. It is not that the created emotions never existed till they were created. They were always present in the unmanifest form. At the most conducive and the opportune moment, they manifest. But they always existed.

The tree is never created out of the seed, but only manifests out of it. The furniture is never created but only manifested when the required wood and the carpenter came together at certain point of time. The carpenter and the wooden pieces existed in the unmanifest forms in a tree and a man. The carpenter manifested and the wooden pieces manifested and as result the furniture happened. NOTHING IS EVER CREATED BUT WHAT IS ALREADY THERE GETS MANIFESTED. This manifestation of the unseen consciousness is called as prakruti or creation.

Disciple : I should know the prakruti well
in order to know the purusha ?
Master : Not really because you are already
part of the prakruti, the manifested consciousness !
Disciple : Ok ! Am i part of purusha too ?
Master : Exactly. You are right.. you are both !

You are both the creator and the creation. The created part of you is seeking the creation part in order to find that oneness. If the unseen and hidden root of the tree is the purusha, then the seen and manifested branches is the prakruti. The tree is both its root and the branches above. The root underneath without the branches above is incomplete. The roots alone does not make up a tree, or the branches alone does not make up the tree.

Similarly you contain the manifest and the unmanifest
both, they coexist together.

prakruti you = body, breath, mind, intellect (EGO)
purusha you = inner self or consciousness or Atman (GOD)

The prakruti part of you seeking the purusha part is what we can call spirituality in a nutshell. The prakruti is dynamic and always full of expressions and seeking for the unknown. Seeking is from prakruti only and the purusha is not much of a seeker. The root of a tree is constant and does not move an inch. In fact if the root moves, it is not good for the tree.

The seeking happens from prakruti and not from the purusha. If you take one step. god takes ten steps, they say, but in reality the purusha is not even aware of the fact that prakruti seeks. It is very strange that when prakruti was born, or manifested it somehow forgets that it is only a manifestation of the ever present purusha. Like the baby forgets the fact during its birth that it is only an extension of the father.

Disciple: Is it wrong for the creation
to seek the creator ?
Master : Its not wrong but its irrelevant !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : The branches of the tree need not
search for the root of the tree.
Disciple : What it should do then ?
Master : Just realize that what it is seeking
is already present beneath it !
Disciple : Then what happens?
Master : The seeking ends.
Disciple : What happens when the seeking ends?
Master : Fulfillment !
Disciple : What is fulfillment ?
Master : Knowing the fact that
the branches and the root are two
halves of a full circle.

The spiritual quest does not usually end in the glamorous idea of 'cosmic union' and 'orgasmic oneness' etc. Because the union is possible only if they are divided. They have never been divided at all. There is nothing in this universe which are divided. The apparent division is just an imagination. That imagined division is called ignorance. As much the division is unreal, the oneness and the union also is equally unreal and full of ignorance. The quest of truth eventually ends with this awareness of what is already one.

Just like the lost and found case of your car keys. It was just in your trouser pocket but just a for a few moments you thought you lost it, upon seeking and searching you found it right inside your trouser pocket. The finding of the car key does not lead to union because you were always united with it. Only the ignorance about the union was replaced by the knowledge and experience of the car keys that they were never lost and hence never were found.

" Experiencing the Pure Consciousness is like
knowing the sun without its heat and light "


In other words, God without form is called as Purusha.Pure Consciousness, higher Consciousness, Inner Self, Nirguna Brahman, Nirakara Brahman, Cosmic Man, etc are few of the other names for the same in use. We can also call Purusha as the Mr.Universe more rightfully. Unlike the piles of muscles packed around the earthly Mr. Universe, this Purusha is without any muscles or the looks. Not anything even remotely like the biblical sampson lifting the lion in a headlock.

Disciple : So the pure Consciousness is a male ?
Master : Not really, but you can imagine that
way like most people do !
Disciple : Then why call Mister ?
Master : Just for some reference !

Picture yourself facing the sun on bright and brilliant day in the middle of noon.You would experience a few things, namely

1. light ( keeps the day bright)
2. heat (provides the warmth needed for human survival)

These are the two major qualities of sun.We are used to these two qualities so much that we actually know only these qualities and never the sun itself, except briefly during the sunset and sunrise. The qualities are always overwhelming, that we miss out the source of the qualities. Like we miss out on the fabric when the colorful patterns and exotic design on its surface steal the attention.

Like usual classical examples of upanishads, the masterly strokes of a painter hiding the presence of a canvas from your vision, like waves and ocean take your understanding away from the water. Like the exquisite golden ornaments shift your attention from the gold.The qualities are only the expressions and the essence is hidden beneath it. The Purusha is silent factor without any qualities and is quietly supporting the vibrant qualities of its expressions.

Disciple : Why the purusha is silent?
Master : Because if it breaks the silence
then it would cease to be purusha, besides
he is the man behind the scenes, if he speaks
he will become an expression and no more the essence.
Disciple : Is that why the purusha is a male gender ?
Master : It appears so !

The joke apart, Purusha is the foundation upon which the structure called this Universe is built. Purusha is the basic blueprint of life in this universe. You cannot see the foundation of the building except the building. The foundation is hidden, bearing the structure above, visible to the world.

Disciple : Can the essence and expression ever meet ?
Master : Never !
Disciple : Why is it ?
Master : Because they are not different from each other !

It would be as ridiculous as saying that waves decided to meet the water, or the building decided to meet its foundation. Its like husband decided to meet the man hidden inside him. They are all the same. The heat of the sun cannot desire to meet sun someday. The sun alone has become heat and light. To see them as divided has caused polarities of man versus god and pushed him to seek and search and 'find' the god which already has been his own self.

Disciple : Fascinating indeed !
Master : Yes. Truth is fascinating till it is realized !
Disciple : Oh ! What happens after realization ?
Master : Nothing !
Disciple : Why ?
Master : You can be fascinated about everything other than you.
But you can never be fascinated about your own Self !
Disciple : I got it !

The manifested can never meet or merge with the unmanifest. The man can never meet God, because he is an expression of god. Man can only realize the fact that he is an expression. But to imagine that man will bump into god someday due to too much meditation and when man actually meets, he should not forget to ask some special boons etc. It is somewhat tickling the funny bone, when people think certain people encounter the gods on a regular basis and return to their respective hermitage after secretly gathered some fantastic boons.NO ONE CAN EVER MEET GOD BUT CAN ONLY REALIZE OR COME TO BE AWARE OF ONE'S CONNECTIVITY WITH GOD. In that connectivity, they derive some uninterrupted strength and vigour, which makes them appear different from the rest.

There are people who spend their whole life time, hoping to see the vision of God as they have seen in movies and religious book covers. The car can never see the petrol but can only feel it inside. If the car is connected well to the supply of the petrol, it would run well and if there is muck and filth gathered, perhaps it would breakdown at such odd places, where you will be only cut off from any possible civilization.

People who want to see God are the very gross minded and childish people. They always visualize everything like a movie unfolding a drama on the silver screen. There are some people who spread such truthful rumours about how they saw the god and make others believe it too. Ghosts and Gods are that way very similar, because both can never be seen. Ghosts are called that way simply because you cannot see them. If you can 'see' a ghost then it is no more a ghost. If you can see a God then it is not certainly a God. But just a figment of the stupid mind creating some images.

Disciple : So I can never see my favorite God ?
Master : Its better that way !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because you will not keep quiet but
start nagging the God, asking for boons
or at least an autograph !

The expressions are many but the essence is just one. The Purusha is One and his manifestations are many.That's why the silence can never be plural and the sounds can always be plural. The Truth called purusha is a all pervading singular Truth which sparks off a few manifestations here and there.

Disciple : So if Purusha, the cosmic man is the essence,
the expressions are his consorts ?
Master : You can refer to them some what like that
figuratively. Like one Krishna and the many gopis
and one Consciousness and many thoughts etc !
Disciple : If essence is known as Purusha
what is the expressions are called as ?
Master : The expressions are called as Prakruti !

The expressions have a significant role to play in the whole scheme of life in this universe. Because without the medium the essence cannot express itself.

" If you remove faithful and the faithless
from your life, what remains is the Truth "


Part 3

In fact, the essence of spirituality can be summed up this way. Transcending the faithful and the faithless and replace it with awareness of this moment and every moment as it comes. Because the faith and trust work only in the future. You cannot trust or have faith for your past. In fact the past has only triggered doubts in you. The past is many times hopeless only because you cant do a thing about it now. That's why the attitude towards the past is faithless or hopeless. Its over. Beyond any hope or belief. Think of some of your own good and bad past events, try to attach faith and trust, you will feel ridiculous. There is nothing you can do about it. Hopeless it is. You have no access to your past except as a data in your memory.

The future is full of hope. You place your trust and faith only on future. Shraddha has relevance only towards future. Everything to get better and better. All dreams to come as a reality. The desires to get fulfilled. The wishes to be granted. To have all the plans worked out immaculately. To find peace of mind, to find rest and to find God someday in future. But strangely, if you bring your awareness to this moment, passing under your nose, you cant tell whether you are faithful or faithless about it.

Disciple : So If I get rid of
the faithless and the faithful
then i would automatically
reach the present moment ?
Master : No ! If you come
to this present moment,
they both get dropped
on their own !

You don't need to fight with the faithful and faithless ever. As your awareness come closer and closer to the present moment the faithful and faithless will start dissipating. You look at life not with an eye on the past or the 'vision' for the future but simply attuned to present. In the present, from the present, by the present. You will still look at past and future but without losing ground of the moment where you are, the present.

When you loiter in the corridors of future, while living here, then you will build more and more faith and trust all the time. Even a man on the death bed, counting down the number of breaths, can have tremendous hope and trust in order to reach heaven, at least NOT landing up in the hell, soon after his death. People can be classified vaguely into three types, each unique by itself

ATHEIST - A firm disbeliever, usually a cynic and a critic rolled into one. He likes to blame and sometimes regret and shrugs his shoulders saying "here is no hope for future". He faithless and trust less about life people, religion and God or Truth etc. The atheist refuses to see the Truth, even if it existed, The atheist usually does not deny in the existence of God but he simply refuses to believe in it as superior to him. He seeks for proof, as if he is ready to believe once is there is proof of existence. He is just faithless in this idea called God.

THEIST - Theist is a ardent believer and hence never questions the existence and follows meticulously all the rituals and customs with 'blind' faith. He considers himself as more superior than the atheist usually and also can sympathize with the non-believers or distrustful people. The problem with the theist can be, that he never seeks or explores because he already believes in the existence of God. He takes pride in his faithfulness and considers himself as very pious and pure. He thinks that faith is the backbone of his life and he makes sure that his faith does not diminish at any point of time. He is unaware of the hidden doubts inside him. He would recite mantras, worship and do many rituals as a matter of fact, somewhat in a clockwork precision. He even hopes that god is too happy with him and someday will give him an exclusive vision to see the presence of God along with stars and moon, or something equivalent to that.

AGNOSTIC - This type is the most prevalent. People who fall into this category have both the faithful and the faithless mind. Sometimes this and other times that. The theist covers his doubts with faith and trust, the atheist does not cover his doubts but displays it. The agnostic is in a state of doubt. He cant believe that god exists in the stones but same time he wants to believe the same because everyone around him believes. The agnostic is the most appealing and easily identifiable in any religious or spiritual gatherings. He would look bored and some what sleepy but in between wake up and behave energetic. All his life he would remain indecisive about many things.

Disciple : I'm done with it. Looks like
I would fit in to every one of them.
Master : True ! No one belong to
any one of them only but from time
to time one keep changing,
according to the circumstances
and situations he is surrounded with.
Disciple : None of them
seem to be OK to me !
Master : True ! You should
get out of them all soon !

That brings us to still yet another classification
which is very rare and uncommon to mankind.

GNOSTIC - In Indian traditions, this can be called as 'Jivan Mukta' The gnostic is neither a believer nor a non-believer. Neither doubtful nor is confident. But simply he is in tune with the Truth which is spread in front of him in a colorful spectrum as this world. He does not believe or hope to find God someday. Nor he is hopeless and dismiss any possible divinity in this existence. He is attuned to the present moment fully and goes through life with all its good and bad events fully. He does not wish for brighter future, does not dream of enlightenment, not hopeful of spiritual growth, nor is afraid of spiritual challenges.

He is already seeing god every moment of his life. He need not have to have trust and faith because it is already happening to him. He is centered in the present moment so much that faithful and faithless appear like a laughing matter ! The Gnostic is prepared to receive whatever life offers. He really flows with life. Since he is prepared to receive anything the life has to offer he does not pray or wish or recite or chant or do rituals to seek a suitable future.

His faith and trust also is very redundant and faithlessness has no trace in him. He has clearly crossed the earlier three classifications and has set himself free. In that freedom, he would come face to face with truth of life every moment as it is. When it rains he gets wet, when it is sunny he sweats. He eats when hungry and sleep when sleepy. He does only one thing at a time. His mind is not crowded with too many ideas like faith and trust and hope and assurance.

The gnostic is somewhat difficult to resist ways. He is lovable and beyond emotions. He appear to dis respect the established schools of thought, and lives a not so structured life without any ambition or goal to reach. He does not have purpose to be fulfilled at the end of his life but many find a purpose through him in their interaction in the present moment he is fully rooted. He appears erratic and not defined. Just like the clouds. you cannot tell what exactly is the defined shape of the clouds and the defined altitude, or the defined density or its defined life span. Anything can happen to a cloud. The Gnostic is inexplicable but he seem to know something very precious, he also knows that the whole world is in a state of ignorance. Like a lone star in the early morning sky, he stands alone as an evidence to his timeless wisdom and live his life fully, eventually leave from this life fully too.