More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Only ignorant
people need to
have faith, it
has no relevance
when knowledge
happened to you"

(faith, belief, trust)

Compare two people walking in a road
where the street lights are absent and
is blanketed by darkness. One of
them is a old kid in town and know the street
as he knew the palms of his hand and is
familiar with its twist and turn, the other is
a stranger and is totally clueless.

The man who knew, trots in with no sign
of fear or anguish. But the clueless stranger
starts remembering all the gods he had
forgotten for awhile now. He reminds himself
of the mantras he vaguely heard in the
religion channel on TV, as he enters the street.

Its not the mantras or the images of gods
that help him too much, but deep inside
he tells " I believe in the god which
will take me across this street safely" .
It is his belief or faith with a dash of trust,
hope and assurance that backs him
up while he groped.

Because he entered into the unknown
territory, he needs to have the faith
that he will reach the other end safely.
The man who knew the street would
think its odd to have faith just to cross
that silly, nameless street which he
has been crossing for many years now.

Not that the man who knew the street
is faithless. He just feels there is no need
to have faith in something which he
knows so well.

Even though the faith and trust
helped the stranger to cross the
street for the first time, it would be
ridiculous that even after years
he still needs that faith and trust
to cross the same street.

Do you realize that you don't have faith
in many obvious things in life?
Like for example, you don't have faith
in the house you live or the trees
and plants around it. You don't have
faith in the sun that it should rise
everyday. You don't have faith in the
skies or the air in the atmoshpere which
keep your body alive.

Because you have no doubt in them
that they may behave differently
someday. You have taken for granted that
they are supposed to behave the same
way everyday.

Anything perceptible to the eyes or
the senses needs no faith, but only
subtler things which is not directly
experienced, needs faith. Because
of its unseen nature, there is
ignorance about it and that
ignorance demands the faith
and trust.

Shradda is a important tool to support
people who are ignorant and clueless.
They have faith, someday life is going to be
very different, children will be taking
care, someday there is no work but only
paid vacations, someday they can eat and
sleep only and don't have to work at all.
Someday they will get out of their bad
habits, become sober, become good,
become rich, get enlightened etc.

The religion is called as faith for this
reason. Because you have no clue what
it would do. All religions function by
this ignorant faith. In fact when knowledge
happened, the faith disappears along with
all the nonsensical interpretations of the

Disciple : So is it wrong to have faith ?
Master : No ! It is not !
Disciple: So whats the problem ?
Master: The problem is that you
glorify your trust and faith
as a great virtue(which is not) !
Disciple : So what should be done ?
Master : Nothing much ! Except know
that whenever you have faith in
something, you are only doubting that
and that you are not great because
of your faith and trust !

Because of the inherent doubt, the need
for faith and trust seem very important.
Wherever there is doubt, there the faith
and trust work better. Deeper the doubt
greater the need for them.
Hope, belief, faith are various
shades of this 'sacred' word called
trust which holds as a very high virtue
among human beings.

Disciple : Do you mean that i should
not trust or have faith in anything
or anyone?
Master : That's even worse !
Disciple: How is that ?
Master: Because when you lost
trust and faith, it is only a sign of
confirming your doubts.
Disciple : So what happens ?
Master : You will remain in
the confirmed doubtful state
without any 'hope' to change !

In other words, the faith or trust
in something is totally shattered
when you realize that the something
you believed is not the way you
thought it to be. That's why
the husband or wife suddenly
found by the other as 'hopeless'
on a day when she or he behaved
differently from what
was expected.

There is one more thing
which makes faith highly
inevitable. That should
bring your attention
to the fact that all your
trust and faith stem
from the expectations
you carry about life and
people around you.

When you trust someone,
it is only hoping that he
will stand up to your
expectations and
does not do anything
different from what
you trusted
him for.

Disciple : Is it wrong to say
that I have faith in my Master ?
Master : partly yes !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : It is not trust that is a problem
but your thinking that you are a great
disciple because of your 'deep' trust in your
master is the problem !
Disciple: Does it apply the same everywhere ?
Master : Yes ! even with GOD !

Greater the expectation, deeper
the trust is. When a disciple approach
a spiritual master, no doubt, certain
amount of faith is required because
the disciple does not know the master.
But if the disciple out of ignorance
start to consider his faith as his greatest
virtue and gets deeper and deeper
in his trust and faith by the day
and night, even after years of
association, then it can be calamitous
and a hurdle to his own spiritual growth.

Disciple : What are the expectations
of a disciple usually ?
Master : It can be varying
from one to other !
Disciple: Give some examples ?
Master : Wanting recognition as
the deserving disciple, wanting
to progress and reach the 'goal'
at the earliest with some easy and
short cuts(usually called as grace
of the master), expecting the master
to take care of 'everything', expecting
the guru to be available for every
beck and call, expecting the master
to trouble shoot every knotty
situation in his life, are a
few from the many..
Disciple: So what should be the
attitude of the disciple?
Master: 'Acceptance' of the
master by the disciple
as he is, whenever
the disciple meet the master !
Disciple: Is it not the disciple
expects the same?
Master: But the transformation is
needed for the disciple and not
the Master !

The only purpose of any disciple
approaching any master is to
bring about a change in perception
about oneself and life around,
which results in experiencing
the true Self ! It can be called
as awakening and
enlightenment etc.

The master is never meant for
deciding your life's demanding
situations or sharing your joy
and grief as it unfolds every
moment, unless he wishes to.
The focus should remain on
only one topic and that is to
transform oneself, with the
guidance of the master, of
one's understanding of life.

The Master is a sign post to divinity.
Not a dumping ground of ideas
from others. Even if others come and
dumped, he should have the courage
to say no. He should not compromise
on imparting the truth by getting
detoured from the subject to all
other things trivial and sundry.

Disciple : I'm not sure if i understood
the right thing !
Master : True ! it is a tricky subject !
But you can clarify again !
Disciple : Do i need faith or not ?
Master; You need faith, hope,
belief and trust, all of them.
But only to some distance
later they become an obstacle.
Disciple : OK ! I got that part !
You say that they have certain
role to play and then must be
dropped !
Master : Well said ! You
need the torch light only till sunrise,
later it should be turned off.
Disciple : But if someone still
keeps it turned on?
Master : It is a sign that
someone is still ignorant of the
fact that sun has risen.

Disciple : So whats is the lesson
to learn from this ?
Master : When you have faith,
it is not wrong, but know that
your faith is based on doubts
inside. A doubtful mind cannot
experience and be aware
of the inner Self.
Disciple : It is clear now!

" The time taken for Death to reach
you is commonly called as Life "


Unfortunately they both mean the same. Time is actually a bomb that keeps ticking and counting down on life till end. Unlike a bomb that explodes, here the life will just fizzle out at the end like some detonated explosive. But the Hindu scriptures declare death as a prominent stopover before you get ready to the next lap of life. It is like you are catching a connecting flight to some longer destination. So they don't seem to much worry about this life ending factor called death. Really speaking they assigned a special department for death with many many rituals and a hugely popular god to go with it. And the god for death(Shiva) does not protect from death but only facilitates death.

In samskrt (usually called as Sanskrit) kaala has dual function. On one side it gives you a feeling of growing up, progressing, advancing, accumulating etc, on the other hand, it is deducting, hrinking and reducing the span of everything. It takes a clear mind to see that life and death are not poles apart, but simultaneous events. Death is not a single stroke event that happens at the end, but a long process that starts from the word go, the moment you were born.

Disciple : Do you mean
death always exists?
Master : Sure !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : you were a baby some years ago, right ?
Disciple : Yes, those were the my best days of my life !
Master : Now what happened to that baby exactly ?
Disciple : Baby is no more ! It has become me now !
Master : In other words, baby is dead and the boy is born !
The death of the baby and the birth of the young man
happened simultaneously.
Disciple : Got it !

The Death is not an alarming issue in the
vedic scriptures. It is in fact part of a process called life.
You live side by side with birth and death.
The birth and death march you through your life,
hand in hand. All the pairs of opposites have to co-exist.
If man seek happiness, he is bound to suffer from
sorrow someday. At least the fear of sorrow in
some form will be lurking in a secret corner of the mind.
But it is strangely the obsession for the human mind
to seek only success and happiness and life sans death.
The pairs of opposites are are only opposites only for
your perception. They are not opposites actually speaking,
by nature. Its like two ends of a bridge holding the bridge
tightly. Like two wings of an airplane keeping
it afloat. They are never in contradiction with each other.

As every new moment being born and as every old moment die away, your private time machine is fueled by birth and death continuously. You have been set on the time machine a long ago and it apparently is moving towards future even though it does not move an inch in reality. This is the crux to all forms of spirituality. Wanting to be alive forever, a secret desire of human mind, in the name of immortality.

People who welcome death, not because
they like death but just want to wind up
everything and shut down the shop.
People plagued with physical illness or
emotional turmoils usually want a
quicker death, only not wanting to
prolong the pain, or the fear of
accumulating more pain.

The death seekers are the dodgers of
life and living. In whichever the case,
death plays the pivotal role in either
wanting to live longer or wanting to
wind up from the living.

Disciple : I don't expect to live longer,
even though my life is full of fun !
Master : Because you actually 'think'
rather than 'expect', that you are
going to live longer !
Disciple : Oh ! then who really expects
to live longer or forever?
Master : You ! When you enter into that
inevitable old age, after a few years from now !

Time has no real existence. It is just an
idea of the mind. A concept that appear more
solid than the fleeting time itself. When you
are happy the time vanishes like magic and
when surrounded by clouds of gloom and sorrow,
it appears crawling like a caterpillar, every
moment is a painful drag, with a lump in
the throat and leakage in the heart.

The time does not seem to have a standard
meaning to many. For some, time is 'spent'
and for others, it is 'killed', many 'use' time,
while many others 'need' time. There is also
'wasting' and 'passing' of time and 'having'
and 'creating' time on hand. Time can be
jostled around a bit and pushed and stretched ,
to the extent of being claimed, that time is Money(?).

Every time a new thought is born, there has been
a death of an old thought. The thoughts are born
and dead all the time. Every time the anger is born,
you can be sure that this will die soon. Every time you
exhale, the breath is dead and a fresh breath is born
as you inhaled. The day and night are born and dead
again and again, You just thought it is a great cup of coffee
and then its over(dead). You body is replaced with new cells,
many millions of times in its whole course of living.
Upanishads tells that the whole world is 'dead' while
you snoring away in that dead of night.

The Vedic literatures are always fond of deriving
examples from the ocean...

Waves = human (temporary, timefull)
Ocean = god (permanent, timeless)
Water = Consciousness (sustaining both, beyond time)

Your body, breath and mind are wavelike, constantly born and dead all the time. Body growing up in all directions, so without a permanent shape. Breath is always a dead and born factor, which is also the case with your mind. What you thought was the best become the beast and that you thought was fun become funny. The thoughts keep changing, hence they are temporary too. These are the human aspects which are subjected to the constant birth and death.

The individual consciousness (Atman) inside is deathless, because time does not apply there, which is like a ocean. The collective consciousness (Brahman) is like water, present in the waves and also the ocean, where there is no question of existence of time. It is simply beyond time, always supporting the individual ego and the individual consciousness.

You will 'take' some time to move from your living room to bedroom. Let us say about 5 minutes. You move out of living room space and enter into your bedroom space, which is about 5 minutes. The time is born, the moment you start moving from the living room and time as if end, when you reached the bedroom. This is applicable to your body that moved. But interestingly,
you mind need not move with your body. Even after your body moved to the bedroom the mind can still remain in the reality show on TV, kept in the living room. Only the body and breath moves together but mind spills over everywhere.

Time is nothing but the distance covered in space between destination A to destination B. While the body concretely moves from one point to other, the breath is little hazy. Because of its subtler nature, the air you breathed out still lingers in the living room and you would have inhaled again for new air in the bedroom. Breathing is not as defining and limited as body. Mind is more indefinite and can be oozing out everywhere !

What you should notice is that when you move from living room to bed room you may be carrying your body and breath and mind along with you but you don't carry the space with you. Because the space is already present in both rooms and it does not need you to carry. For that matter even if you were set on a space craft and tossed up into the shepres of mars or moon still you would find the same space filling up everywhere.

Disciple : So you say that if I'm like space
then time don't apply to me ?
Master : You don't have to be like space,
because you already contain it !
Disciple : So I'm moving through
space and also contain space?
Master : Yes ! But you don't contain
the same space inside.
It keeps changing every time you
move from one place to another.

Space don't travel with you from one point to another but you travel in the space. The space you occupy inside your body keeps varying as you move. There is no one stomachful of fixed space you can carry everywhere you go ! It because space is unlimited and it is present everywhere. Because it is present everywhere, the movement is not possible for the space, which means time is not applicable to space.

Just like space, in fact even subtler than space is Consciousness. While the universe is contained in space, the space is contained in the Consciousness. Of course it means that the consciousness is beyond time and space.

Disciple : I'm dazed. Don't figure a thing !
Master : That's ok ! I don't expect you to
figure everything now !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means, if not today then
someday these words might ring a bell !
Disciple : What should I do till then ?
Master : Just take it easy ! The space and
Consciousness can wait !
Disciple : What does it mean ?
Master : It means, if not today then
someday these words might ring a bell !
Disciple : What should I do till then ?
Master : Just take it easy ! The space and
Consciousness can wait !

While the body and breath and mind are subjected
to the Kaala or time, the Consciousness is not under
its influence. That's how you contain both the timeless
and the timefull. Which means no one is exempted
from bodily death. The body will die anytime.
Its just a balloon like. Not because the air stopped
supplying the breath, but because the body is
not fit for holding the breath anymore. The air
does not go into your nostrils and come out on its own.
But your body keeps sucking the air in and out
till it can. The concrete death is only for the body and
not for breath and even the mind. The mind only moves
away into another body and resumes its thinking.
The air once again is used by the new body to
liveand die again. The consciousness inside you will
not change or shift from birth to birth. It just remains
without any birth and death.

Disciple : So death is for the body only ?
Master : Yes ! like one of your shirts got
worn out and torn away !
Disciple : Is it that simple ?
Master : May be a little more
precious than your shirt !

Spiritual realization is, to know that you are made up of
both matter and the spirit. While spirituality muster up
enough courage to accept your bodily death, it also enable you
to identify and connect to your inner self called Consciousness.

Disciple : So what is Self -realization means?
Master : It means , you realize that you are not just the body
only, but you are also the unseen Consciousness within.
You realize that body will drop off sometime while your
Consciousness or Atman will always remain !
Disciple : How does this realization help ?
Master : It will stop you from cribbing about
your and others death forever !

"Enlightenment does not make your
mind dead or empty. It only brings
freedom to apply various qualities
of your mind at your will "


The enlightenment does not happen to your body or the breath. Because even after enlightenment,one can fall sick and eventually die, or the breath can still pose a problem, when you climb the staircase. It is only about coming to grips with the way the mind functions. Its like getting your cluttered table a little cleaned and keep things in the right places, so that you can use them when you need them while you are working. The mind is just like your work table, gets cluttered easily. Most people get used to the clutter and continue to work in the same condition. People live their whole lives with their clumsy and cluttered minds, though they apparently keep their work tables clean. The cluttered mind is confused and is not clear about itself. The lack of clarity can be labeled as ignorance. Like a bad, pirated software can hit the computer and crash its system, the mind which is cluttered can impact the actions performed by the body.

Mind is like a bagful of toffees, which one to eat, when? Seem to be a puzzle every time. You seem to be lost, when it comes to handling your thoughts in the form
of never ending feelings, emotions and impulsions. People with little knowledge give a childish suggestion to empty the mind, or erase the mind. Its like empty the toffees out of the bag because you don't know what to eat. Because the table is cluttered with many objects, you cannot throw them all and keep the table empty. They may be cluttered but they are valuable objects, cannot afford to be thrown ! Your thoughts can never be dispensed or expensed. They can only be neutralized or channelized.

Disciple : So what does ' beyond qualities ' mean ?
Master : It means you are a Master of your mind !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : The qualities of your mind do not rule
your thinking and action anymore, but you will
be the one calling the shots with your mind !

The spiritual Master is not necessarily a Master for the masses. He is neither a good shepherd nor a loving baby sitter to decide and run the lives of people who came to learn from him the Truth. He has only 'mastered' his own mind, so he is a master. He need not master your mind,
but you need to !

Mastering the three Gunas will get you going beyond the Gunas. Beyond the Gunas means reaching a stage where the Gunas can not influence your thinking anymore. But being a Master,you choose the right Guna required for the right moment. Just like the earlier stages of learning to drive a car. You can never drive a car at the very first time. In fact the car would drive you, truly mad and crazy. It would never start, would turn exactly towards the roadside tree (the one you wanted to avoid), would stop suddenly without a warning and does all mischief. The same car will appear so tamed and obedient soon after you have 'mastered' the knack of driving.

The mind is the fastest vehicle ever known. It can travel to moon and get back to your cup of tea in a singular moment. Remember, you are sitting on the most sophisticated and the fastest vehicle and you don't know how to drive it well ! When a bad driver approach his car, he is full of fear and anxious, because he is not yet clear about which pedal does what. He creates same fear and causes immense disturbance to others on the road for the same reason. Same is applied to your mind. You move around in this world in your mindwagon and you are yet to learn how to operate the wagon.

Disciple : It means nothing wrong with
the mindwagon, its just me ?
Master : Yes ! A bad driver sometimes !
Disciple : What happens if I learnt to drive
my mindwagon well ?
Master : You can drive to your 'destination'
without being bruised !
Disciple : Where is the destination ?
Master : Just behind the mind !

When a good driver approaches his car, he would not be cursing himself and his fate. He slips himself inside to get started and keep moving. Watch a good driver, he would use his hands and legs the least bit. The car moves smoothly without hiccups.

Disciple : When is a driver bad?
Master : When he is not sure,
what to turn and what to press
inside the car to run it !
Disciple : Does the same thing
happen with the mind?
Master : Yes ! You press and
accelerate wrong controls
at the wrong time !
Disciple : Which are the controls ?
Master : The attunement, dynamism, inertia !

Taking the car example a bit too far, stretching a little more, the pedals placed beneath the feet are like the three qualities, such as..

Rajo Guna = The accelerator (seeking, searching etc)
Tamo Guna = The Break (withdraw, renounce etc)
Sattwa Guna = The Clutch (attunement with accelerator and the breaks).

The Clutch is used to neutralize and balance between certain polarities peculiar to car driving. Like speeding and slowing down, starting and stopping etc. The Sattwa mind is similar. It strikes a balance between the Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna. When the controls are not known the driver is smothered by the machine. The car is a big menace to him right from the start at home, till he had to shove it inside the pack of unruly cars at the lot. The good driver, on the other hand, is not even bothered to know the number of times he had to break and accelerate. He slips and slides and steers the car clear through a million vehicles surrounding him, reaches the destination without even a scratch. He has gone beyond the car. The car is now just a toy, the steering wheel is a real life joystick to play with. The mindwagon too can swim through the situations and experiences in the ocean of life, only if you had known the controls better and work on them like a smooth operator.

Sri Krishna In his famous Bhagawad Gita (Ancient Hindu Book of Wisdom) sets an metaphorical allegory of the five horses called the five senses, yoked to the chariot called body, with the confused mind called Arjuna, driven by the intellect called Krishna with form and enlivened by the Truth without form called Consciousness.

Disciple : Any other example?
Master : In other words, the qualities
of the mind are the keys which will open
the most subtlest and the most complex
locks in your head and heart, to find that
hidden treasures which always belonged to you !
Disciple : I'm convinced ! What should I do now?
Master : Find your keys !

" Does the world appear like a
monster when you wake up from sleep ?
Be doubly sure that you have some
project on hand to work on ! "

tamo guna

If you thought, " YES ! you are talking about me ! " then there is good news. The Tamo Guna is not your creation, but is embedded in you by nature. So what now? Look ahead for ways to manage this. About an average 40 percent of our life time has been spent in sleeping or trying to sleep, they say. Which means the sleeping is an essential part of our lives as much as the learning, seeking and attuning. It is a bunk only when it interferes with the waking hours. The lethargic mind mostly retires to sleep every time there is an opportunity. If sleep not possible, then it shows up as laziness, postponement, indecisiveness, complacency and ambiguity.

Some people take special pride and privilege when they bash up Tamo Guna as useless. Little they know that without Tamo Guna, they can never attain peace of mind, or the regular sleep in the night. The Consciousness contains the lethargic mind too, as much as the seeking and attuning mind. The fair share of Tamo Guna or the lethargic mind makes your living complete. Your alarming sense of Tamo Guna as a problem only when it exceed the limits of time and space meant for it.

Disciple : Is it ok, if i feel lazy and sleepy,
in the day time, middle of my work ?
Master : It would be as much troublesome as
being up and awake during the hours
when you are supposed to sleep !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Without condemning or criticizing yourself,
you can apply both of them at the appropriate time.

The Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna are proportionately opposite variables to each other. The dynamism and lethargy together grind in this mill called mind and work hand in glove all the time. One without other can be madness. People who struggle to cool their heels or shut their mouth, or sit down alone quietly, or cannot hit the sack and doze off without endless yawning, are the people who miss out on the virtues of Tamo Guna.

Disciple : Do you mean that Tamo Guna is good ?
Master : Yes ! only if you had known how
to apply it in your life intelligently !
Disciple : Can you explain ?
Master : Entering into the lazy mind is ok
as long you learnt, how to get out of it too !

The Consciousness is motionless, inactive, silent, does not do anything and more. These many qualities of the Consciousness or Atman have striking similarities with the Tamo Guna. The inert nature is found in the consciousness too. The reason why the 'God' has never been seen or heard concretely by anyone is for this reason. It is in such a withdrawn state that to identify the God factor is quite a task. The Tamo Guna is the key even for people who choose to withdraw from active life and is delighting in the spirit of renunciation. Imagine yourself to retire from all activities and seat yourself under a tree and do Nothing for years together? Unless the Tamo Guna is active, you can not think of such a possibility.

Disciple : You say that Tamo Guna is
important to withdraw and renounce?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : While Rajo Guna helps to seek and
search and Sattwa Guna helps to
attune and connect to what is found,
the Tamo Guna is important for
withdrawing from worldliness of the mind?
Master : Precisely !
Disciple : Which Guna is most important ?
Master : Tamo Guna !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Unless you withdraw from the external,
you can never seek inwardly and find the Truth !

In the absence of proper Tamo Guna, one may run into the risk of 'seeking' worldly matters and try to 'attune' to them too. The Tamo Guna will spell trouble, only when it spills over into your waking hours. The rightful exchange of Gunas taking place at the right time can save you from such perils. Tamo Guna is the nature of the rocks and mountains and all the inanimate objects you see all around you ! Watch the trees and the birds(barring the few nocturnal ones) in the night time, totally withdrawn and standing quietly and when the day breaks they start seeking the sunlight.

The little evolved mind of the plants and animals and birds too have these divisions of Gunas. But in nature no creature fights with their inherent Gunas. The dog knows how much to bark and how much to run and how much to sleep in between. The animals never go to any psychiatrist for trouble shooting or is in need of some therapy to heal their emotions. They are predominantly Tamasic in nature. The Tamo Guna also is the saving grace for the animals and plants, because they don't have the urge like humans to know and experience God or Atman. They just live in ignorance blissfully. Even that ignorance seem to be a good idea at times considering the trouble one has to go through as the fully evolved mind of human being.

While Sattwa Guna is akin to the conscious mind, the Rajo Guna associates with the sub- conscious mind and Tamo Guna is rooted in the unconscious mind. A piece of rock is a classical epitome of Tamo Guna. In the same place for thousands if years without a sense of time and space, totally lost in inertia. You have deep inside, as one of the layers of your mind as this inertia. If Rajo Guna can get you to where the dynamic Consciousness is, then Tamo Guna can take you to where the inactive and non attached Consciousness is.

Disciple : So the Tamo Guna is here to only help ?
Master : Yes ! Ride on the waves of Tamo Guna or the
inert mind, but never get drowned beneath it !
Disciple : Please Explain ?
Master : Darkness is as important as the day light.
But never try to turn the daylight in to darkness !
Disciple : What should I do for that ?
Master : Remove yourself from that quilt
and jump out of the bed like a spring,
soon after you woke up !

"Sitting quiet even for a brief minute
makes you feel scared and jobless, then
you should know that it is time to take
your life a bit easy "

(quality of dynamism)
The never ending buzz of life experienced everywhere is the
dynamic aspect of creator. God is dynamic and when you are
on the dynamic(rajas) mode of your mind, you are in tune with
the dynamic expression of the creator. Whenever there is an
urge to do something, it is a sign of the dynamic consciousness
at work. The famed 'karma yoga' is based on this principle that
even through dynamism, one can experience the consciousness.
It is true that when you are lost in the 'doing' of a particular
action, you never knew how time passed. It could be even
watching the TV. It is a dynamic activity, even though
appears to be a waste of time, especially when the
husband is watching the football, totally unmindful of
the entire world, which includes his wife. But the
dynamic consciousness is just one step still away
from knowing the 'god' or creator in its
original essence.

Disciple : Can doing meditation be a
karma yoga or the path of dynamism?
Master : Yes, at least at the start of
such idea called meditation!
Disciple: What happens later ?
Master : You stop 'doing' and mature
into just 'being' in the meditation !
Disciple: So you mean that the
dynamism in life is only a path ?
Master : It can be even an obstacle
at times. Both a path and an obstruction !
Disciple : How it is an obstruction?
Master : When you get stuck up just
in 'doing' and never move to the 'being' !

The dynamic mode helps you to know and experience the
hands and legs of 'god'. But to get to the essence of 'God'
one should rise above even the dynamism. It is not much
about becoming numb and useless, when it is said to
rise above dynamism. But exploring regions beyond
dynamism, something that contains dynamism,
but still free from it.

People who have the dynamic mode of mind will
be seen restless even on the seat of meditation.
If you observe them, they will be busy doing
something in the name of meditation. They will be
unnecessarily worried about the body posture,
the mudras(positioning fingers). The will be seen
grinding their teeth or moving their eyes
within closed lids. There will be rigidity in
their sitting. They do meditation like some
kind of performance. You can see them
muttering something even when they sit alone.
Humming some songs or cleaning the nails or
shuffling the legs and hands over and over again.
These are the residual dynamism showing
as restlessness, even when as the seeker is
trying to move to the deeper stages.

Disciple : Do you say that rajas(dynamic mode of mind)
is not required for spirituality !
Master : You got me wrong ! Unless you
use your hands you cant eat, you will end up
starving. The dynamism in life goes on.
But not helplessly !
Disciple : Got it! Be dynamic when
necessary, and stop the dynamism
when it is not required, is what you say ?
Master : You are more articulate than me indeed !

Whether a shooting star on the horizon, or a avalanche of
snow in a unknown mountain slope, or a dry twig fell
from a tree in a distant jungle, or a thought
inside your head just occured, they all need dynamism.

Dynamic mind is like a river running everywhere with
gust and gumption, some passionate search for that 'something'
somewhere ! It is noble and natural for the river to run
like that, because the dynamic river is looking for a still and
quiet ocean to encounter, hoping to settle down in
that encounter. Active people too in their lives, like that.
Running all the time, looking everywhere, turning
their whole life into an encounter. Dynamic mind does
not attune or connect or even attach, only encounter.
But the problem is such mind never can find the
restful consciousness. People who function from the
dynamic mind (rajas) will look at life as a sheer
encounter, which they will extend to even knowing
god or realizing the truth. Everything appear to them
as a challenge. This challenging the Truth is the
obstruction here. You cannot 'conquer' the Truth
by some formula or a mantra. People who believe
' by singing the glory of god, i can reach to god',
function from this dynamic mind. Repeating a
set of mantras, trying out various skillful body postures,
fixing the eyes on a object for endless time, all these
are such encounters. They were a great help when
you were clueless about what is spirituality.
Those things gave you a sense of direction,
but certainly incapable of reaching the end. When
at the right time, the dynamic mind should
withdraw and simply be in the moment.
The dynamism should take a break and
let the stillness of the Existence take over.

Disciple : Some one with a predominantly
active mind cannot be successful on the path ?
Master : They have to firstly drop the idea
of being successful on the spiritual path !
Disciple : Why so ?
Master : Because knowing the inherent
Self is neither a success nor a failure !

The Rajasic mind is usually on the success trip. Either it
wants to be successful or is afraid of failures. Both are not
so good for the self awareness. You can be action packed
the whole day, but if you can turn off your system and shut up
and sit down quietly, anywhere for a few minutes, then you are
preparing to move to the Sattwic mind(mind
in attunement).

If your mind is light weight,
it can afford to deal with the
biggest boss - God !

sattwa Guna

You need a strong heart and thick head to do some very trivial things in life, like walking in the darkness alone, driving through traffic jams in any big city around the world, traveling by the deadly blue line buses of Delhi, etc. But the real big things like God, Consciousness, Atman, Brahman(all the same), needs a mind that is light weight, melted and fluid like. Sattwa Guna takes you real close to your source.

Consider this experimentation, pick up a tray full of ice cubes, put inside the pan and heat it up on the burning stove. The cubes would start to melt obviously. As you watch, the hard and stone like cubes already start to melt and get liquefied as water, if you allow little more time, the water get heated up and start to evaporate. Vedic literature classify them as follows...

1. hard ice (tamas)
2. melted as water (rajas)
3. vaporized as steam (sattwa)

These are prominent three stages of mind,
in the whole process of meditation and spirituality.
Upanishads call the fire as the fire of
knowledge (jnana agni). The fire of knowledge
melt the solidified mind into a vaporized fizz with permutations.
Apply somewhat similar thinking to your mind too.
It can be hard and cold as a ice cube presently, it can be
little fluid like when it starts exploring and analyzing
and also become so subtle and light like the steam of the water.
When it became thin as air, it is known as sattwic mind.
It is quite possible with every mind.

Disciple : How does the mind melt ?
Master : When it gave up its individuality !
Disciple : You mean the mind expands, without the individuality?
Master : Precisely ! Its like melting of the mind !
Disciple : How does that help knowing the God ?
Master : Because expanded mind is God !
Disciple : Contracted mind is ?
Master : You !

When you build a house in a big expanse of the
wide open space, you already have shrunk the space
by building walls and claiming it as your house. Likewise,
you build psychological walls in the vast expanse of the
consciousness and claim that little pigeon hole as your mind !
The walls are built by your beliefs and opinions,
ideas and notions, likes and dislikes, etc.

Disciple : What happens when a mind expands?
Master : It ceases to be a mind !
Disciple : Is there a way to expand the mind?
Master : No, but you can bring the limiting
psychological walls down, the mind will
expand on its own, you need not have to try that!

When your mind is in Sattwa mode, it is more in tune
with the ways of the world. It accepts the mysterious
nature of this creation, it seem to be feeling fine with just
about everyone and everything. Understanding life seem
to be the key for spiritual growth and that happens
a lot while your mind is in this mode. Indeed a very
unusual state of mind, but is not impossible.
Meditation of any kind is only to make your mind
from the ice cube state to the vaporized state.
Your meditation is successful only when the
solidity of the mind with its rigid and closed ideas
are made lighter and expanded.

Disciple: So when mind is in sattwa mode,
it can cross its own barriers ?
Master : Brilliant !
Disciple : When mind is not able to
free itself, it is in bondage !
Master : Bravo !

The purpose of a disciple approaching a master is
only to find ways to free his mind from his limited thinking,
but most of the times the disciple want his limitedness
of the mind to be appreciated and glorified. On the other hand,
the spiritual master should be able to break down the walls
the disciple built for himself, of course without much hurting !
But then in the process of bringing the walls down,
there can be bruises, which gets healed in no time as the mind expands.

The sattwa mode of mind can be scary because
when mind expands, you tend to feel you are
losing your ground. The beliefs and ideas you
held so real and sacred to you till now seem to be
crumbling and that may not allow you to
remain in the sattwa for long, in the initial period.
But when more and more of sattwa mode of
mind happened, you will find greater comfort
and joy in the expansion of the mind.

This is somewhat like the skydiving from
the high altitude. It can be scary at the first sight.
Really loosing ground, the terminal velocity that
might hit the diver off the plane. But once
familiarized with the openness of the skies
and the velocity of the dive, loosing ground
will be a tremendously joyful experience.
The fear of loosing support is over,
then the free fall is the most blissful experience.

Disciple : Do I have a sattwa mode of mind ?
Master : Every one does ! But rarely applied !
Disciple : How does one apply ?
Master : Through meditation !
Disciple : What exactly happens ?
Master : When you sit for meditation
your mind may be in tamas(like ice cube),
but at the end it should reach the
sattwa mode(like vapor) !
This is the actual purpose of meditation !
Disciple : Is this sattwa mode of

mind is a enlightened mind?
Master : Not at all, but it is the
most suitable for enlightenment !

The sattwic mind is the least disturbed, mostly silent and ready to absorb anything that happens around. When you move around with this hi-mode, you tend to identify with anyone and anyplace as your own. If you read complex matters, they will unfold more easily than in any other modes.

In any conversation, if you have understood what the other person said and also failed to say, in a proper manner, then you are in the sattwic mode. Similarly, if clarity in your expression helped others to understand, even the most complex and paradoxical matters, then again you are in the sattwa mode. Being sattwic is like knocking on the heaven's door.

The truth is just a whisper away. But many times, after reaching the sattwic mode, one wants to get solid again and get back to the same old terrain of 'rajas' and 'tamas' modes of mind. Returning to the solid state of mind is not a fall or slip on the spiritual path but it is just a simple delay of the process. But then, whats the hurry now to reach something which is there within you already ?

"When the mind is refined to the last bit,
it gets back to its original state -Consciousness "


When you take a flight, you would notice that the sounds and sights of the airport (on earth) slowly begin to disappear as the flight go higher and higher into the skies. If you were sitting by the window of the airplane, looking outside, you may notice most colors and sounds are absent up there. The earth has distinct qualities which are not so much seen or felt in the open skies. Always the gross has more qualities than the subtle. Buying a computer or marrying a man can be different ball games. The computer can have list of features printed in the colorful brochure, configured and burnt in to the system, while the man in marriage comes without even a warranty. You can never tell about human beings in relationship, because human beings are more subtler, they keep changing their style of thinking and behaviour.

Machines have more concrete qualities. Either they work or fail to work, but does not change their nature. Imagine your computer stopped working like a computer and started behaving like a mocrowave oven. The animals, the plants, the mountains and oceans, the man made machines and buildings, all have distinct qualities and features and does not change from their natural style of functioning. The reason why more and more people find happiness in dogs and cats, than husbands and wives is for this reason. Because the dog always is loyal, which is its defined quality. But a husband or the wife can change in time. Which means man is less qualitative than everything else in creation of the 'god'.

You call something as a 'good quality' only when it works the way it is supposed to. Instead of shaving, if the razor set start poking on the chin, then it has lost its quality. You may also call it a poor quality when instead of shaving, it simply slip and behaved blunt.

Disciple : To have a quality is considered good?
Master : Yes ! but only in a limiting sense.
Disicple : How is that ? Please explain !
Master : Anything with a definite good quality
has limited functions. It has a limitation and
cannot go beyond it. It cannot adapt a new function.
Disciple : How does this understanding
help me in knowing the Truth.
Master : When you know that Truth has no limiting qualities,
you transcend the mundane and limiting qualities of this world !

Its the difference between going to the airport to pick up a person you are familiar and someone totally unknown. If you are told, he is short and stocky and no hair on the head then these are the 'qualities' which would help you to identify him more easily than standing with a placard with his name written and staring into every passerby cluelessly because the qualities of the passenger are unknown. People pray and worship and read scriptures and follow a religion, like how the placards are held at airports, because they hope to find the unknown through them.

That said, your body is more definite in shape, size and age at any given point of time. It is expected to behave with all its features with distinct qualities. Eyes cant smell and ears should not start to gobble. Each part has a particular configuration of type and quality and compatibility. Either the ears are faulty or dis functional, which are the only other options available to them, besides working sometimes immaculately.

Figure it as follows,

Clothes - the clothes are considered as second skin to human beings. They have a defined quality in covering the body. Defined expression of the person it covered with(rich and poor, confident and lack of it etc). Defined period of life (where did your favorite shirt, you wore on your 12th birthday go?). Defined size and shape and style and colors. Their limitations are telling obviously.

Body - has definite qualities too. Each part is configured and designed to function in a particular manner. But certainly much more flexible and subtler than the clothes. Still has a limited expiry date, functional and structural factors. Can become faulty anytime. Might not find replacement or spare parts too. Can be beautiful and even the absence of it, strong and weak. Need not have the subtler qualities like intelligence, wisdom and at the same time, body does not run colors every time it is soaked in water.

Breath - Still subtler than body, but not without qualities. Deep, shallow, proper, improper breathing etc. Breath has decisive life span, after which how ever hard you may try, breath will come to a grinding halt. Anything that has birth and death has qualities. In fact the birth and death itself are qualities.

Mind - has qualities too. But surely the qualities are not as distinct as body and breath. You can never tell when it was born and will die. It lasts longer than body, cause for rebirth of the particular individual with uncompleted plans and desires, dreams and decisions ! However mind is classified with three different qualities(Gunas).

sattwa guna - A certain quality of the
mind where it has an attitude of being
receptive to the creation.

rajo guna - another quality of the mind where
searching for truth, it fights a war of conquest.
Sometimes fail and sometimes win, rajo guna does
not receive and pro act the world but simply
is revelling in the mood of conquest only.

tamo guna - the additional quality in the sequence,
a sense of ignorance, not knowing that it is bound and
so never wanted liberation. Total ab sense of seeking anything
but only a sign of inhibitions and under performance !

When a quality is attributed, then everything in life seem so limited. Anything which can be defined is limited. Because of the unlimitedness, you can never define the subtler elements. Human mind is aware of most things except one single factor called 'god' or creator. It always appear to be a endless and elusive puzzle.

The God is a more a complicating principle of life because there are very remote chances of knowing or sensing it. Its complicating on one single account, that it lacks qualities to identify or recognize it. Mind can hunt down in conquest of anything with qualities and attributions or simply give up and go to sleep, but cannot comprehend the invisible and unidentifiable thorugh the senses. So the mind will put the bits and pieces of images it had visualized and imagined and created 'gods' with qualities and compromised itself of seeing and experiencing God.

The creator is known as nirguna (without qualities) in upanishads. But unfortunately whenever anyone try to describe or explain the creator, it is going to be limiting and defining. So upanishads do not indulge in the description of the inexplicable much, by talking about what is NOT god. Still the repertoire of ancient texts have always contained certain genre of elucidation and subtler pages of illustrations.

Disciple : whatever knowable by the
mind is NOT creator or God?
Master : No ! Whatever knowable by mind
through the SENSES is not God !
Disciple : So who will know the God finally ?
Master : Your mind only !
Disciple : The mind when turned inward
away from senses and face the consciousness
directly is when it would know God ?
Master : You just hit the jackpot

Everything known through senses is limited
with qualities ! Only thing knowable by mind
without senses is unlimited without any qualities !

Till the consciousness is experienced without
forms and names and without any quality,
the world with all the qualities will remain
as a challenge to encounter every moment.

"When you are happy
and comfortable with yourself,
without a supporting reason
and with all existing challenges,
then you are probably blissful"


Which ever sentence has 'because' cannot be eternally true, for the simple reason that the 'because' will change in time. You would say " I like to drive in this road because of less traffic" But this statement with 'because' may appear real only at that point, within a year that road can be full of traffic and you would have changed your statement quietly already. You can say " I like this person because he is so good to me " but within few months you withdraw the statement, when you found him not only stopped being good but also appear nasty to you. All your judgements, decisions, perspectives, ideas and opinions etc are based on various causes. Similarly all your experiences of sorrow and happiness, excitement and depression have a cause. According to the cause, you experience your life in this world.

Disciple : How can I experience bliss ?
Master : Simple ! Devalue all the causes in your life?
Disciple : How do I devalue?
Master : You never asked when you started giving value !
Disciple : Yes, it happened naturally !
Master : You saw everyone doing it, you just followed !
Disciple : What should I do now ?
Master : Firstly, devalue mentally the causes
happiness and sorrow in your life !
Disciple : OK sounds easier than done !
Should i buy a one way ticket out of my hometown?
Master : You remain where you are, keep everything and everyone
wherever they are, but just simply withdraw the value you had given !

Blissfulness is not exactly a state of mind, in fact its beyond all the states of mind. Mind functions by logic and the logic is built on cause and effect principle. By nature you are full of bliss, but the happenings in the world around you 'causes' the bliss degrade into varying degrees of happiness or sorrow. A weekend of no work and lots of sleep can cause someone to be happy or the loss of the job can cause sorrow to someone else. Both are logical and happens in the mind as emotions. The bliss is inherently natural in you, but is distorted in so many ways, as you go about this world, experiencing many good and bad events. The experiences of the world churn out a hub of emotions in your mind and get your focus totally fixed to it. Trapped and trampled by your mind, bliss has become a far cry and a distant dream now.

Disciple : Even mules don't have emotions !
Master : Yes ! they don't have the mind too !
Disciple : Does it mean they are in bliss?
Master : Not just mules, everything in creation is in bliss !
Disciple : Whats the difference then?
Master : Mules don't know they are in bliss,
but you know you can be in bliss
and that makes all the difference.
Disciple : Why I'm not knowing the bliss ?
Master : Because you are busy experiencing
happiness and sorrow caused
by this world presently !

The mind alone can experience bliss, but somewhere it caused the bliss to disintegrate in to emotions and got hooked on to them. Its like buying a sports car and using it to the grocery stores, down the street, during weekends. Like having a computer and use it like a calculator. Plants and animals cannot experience the bliss because they do not have a fully evolved mind. The fact that your mind can experience good and bad, success and failure is the evidence that the same mind is also capable of experiencing the bliss. The mule functions by simple impulsions and not by the emotions and because the mind is missing, they cannot 'know' or 'experience' the bliss.

Disciple : What are the indications of a man in bliss ?
Master : Let me start with indications,
which are NOT the signs a of man in bliss.
he is NOT seen sitting and prattling meaningless words,
he is NOT drifting around without clothes,
he is NOT always grinning and chuckling
he is NOT muttering some god's name endlessly,
he is NOT watching ants biting his body,
he is NOT blessing every one passing by,
he is NOT performing miracles or magic,
he is NOT giving free ideas to everyone even unasked,
he is NOT claiming to be the savior of this world,
he is NOT promising heaven or liberation,
he is NOT always walking on the wooden sandals,
he is NOT always seen in the ochre robes...etc,
Disciple : I got it ! That's clear, kindly tell
some signs of a man in bliss?
Master : Silence and clarity !
Disciple: What does it mean ?
Master : He is clear even if he tripped and fell.
He is silent even when he is seen shouting !
He goes through every moment fully,
good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant,
right and wrong, without a fear or regret, with total absence
of his own emotions, still aware of other's emotions and feelings.
Disciple : How does that result in bliss?
Master : His mind has shifted itself from emoting
and has returned to its source.
Disciple : What remains in him, if emotions are lost ?
Master : Awareness of the Self and the world !
Disciple : Has he become perfect?
Master : No, he has become complete, by himself!
The causation has come to an end in him.

Unlike the pedestrian belief, bliss need not turn a sober man in to a madman, who has totally lost control over his senses and action, or a famous godman who has 'taken special birth' to save the sufferings of entire humanity! The blissfulness happens only when there is fulfillment. A sense of fulness within. The silence and clarity are the by products of bliss.

Disciple : How do I get this bliss ?
Master : You need not get it, you have it already !
Disciple : When do i start experiencing it?
Master : Whenever you have stopped experiencing the emotions !

The life of the man in bliss is as ordinary as any man inside a public transport during the rush hour. He is equally subjected to the disparages and desperations of this world. He gets wet when it rains and can sweat when the sun is hot. He might have to know how to bargain during shopping or drive a car in the dark, or fly at will and levitate while meditating. But he has just come of a full circle in his life. He has completed the seeming journey, started from nowhere and might end nowhere. The whirlpool of life continue to swirl him around, but he just remains clear and silent even as he swirls along with the whirlpool.

Disciple : What does this man of bliss do, if he did not get bliss ?
Master : He does not care to know what he would be doing !
Disciple : So without care if one goes beyond the
emotional mind, what does he get?
Master : Pure Bliss !
Disciple : If he get stuck up only in the emotional mind,
what does he get?
Master : Pure Blister !

" When brilliance of the day and
elegance of the night meet each
other there is no fireworks of
love and passion, no flowers
showering, no dancing, no
shouting, nothing but only
Pure Silence..."
(holy rendezvous)
The meeting point of day and night or night and day are the most auspicious in the vedic traditions. Because there are are moments, which are neither of the day nor of the night which can be cognized only at that time. The day and night belong to the world of relative existence and the 'in between' belong to absolute truth or God. While the Sunshine's, in the day time, you are plagued with the challenges of the day, many of those challenges don't even seem to have an solution. But the mind set adapts to the day time conditions and can create a lot of excitement or terror. People who are challenged in the day time will find comfort in the darkness and the reverse of it also is true.

Mostly the day time troubles are relationships and performance oriented, which can spill over to the night time too. The night time challenges are mostly one's own self. Left alone in darkness,
one has to find refuge in ones own self, without much support from outside. Tossing up and down in the bed, one has to wait with that squirming discomfort, for the dawn of the day !

Disciple : So does it mean that the world is challenging both in the day and night?
Master : Need not be !
Disciple : Why they appear that way ?
Master : You are seeing it that way !
Disciple : Why do I see it that way ?
Master : Exactly, that's my question too!

The day and night have their own unique challenging situations. Wife may dread the night time because husband might return home in the night totally drunk, who is otherwise sober in the day time. Children might hate the day time because of the homework and exams at the school on any passing day. The boss may await the night time, so that he can unwind himself with all his exasperating day time office work, to retire and catch a good night sleep. Night and Day offer
various experiences of good and bad, success and failure. But both ways the attention is on the world and the way you relate to the world.

Disciple : How is the meeting point of day and night is sacred?
Master : Because both day and night are very feeble that time !
Disciple : How does that help ?
Master : something beyond day and night

can be experienced only at that time !

The experiences of day and night is at its lowest during the sacred rendezvous of light and darkness. Like between two big thick clouds of rain, lightening and thunder, you would have seen the empty sky shining beyond the clouds. Between the end of one cloud and beginning of another cloud the empty sky can be seen. Similarly, between the end of night and beginning of the day, the Truth shines beyond both. Meditation during this time is more effective because the influences of the day and the night are at its minimum best. Contrary to the popular belief, that day and night never meet, actually the night handover the action to day and day to the night again. They meet every 12 hours, shake hands and exchange duty. This meeting time is felt by many people in many ways.

The poet would see in it the beauty of the creation, the rhetoric see the dalliances between them, the motivator see rising of the sun, as a sign of positive beginnings and end of the negative darkness. The twilight zone always appealed to different people differently, but for someone in quest of truth, the day and night does not matter much, but what is in between them, hidden beneath both, matters a lot. The best meeting point happens during the break of dawn, especially when you have slept well during the night. To be awake before the break of dawn and wait for the first rays of sun to embrace the night skies, in itself can be a meditative experience. Simply present at the moment of the meeting, without trying anything, without making efforts, but sitting in awareness can purify one's self a lot more than any other point of time in a day.

Meditation during the gap between night and day, as the day begins, you would have equipped yourself much better to face the onslaught of day light experiences and similarly meditation during the dusk, help you to face the nocturnal challenges. Many times, people miss the sacred moments of meeting and they would be busy anticipating the ensuing troubles of the day or night. Many of them get depressed at the meeting point and miss the wonderful opportunity to rise above both the night and day experiences.

There are seven sandhyas in 24 hours
1. between late night and early morning
2. between early morning and fore noon
3. between forenoon and noon
4. between noon and afternoon
5. between afternoon to late evenings
6. between late evening to early night
7. early night to late night

They all have the meeting points. But out of them all, the dawn is considered the most auspicious and most sacred time, till today ! During the exact moments of the darkness and light meeting and parting, if you can sit quietly and observe, you will be surprised to see, you are becoming independent of the day and night experiences.

Disciple : Why the day and night experiences must be ignored ?
Master : to see the Truth in between them !
Disciple : What happens if I see the Truth
Master : You can handle the light and darkness more easily !

" The last thing you
can renounce is YOU "


The consciousness is of two types. Dynamic and Still. It is always functioning simultaneously in both ways. The tangible universe is made up of the dynamic part of consciousness. All the gods, galaxies, planets, people, and the pulsating life belong to the functional consciousness. The consciousness is also non-dynamic and very silent. In your house you would have noticed that there is some corner in one of the rooms, some kind of silence always prevails. The rest of the rooms are full of noise and movement with people. But the quiet corner remains somewhat pure and sacred to you. Consciousness also used only one fourth of itself to create this world. The remaining three fourth portion is potential but not used for any creation.

Its like you scribble in the corner of a brand new clean sheet of paper. Just a corner is used and the rest of the paper remains clean. The unscribbled portion is the formless God, the true Self, pure Consciousness, etc. You are like that sheet of paper, some scribbles and lots of plain sheet. The small little world of anger, depression, happiness, fears, pride, beliefs, notions, ideas, desires, dreams, choices, likes, dislikes and the rest of them, all are the scribbles at the corner. But you also contain the silent and pure portion within you, besides the scribbles. Somehow the scribbles have gained such prominence, the beauty of the unwritten space in the sheet of paper seem to have been long forgotten.

Nivritti is a sort of an attitude, to be employed on the seat of meditation in order to comprehend the unscribbled part of your mind. Because the unscribbled part of your mind is actually the pure consciousness. Till you sit down you may be knowing many things and people, relating to many things and people, but during the course of meditation, no matter whatever technique you were applying till then, drop them all. Before the start of meditation you were identified with the dynamic consciousness, but once settled in to meditation, now stop dabbling with the dynamic and move to the silent consciousness. Nivritti excludes everything you can perceive by your senses, which includes your body and your mind too.

Disciple : You mean I should renounce my body too ?
Master : Precisely, Yes !
Disciple : How can I separate me from my body ?
Master : Need not be. Just consider that your body is NOT YOU !

Whenever you are free, sit down and chalk out a list of things in your present life, which you consider as YOURS. You will be surprised to see, your list is so small. Which means the number of things you have to exclude are few only. Pick out the list and read one after the other, then apply Nivritti to each item. In the sense, you consider the particular item in the list as NOT yours. Next go to the second level(advanced level ?) of the same exercise. List out the items which you consider as part of YOU. It would be a short list too. Body(hands, legs and head etc), mind(emotions, feelings, thoughts etc), makes up YOU.

Disciple : Why should I list out like this ?
Master : So that you know well whats what !
Disciple : What i should do after i complete the list of things?
Master : Drop the list !

The items that belonged to YOU, the items that has been included in you as YOU, are the pointers to be dropped as unwanted, which includes the idea of listing too. Renouncing is never to be misunderstood as ignoring or forgetting. You can never forget many things in life. But you can be dissociated to them. You can dis identify with them. Just like the lamp post on the road, you may see but you don't associate. You just walk by. Have you ever tried to forget or remember a lamp post in your life?

Disciple : You mean I should just dis
identify with my body and thoughts?
Master : Exactly !
Disciple : How can I do that ?
Master : By saying to yourself that
this body and the mind is not YOU !
Disciple : What would happen then?
Master : The sky may NEVER shower
flowers on you, but you would have
tasted the stillness of Consciousness within !

To experience the dynamic Consciousness in the body and mind and in the world is one thing, but to get absorbed in the silence of the pure Consciousness is quite another thing. The absorption is pure and a sacred experience. The feeling of NOTHING is in fact beats everything as an experience.

Disciple : But who feels the nothing ?
Master : Excellent question ! Your mind only !
Disciple : But if mind was dropped as not me,
then how can it experience anything?
Master: Mind is not dropped, but only
its identifying feature is disabled !
Disciple : So what does the mind
experience after disabling ?
Master : NO THING !

If the experience of 'Nothing' happened during the meditation even for a few minutes, it would refresh your dynamic consciousness for better function and living. Nivritti and Pravritti should always go hand in hand ! Even if they appear contradicting, they only supplement each other. To apply only one of them, can make your meditation incomplete. As much you apply Nivritti during your sleep unknowingly, as much as you apply Pravritti in your waking up from sleep unknowingly, they should be applied in your meditation knowingly as well. Because your life is simultaneously All Inclusive and also All Exclusive !