More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When you have desire to own the incredibly big universe,
you come closest to God and desiring small things around
you then you go away from God "


The Best part is that you need not even tell anyone that you have such a desire. Nor you need to feel guilty for such a desire, wanting to own the entire universe. In fact Pravritti is a method in the Hindu Scriptures, which tells that you are already the owner and the esteemed governor of this universe. There is no need to try and then want to have such a desire, but already you are that. Interestingly, you need not even step out of your home, in order to feel that you are the governor of this universe, but in the same sleepy posture, while sitting on the dining table, in the m0rning, you can feel perfectly like the governor of the world. If it is just about feeling like the governor of this world, then you need not go around the w0rld in 60 days to prove that you are indeed the governor.

It is just a little more than imagination. You need not imagine that you are the Big Boss, but have an attitude that everything is happening within 'your' universe. The imagination is quite different from having an attitude. Vritti means thought, pravritti means 'all inclusive' thoughts. When you step outside your home, tell yourself that everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch, all belong to you. The speeding cars, people traveling in public transport, people walking down the pavements, the vendors, just about anybody hanging around within your vicinity is JUST YOU.

Disciple: But How can I think of others as mine?
Master : Just the way you think that they are not yours !

Is that not correct?, you always make an effort to think that they are NOT yours. But because of habit and good practice, it appears easy to you. Before you reach your car in the lot, you reject so many cars as NOT yours. Before you reach home, you reject so many homes as NOT yours. Before you reach to your small little family members, you reject so many people as NOT yours. If that is possible for you, to reverse it, to think that they are YOURS, may not consume much time.

Disciple : But its just the thinking.
Whats the proof that they are all mine?
Master : What the proof that what you
think yours is actually yours?
Disciple: You better explain, before i go crazy !
Master : When you are not at home,
you may not even think of home.
Then your home is not yours.
Disciple: True ! I'm not always thinking of my home !
Master : Your home is your home,
only when you remember it !
Disciple : But when I'm at home,
i don't have to think that it is MY home !
But still it is MY home?
Master : Brilliant ! Even the cockroaches in
your same house think similarly !

Whatever you think as YOURS need not be only yours but many others may be thinking the same. If you are considering a house, which is owned by a few mouses, cockroaches, ants, cats, many house flies and birds, as YOURS, then you can apply the same everywhere.

Disciple : But can I go around tell people that
I am the governor of this world ?
Master : Need not be !
Disciple : Why not ?
Master : You don't go around tell everyone
that you own the house,
which you think you own now. You don't tell
everyone what you own now !
Disciple : True ! So what should I do now?
Master : Nothing exactly, except thinking
that everything in this world is yours !

Just the thought, but it does miracles to you. Firstly you would loose fear for everything. Because everything and everybody is yours, there is no one against you or other than you. Secondly, you would find yourself 'at home' anywhere you go and with anyone you spend time. Thirdly, your desire to possess and own things in life don't come to you, because they are already yours. This 'All inclusiveness' is a very effective method of applying spirituality in life. What begin as a thought, slowly become an attitude, then it turns out, you realize ' YOU ARE actually THAT '. This is the greatest wisdom ever possible to a human mind. Your life is lived with all the sorrow and happiness, thrills and spills, births and deaths all around you all the time, some come and some go, but you remain steady, knowing well that EVERYTHING is just YOU and its all happening in YOU.

Disciple : Will I not be demotivated?
Will i ever be aspired to do anything?
If i think everything is mine?
Master : Precisely ! That's the idea.
Your motivation and aspirations are required
only when you are penniless and a nobody.
Then your life is a battle of the bankrupt,
so the aspirations and ambitions are a must.
Disciple : will I get whatever I want in my life
if i practice this way of Inclusiveness?
Master : If you really practice, then you would
not be even bothered to get anything.
Because you will realize they are already YOURS !

" Logic is the twin edged sword.
It can take you close to God
or far away from God as well "
Unless you drop ego, you cannot know your true Self. Unless you know your true Self, the ego can never be dropped. Read it again, it is a puzzling statement, contradicting itself. But both the ideas in that statement appears right. Thanks to logic, it can time and time again expose the fleeting nature of the mind. Strange are the ways the mind seem to work. What appears so good and sweet to you once, the same thing would appear so bitter and burning somewhere inside, later on ! Logic is like a rubber band, you can pull it in any direction, to your advantage and perhaps to other's disadvantage too. It is the best benediction and the greatest curse as well.

Disciple : Logically speaking, how long
it would take for me to get enlightened?
Master : Logically speaking, you may never get enlightened !
Disciple : why ?
Master : Unless you dropped the logic,
there is no chance of any enlightenment !

Because logic works on perceptions. The Truth is beyond the perceptions of the mind. That's why you cannot ride on the logic to the land of eternal Truth. Many universities
around the world do not encourage students and visitors to drive around in their campus. You have to park your car at the entry, walk around the campus, may be a simple bicycle will do. somewhat similarly, you may use your vehicle called logic to analyze, question, observe, understand, discriminate, debate, but at the end of it all, park the logic wagon at the appropriate place and take a walk.

The most logical people are the best suitable to find the Truth. But almost always they are adamant to enter into the space of the consciousness without logic. Such people, use logic even if god appeared in front of them, check the various qualities of the god logically, to know it is god.
When you get closer to Truth, you cannot cross check your own ideas about the Truth, because god or the truth can be totally different from what you had understood through your logical mind.

Disciple : I am disappointed !
Master ; why so ?
Disciple : I never could see the divine light
which i wanted to, in my meditation !
Master : Instead what happened?
Disciple : It was dark and totally silent, i could not remain there !
Master : My dear, what you saw, the darkness
and what you experienced, the silence are nothing but Truth itself.
Disciple : Then why the truth was not visible to me?
Master : Truth is always visible, you refuse to see !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : You go with the idea of god as light,
but god may appear as darkness !
then you miss it !
Disciple : So what should I do ?
Master : Enter meditation without any idea or a notion.
Logic should be dumped right at the start.
Then whatever you may bump into is the Truth.

While logic can give you the preliminary ideas about how to seek the truth, it is incapable of taking you beyond certain distance. You can plan your place of meditation, time of meditation, the methods and techniques of meditation, suitable to a particular occasion, based on logic, but once you began your meditation, it is necessary that you stopped following the logical steps and just simply BE. Only your body, breath, mind and intellect can respond to logic, but anything beyond your intellect, the logic will fail miserably. Logic here includes, the religion you follow,
the scriptures you study, the techniques you learnt, the beliefs you carry, the ambitions you possess, the goal of spiritual life which you have imagined etc.

Disciple : After knowing and experiencing
the Truth, what should I do ?
Master : Eat when you are hungry,
sleep when you are sleepy,
work when you have to work!
Disciple : Is it not logical living?
Master : Sure ! But you will be the master
of your logical mind, unlike now!
Disciple : So logic will continue to exist ?
Master : Yes every time you step out, you
have to use the car you parked in the garage !
Disciple : I got it !
Master : Yes when you drop it(logic),
you get 'IT' (god) then hold IT (god) tight
and later pick it (logic) up from where you dropped.

God is neither logical nor illogical. Some people make the mistake of doing illogical things in the name of dropping the logic. Both ways it is an obstacle. You should follow logic till some distance,
later leave it aside and sit quietly in meditation. To ridicule the many techniques and methodologies as logic and ignore them can create disruption on the seat of meditation.
Choose a religion, the scripture, the guru, the mantras, the mudras, the suitable method, follow them implicitly, but when you have gone deeper with the all their help, you can simply dissociate from everything. It is not going against them but just being independent of them. When your meditation is over you can always go back to them and associate with them like before.
"The stupendous creation
spread in front you is
the greatest inference
about its creator behind"

You can console yourself, if you have not yet seen God or Consciousness and need not loose heart. Because, God or Consciousness can never be seen or heard directly. Sure enough, you can see the presence of the God hidden in this universe, by this inferential knowledge. Like the chair you are sitting, you have always seen and felt that chair to the point of developing a intimate relationship with it. But what you have probably not always seen or thought about, is the carpenter who created your chair. The chair has assumed prominence, that you have lost track of its maker. Anything created must have a creator. This is the basic understanding. We agree to the fact that this universe has been created, if so, then there must be a creator involved in the creation of this universe. The Hindu spiritual litterateurs call it as 'Inferential Knowledge'.

If you get the fragrance of a flower, with your eyes closed, still you can do a bit of a guess work that the flower is somewhere near to you. You can visualize and taste the hot cup of coffee, even as it is being made, from its aroma wafting from the kitchen. The Upanishads(classical Hindu spiritual text) give an example of seeing smoke at a distance, to know that there is a fire beneath it. Smoke cannot be created without fire. The fire may be hidden deep inside the wood which is on fire, but just seeing the smoke, without seeing the fire, you can arrive to the doubt less conclusion, that the wood is on fire. The smoke is this world and the unseen fire is God.
Both literally and figuratively. Because just like the smoke, the world and all the happenings in it also are very volatile and one can never tell how eternal this world and your experiences in this world to be.

Disciple : Seeing the smoke is fair enough,
that i have seen the fire too ?
Master : Not at all !
Disciple : Then what do i come to know by seeing the smoke?
Master: That there is something called fire !
Disciple : How does it help ?
Master : You will not have any doubts about the existence of fire !

Anumana does not make you jump into the domain of God, like how you may jump into a swimming pool and get wet immediately. But certainly it gives you the assurance about existence of God, as the creator behind this whole creation. It helps you to wipe out any doubts with regard to the presence of God, though not experienced directly. Here the Anumana should be understood as 'God assumed through certain solid testimony'. It is almost seeing God but not exactly. Anumana is not about the smoke but about the fire. The inferential knowledge, deals with the goal and not the path. The smoke is only an standardized analogy, to have this inferential experience of Consciousness(God, Truth) . When you see the rays of the sun, at the break of the dawn, you are also seeing the sun ahead of it its visibility. You may not see the sun directly but indirectly. Seeing the hidden presence indirectly is a great progress for a seeker on the spiritual path.

Disciple : What is the benefit of this indirect
knowledge of the Truth ?
Master : That's an strong evidence that you have come
close to your destination !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Following the smoke seen from distance,
you can reach the fire for sure !

When you see some one with a sad face, you can assume that the
person must have had a sad experience and you might resort to console
the person, even without knowing, what was that sad event.
Children get a better pocket money, when they approach
the parents ' in good mood '. The children are always clever,
they wait and watch for the right moment. They don't care
what induced the happy mood in their parents, but what is important
to them is to grab as much possible in the name of pocket money or
get permission to go for the late night movie or the pajama party.
We are inferring many things in life all the time.
Just watching the body language of a person we can infer to a
great extent, if the person is happy or not so happy, disturbed or relaxed.
If that is possible, try out next time, to infer what is behind a person which is constantly supporting the life in that person, his various moods, spoken words, expressed emotions,
style of thinking, etc.

When you are in conversation with someone, watch carefully that the person seem to be speaking what comes to his mind. But what comes to his mind is utterly not in his control.
Why the thoughts you get the way you get, from where you get all those thoughts you get, where do they eventually go and disappear, is always a mystery. When someone speaks to you, you should use the words spoken and try to trace the train of thoughts behind it. Do not stop there but explore more, try to go to the source of the person's thoughts. Suddenly you will find yourself overwhelmed with love, compassion and oneness with that person. Even if you watch a tree outside the window or a bird in the sky, try to see what is hidden beneath them. The unseen presence of the Consciousness, expressed in the movement of the leaves of the tree, in the flight of the bird in the sky.

The smoke can cover fire and hide the fire from your sight forever, the same smoke also can help you to reach very close to the fire. Both are possible. This world can hide the Truth under its enchanting exterior, meanwhile the same world can be an accurate medium to locate your long lost source, God or Consciousness in the form of categorical syllogism. As much the petrol in the car, despite hidden, is the driving force of a car, the consciousness is the driving force, in all living creatures you see around yourself, even if you don't see it. Start this way, it is not too far when you begin to know the source of the smoke to be your hidden Self. The source of you and the source of the whole universe as one and the same.

" You are like
one of the
zillion rays,
from the sun "

(individual being)
In fact, it should be read rather as 'incomplete being' than individual being. The individual is a splinter of the whole. Like the rays of the sun, all living beings come from a single source. Your existence is like one of those many, many rays of that single sun sparkling in the sky. In other words, if all the rays were put together, it becomes the sun. Its not exactly a insult or some unpardonable crime to be a jiva. Because, it is not only a human being is known as a jiva, but even a bull dog is a jiva too. The crawling ant, biting mosquito, singing bird, sleeping tree, smiling flower, all of them are the jiva too. But the bull dog does not know this fact, while only human beings can discuss about the perils and pleasures of being a jiva, over a cup of coffee or in a blog. That makes human beings very special and at the same time very stressful too. Because while the bull dog does not seem to have a responsibility of a 'jiva' , the human being is driven by this urge to find his source. The human Jiva constantly experiment and explore with life to find some kind of identity to himself, which can give him sense of completeness. Many times you will find a human jiva, being envious about animal jiva or a bird jiva. Because they eat, bark, fly, sleep and life appears very easy and are not forced to earn money and make a living some how.

But human jiva is special only because, he alone can be aware of the fact that he is a jiva and he alone is capable of knowing the missing link between him and his creator. Go tell a bull dog about the god, it might bark a bit and say "you just misspelt my name" . The animal jivas don't know and don't care about God or the importance of being spiritual. Just the eating bowl should be full and end of the day, bark and wag and entertain a few people known in and around the house, an occasional bath, finally enough space under the sofa to sleep in the night. Life just end there for the bull dog. Human jiva too wish a life like that, but human life is not that easy and rosy and life will always throw challenges at him, from unknown quarters. The greatest challenge for the human jiva is to figure out a meaningful purpose in life. Few human beings spend their whole lives, pondering on this purpose of life, without much success indeed. They try out many things such as marriage, family, children, sex, money, knowledge, work, service, wealth, food and none seem to give them that logical and meaningful purpose of their lives. Fewer actually come to know what is the actual purpose of life.

Disciple : What is the purpose of my life ?
Master : Knowing your source ! The True Self, within you !
Disciple : Should i relinquish whatever I gathered till now as useless ?
Master : What are they ?
Disciple : My job, family, children, bank balance, house,
friends, the car and not to forget my dog !
Master : Let them continue ! They help you !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Without them, your attention will go only there.
So keep them, use them to jump in to your source.

The ray of the sun need not have to give up itself to know its origin called sun. The ray can continue to sparkle and shine on the earth, while being aware of its source where it comes from. The ray need not retreat back on a bright sunshine day, blacking out just that part, in search of the sun. That sounds ridiculous, a bright sunlit day with just one single ray had gone on a holiday, in search of the sun. The human jiva need not give up absolutely anything in order to know this source within. Need not retreat back into the holy corner of a lonely monastery. The ray as it falls on earth and while illuminating the face of earth, it should also know from where it comes.

Disciple : What happens when I know my own source within ?
Master : Nothing much except that all your searching end !
Disciple : May i know, why is that ?
Master : Because you have found the ultimate of all that you can find !
Disciple : How does that help me !
Master : Nothing, but a lot of people will find help in you !

When human jiva find his source, he is no more a splinter but whole. He realizes that he is not just the ray of the sun but the sun itself, which means all the rays of the sun also himself only. This knowledge and experience is the greatest relief and rest, a human jiva can attain in his entire life time. When he ' rests ' himself this way from all the seeking and searching, he already attained liberation. The jiva has now become Jivan Mukta (liberated while living). No more an incomplete being but a total, wholesome being.

" God is the spectator
of his own spectacle
called this universe
and indeed is the
spectacular life in it too "

Saakshi Chaitanya
(witnessing consciousness)
God is usually not confined to the job of creating this universe with you and me in it, but we also want to think that he is happy belting out judgements of all kinds in our lives. We picture him as the puppeteer of this sound and light event called life. While all this can be true, a part of him does not seem to be interested in any of these. The creator created this stage called the world, made actors out of himself, produced and directed this wondrous play called life. Indeed, he chose to sit back and watch it too. God as Consciousness is both static and dynamic. Somewhat like the space we live in. The space immediate to the earth is buzz with quagmire of happenings, buying and selling spaces, creating and closing spaces, using and encroaching spaces, takeover and makeover spaces, researching and rebuilding spaces, skyscraping concrete monsters slicing into space, etc. But perhaps just about few hundred meters above, the same space is relatively quiet, except for an occasional airplane or some rain laden cloud criss cross now here and now there. But if you go still a few thousand meters higher, space seem to be deafeningly silent and seemingly untouched. It appears as though space is watching the earth from a much higher place, just as how the man made satellites monitor the surface of earth from greater heights.

The God or the creator is whole. There are many parts to this wholesome creator. A part created this universe, another part was used for creation, yet another part gave shapes and sizes to the creation. There was also a part of god which does not participate in this entire process of creation but simply sat and watched. This part is considered as the most purest and the most powerful form of creator, because there was no ripples of any kind in that part. Pure here does not mean ‘detergent and clinical purity’ but simply it is unruffled, just about anything that takes place in its own creation. Powerful because, it seem to carry the remote control for all that happens in the universe, seem to have designed the blueprint of this universe.

Even in you, not all the parts are always active. Did you notice? When you sleep your body is at rest but the breath is still functional. Mind is at rest (only then sleep happens) while the pulsation of nerves and veins and thumping of the heart is still active. When you are awake too, the body, breath and mind can be very active, but somewhere deeper inside, there is a great stillness present. That stillness is what is experienced at times as peace of mind or bliss. In vedic terms, it is the witnessing consciousness. The whole world is rushing mad from the time its awake till it goes back to sleep, just to experience this silently watching consciousness. Witnessing here is not prying or vying but simply being there. The upanishads give an example of the stage lights of a drama theatre. The lights remain there, before the actors came and enacted the drama, it remained there, while the drama was enacted, continue to remain there even after actors leave the stage. Silently witnessing, without participating actively or withdrawing forcibly, but illuminating whatever was enacted on the stage. People may come and go but it remains unmoved. Just like the sun that shines and illuminates the world everyday, without interfering in the happenings on the face of this earth, but enabling the life forms to love, hate, fight, harmonize, live or die.

This witnessing consciousness is present in you, watching and illuminating the drama of your own life. The various ideas, beliefs, conflicts, lies, truths, emotions, feelings and perceptions of your mind. The body's urges to copulate, survive, indulge and be immortal. Everything is being silently enabled and watched by this witnessing consciousness.

The idea of sitting quiet without movement in meditation is to trace back to the origin of this 'saakshi chaitanya' within you. It can be little difficult to trace this, while the body and mind is very active. Though it is inactive and simply witnessing life, it is not stagnant and zombie like. Because all the living beings in the universe draw support from it. It does not do anything by itself but everything draws, what is needed from it. Just as the food eaten does not nourish the body, but body draws life and energy from the food that is available inside for nourishment. The spiritual seeker needs to seek this, without just settling down only with fulfilling the needs of the body and mind.

Disciple : I'm afraid, whenever i get close to this silent stillness inside, why ?
Master : Because, you are used to your noisy mind !
Disciple : what are these noises of the mind ?
Master : Just your own ideas about your life !
Disciple : How come I'm comfortable with those noises?
Master : Because, they are your own creation. So you like them !
Disciple : Why I'm afraid and uncomfortable with the stillness beyond mind ?
Master : Because, the fear of losing your comfort zone, created in your mind !

The mind is always building walls of security and comfort. A man with communist thinking will feel threatened, while being in a capitalist country and vice verse. The man by default seem to be happy with his bunch of ideas and will look with contempt at anything that would shake that bunch of ideas a bit. The man also believes that spirituality is to learn certain techniques that would strengthen his ideas (comfort zone) and keep him alive inside. Any guru who would give assurance and conformity with a lot of holiness painted to those ideas, is admired and appreciated, for his ability to look into the mind and fulfill the needs of the disciple. But unfortunately, true spiritual seeking is to walk the uncharted, wild side, much beyond the predictable mind, where the consciousness shines in its original true glory.

Disciple : So you say, I have to pack up all my ideas and step in to the silent space?
Master : Yes, only that is moving ahead !
Disciple : will i permanently lose my comfort zone,

if i ever step in to the witnessing consciousness?
Master : Never, infact your comfort zone will expand to the maximum !
Disciple : What does that mean ?
Master : Now only few ideas and few people make you comfortable, experiencing the witnessing consciousness will make you comfortable with anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

Your comfort zone follows you, wherever you go.

The urge to seek the unknown, which is the witnessing consciousness is called as spirituality. To live in the world of known ideas and seek ways to strengthen them is only a matter of survival. Man is keen to sustain the small comfort zone, built with his small ideas and living inside that comfort zone seem like a sweet dream. Waking up from such a sweet dream and then to bulldoze one's own ideas and to walk into the wide,wide open space of NOTHINGNESS
needs courage and clarity. The clarity and courage does not happen to most, only because they dont know the treasures hidden in this apparent NOTHINGNESS of this witnessing consciousness. They dont know that losing their small little comfort zone is to gain the very essence of this entire creation. It is difficult to step outside, because its a matter of security, comfort and livelihood.

Disciple : Am i not supposed to feel safe and comfortable?
Master : A fish should not mistake a tank as the comfort zone !
Disciple : Then where should the fish belong ?
Master : To the wild and gushing river, eventually to the endless ocean !

Humanity choose to live in fish tanks. Unlike the real fish which is tanked without its permission, man likes to build his own tank and feel safe living there. He builds it with his beliefs, dreams, expectations, ideas and understandings and much more material. The wild river can be a threat to such a fish in the tank, the ignorance of the river can even induce a sense of bliss in the fish. But a fearless fish, unmindful of survival hassles, when decide to 'Let Go' in the river, from holding on to a piece of rock, the fish will go with the flow of the river only to merge in to the ocean that awaits at the end of its journey !

" The seeking is not great, but finding what is sought,
where the seeking come to an end is truly great"


If all the human beings can find one common, singular unifying trait embedded in and through all of them, then it must be 'seeking'. Every moment of life, everyone is seeking something. Seeking food for survival, seeking protection, care, love, attention, support, solution, recognition and seeking power, pleasure, position and money. There is a lot more seeking in this world than what is actually found. Be it the scientist of quantum mechanics, lost in seeking the behavioral patterns of molecules or a potential bride browsing for a suitable boy on the Internet, seeking is a continuous process. But most of the seeking happens only to find a known or common outcome. That's one reason why the seeking of the known never gives the expected satisfaction. That's where the craving for the inexplicable starts. The craving for more and more is not always a sign of greed.
It is a sign of the dissatisfied mind, not having a clue as to how this seeking mind will come to any possible halt. The seeking is not great but finding the right thing where seeking stops.

That way no one is greedy. They appear to be greedy, only because of the terrible urges of the mind, to find something as much and as swiftly possible, to stop this ever drifting mind from any further seeking and possibly find some peace. Greediness is not a bad idea, especially if that greediness is directed towards searching or seeking something, which will bring the end to all searching. That's where the mumukshu is a blessed seeker. He is seeking too, but in a direction where he might soon grow out of all seeking. No one can really describe the seeking by an mumukshu (sincere spiritual seeker) because what he seeks is never usually found in the mall or a market place, with a price tag and a brand name. He is seeking the unknown. Any attempt at describing the unknown can be actually making it known. That makes the seeking of the unknown a lot more difficult and mysterious.

People who are used to always seeking the known, give hands and heads and legs to the unknown and romanticize the whole idea of searching. Eventually, they would fail in finding the unknown. Because the seeking of the unknown is like groping in total darkness. No references possible. You need to have the courage to walk it alone into that directionless darkness. Most people have the courage to abandon the seeking of the known and begin their seeking of the unknown with the help of a fat spiritual literature or perhaps with a handful of techniques that can land them directly in to the hot spot of the unknown. Eventually they settle down with that book and forget the search further. They also do a lot of hopping and shopping , to hand pick an ideal god or a guru, who can deliver them, to the land of permanent bliss, without the huffing and puffing.

A sample of a authentic guru

Disciple : Please, will you hold my
hand till I reach the end ?
Master : Boy ! you got to go there alone.
Even two is a crowd there !
Disciple : I would not have come to you
and wasted my time, if you told me this before hand !
Master : I'm saying the same even now.
Stop holding on to me and move on !
Disciple : Then what for you are here?
Master : Just to tell you that !

That was the genuine spiritual master who is really interested in the end of the disciple's seeking. Despite earning the wrath of the disciple. Sometimes, the master can succumb to the loving and ignorant demands of a disciple and choose to play god and give disciple the feeling of having reached the hot spot already ! But the truth is you don't need a master to reach the unknown, but you only need a master to tell you that !

A sample of a promising guru

Disciple : I want to know the Truth !
Master : You have come to me,
now no more searching !
Disciple : Yes ! I know, I'm so
fortunate that my search is over !
Master : Indeed. Why fear when I'm here?
Disciple : Thanks to god for sending
a master like you, my journey is complete!
Master : Indeed, now relax,
I will take care of everything

Such masters who can play god, always hit the top of the popularity chart among the seekers, by promising to play the proxy and assure instant moksha. It is the seeker's inherent wish to have someone, who can make such complicating things easier to him. Apparently
even the seeker seem to feel the end to all his search, upon reaching such a guru and his ever growing organization. But not for long, when the seeker begin to feel the 'missing' factor somewhere deep inside, it can be somewhat late.

It is a fantasy always for the seeker to make even the unknown to be a known. That's why he invented so many gods
and temples and conveniently have forgotten the fact that what he really searched for is beyond his own inventions. Its only because, the seeker is lazy and suffer from fears of loneliness during the search. He wants everything on the platter. Some ' loving ' guru, who can spoon feed the karma cola, who can sing an alluring lullaby to numb the senses, always appeals to the childish heart and catches the fancy of the ignoramus head.

The places of worship, the sacred sounds, the million soul searching techniques, the endless volumes of spiritual literature, the most promising gurus, mushrooming organizations are all here, only to show you the way for your seeking. No body can do it on your behalf. No body can deliver it at your door step. But if anyone promised the enlightenment, then recognize him to be the 'divine' obstacle and get ready to go beyond him and his organization. Having found the unknown, all the seeking end and everything in this world may await you, even without your seeking them.
Ever wondered why you seem to think the way you think, especially when your parents think differently? What happened to the genetically inherited characteristics which should ideally make everyone down the generations, at least those who living under the same roof along with you, think, talk, behave similarly. But it appears that, its not just the cluster of neurons that reside somewhere inside your brains or those naughty chromosomes, decide your behaviour. But something quite different from all those physiological factors.

Vedanta suggests, that when you were born, only your body is new and the mind is much older. You happened to smuggle your mind in to this present life from the previous. Its like when you shift out of a town, on the job, pack your belongings and push off to the new destination. Upon reaching the new destination, you would unpack the same bundle of your old tv, razor set, the china in the kitchen shelf and continue your life like a new kid from the old bloc. Like you walk in to a mall, into a clothes shop, zip out your old jeans and the T, for a crisp new ones and walk out. The clothes would have changed on the surface but the body remain the same old, no matter any amount of shopping in any number of malls.

You may find your father and mother quite amusing many times because they have always managed to live together in some kind of compromised harmony. Because they are total strangers, even after 50 years of living together. As you grow up in life, you come to know that even you are quite different from both of them, when it comes to the style of thinking. It is ought to be like that, for the simple reason that you are functioning from the tendencies you gathered for many many lives, previous to this present life. This psychological predispositions are known as tendencies. Imagine a lamp post down the country road, standing there from time immemorial, gathered year after year, plenty of dust and rust, witnessing peoples and animals and all those noisy automobiles passing by, then it is easy to understand your mind. Your mind remained gathering dust(vasanas) while you changed bodies, life after life, like you change your hand towels.

Vasana in Sanskrit means 'the smelly and sticky impressions' which your mind has accumulated for several lives, without a break. You feel something is familiar or some place is known before many times. This familiarity with life comes from the vasanas. Impressions, habits are byproducts of this vasanas and in turn these habits and impressions also trigger the tendencies. Like the pavlov's drooling dogs, which always salivated every time they heard the bell Pavlov rang. Your mind also think in certain manner as it had been used to, in the 'distant' past (many past lives).

The reason why children in the same school and same age, in the same class room, under the same teacher, coming from similar social and economical background, behave in so many different ways, tells that they all seem to carry the impressions from the past and they just resumed in this life from where they left off earlier. So thirty year old greedy father can give birth to a totally dispassionate child and vice verse. Son of a cop can steal and daughter of a teacher can be a junior college dropout, a poor ordinary clerk can have a prodigy child, who can steal the lime light in the world arena.

Vasanas are not always bad, as many people think. There are also good vasanas. Righteousness, discipline, truthfulness, honesty and helpful are some of those good vasanas. The present life too rubs off a lot of impressions in your mind, which you might carry forward into the next life. At this moment, you are gathering some vasana. Watch out !

Disciple : So, is there really some problem with this vasanas in me?
Master : Yea sure !
Disciple : then what happens if i get out of all these vasanas ?
Master : Enlightenment !

Vasanas are the binding factors in your life. Imagine you are propelled to think and act in a way, which you have no control. That's called as bondage. The impressions, or tendencies, or vasanas quietly keep you in this cage of bondage, however good or bad they are.

Disciple : How do I come out of these vasanas?
Master : You don't have to come away. But they have to !

The vasanas need not be destroyed or smothered. But can be sublimated.
They can be exhausted. During meditation, among many other things, the exhaustion of vasanas happen too, only if you are aware of your vasanas. Next time observe a particular tendency in you which you seem to be entertaining helplessly. It could be fear of loneliness or excess desire for food, to name a few, are all vasanas. Don't fight with them but allow them get exhausted in your meditation.

Disciple : How do i identify my vasanas?
Master : Sit quietly in meditation and observe the urges that rise.
Disciple : Yes. I always do. They disturb my meditation !
Master : On the contrary, they are wanting to get exhausted !
Disciple : So what should i do when i get those disturbing thoughts?
Master : Watch them like bubbles in the water. Bursting one after other.

Like the bubbles come from the depths of water bodies, bursting on the surface, when you sit for meditation, these vasanas start rising and come to the surface. Instead of pushing them back inward, allow them to come to surface and let them burst in to oblivion. Your freedom is just a few hundred bursts away !

(deep sleep)
The only thing which you perhaps can never experience in all your life, though it happens to you almost on a daily basis. Its has occurred always to you, still you have no clue of it, you cannot describe it. You cannot do much about this deep sleep only because you do not exist when it happens to you. Nobody ever has experienced the deep sleep, even a awakened human being does not stay 'awake' during sleep to experience the deep sleep.

This elusive but very common phenomenon comes closest to the experience of eternal consciousness or god. When slept deeply not only you miss a good TV program or an amazing sunrise, but also this experience of the ultimate, which you seek endlessly while being awake.
Its a catch-22 situation because when you are awake it does not happen and when you slept you are not there to experience it. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The experience of the blissful self happens in your ignorant sleep, because the ego is 100 percent absent then.
The total absence of the ego during the deep sleep results in such an experience without the experiencer.

Deep sleep is considered sacred because the one who is sleeping deep is almost equal to that incredibly exalted status of a god. Just that this sleeping god does not know that he has risen to that status. So what should be done ? Nothing much, except go to sleep at least for a few hours really deep, dropping this entire world of all its conflicts and confusions. The much sought after stress busting, peace of mind, relaxation, drugs, alcohol and the unlimited therapies are just the various shades of attempts at experiencing this deep sleep. People who cant sleep deeply, usually try out many other ways to get close to it. Ask a natural deepsleeper, he would not want to go anywhere for relaxing or stress busting. He would never be addicted to anything that would give him happiness or relaxation.

When slept full and deep and while waking up and coming out of it, if you watched yourself, there is a certain calmness, which is yet to be goofed by the happenings around. Its almost like the experience of a just born clueless baby thrown into the world after the ten months of hibernation. Those few moments when your ego is not yet fully recovered itself, you are still close to your inherent divinity. Do not let those moments go waste. Sit still and remain quiet instead of jumping at your TV and start shuffling the channels. The experience of silence and fullness of the deep sleep spills over a bit into the waking world too, just after you got out of the sleep. Remain in that as long as you can and try to taste the left over flavor of the deep sleep as much and as long as you can.

That in itself become a meditative exercise for you without actually doing any meditation. The reason why pundits of meditation always glorify the early morning as the most appropriate time for meditation is for this reason. It need not be only in the early morning but anytime soon after you woke up from the deep sleep is good for such meditative moments. Well begun is half done and when you begin a day this way and managed to sustain the bliss wafted from the deep sleep, your day is already 50 percent successful in terms of handling stress and other challenges.

The experience of the deep sleep is indeed sacred, as the upanishads suggest, because if the same experience can happen to you while you are wide awake, while you are being tested and encountered by life around you, then you are undoubtedly an enlightened human being.
Bhagavad Gita, the hindu scripture, authored by Krishna makes a mention of this man who sleeps (remains undisturbed and blissful) to the whole wide world which is awake and throbbing (to all the conflicts of the world).

Disciple : So, can I go to deep sleep now ?
Master : You can never go to deep sleep !
Disciple : How come ?
Master : Sleep comes, you can never go to it.
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : Just allow it when it comes !

The more you try to sleep, the far it goes. Instead, stop trying everything and importantly stop planning your deep sleep. Just be. Sleep comes in gentler than the gentlest breeze and will embrace you under its blissful blanket. People feel guilty that sleep takes over when they meditate.
Least they know that meditation and sleep are identical in function that it is perfectly fine to slip into sleep while meditating.

Meditation works both ways, to clear the messy mind and prepare it for deep sleep and /or sustain the bliss of the deep sleep even after waking up. Give it a try !
(sacred sound)
Among the five senses, listening by the ears is the best means to know the Truth. The seeing through eyes can be so deceptive that 'seeing' the Truth is as difficult and rare as seeing an Indian elephant in the Siberian deserts. The feeling of the Truth through the mischievous skin can be deceptive too. Rarely one get the glimpse of Truth by smelling, considering the environmental disasters that spread the stink all around us. The sense of tasting is the worst of all, unless you ate a sandwich, for your sleepy breakfast, made of rotten cheese, which had expired the shelf life a good number of months ago. The five senses cannot drill much sense in to you, except the hearing which can perhaps touch you somewhat deeper. This is where the mantras assume importance.

The best meditation happened and the best wisdom occurred only after listening to some really thought provoking words. In fact, the wisdom of the past masters are available only as words and all that the world could savor are just words that have potentially now become sacred as scriptures, in all the religions. Be it the coach who whispered a few vital words at the crucial time into the key player's ears or the dear friend uttered a few words of sweet nothings when you were in certain indescribable blues, they all have instant impact. Most people like to listen to music as they drive, because it keeps them inspired on the otherwise chocked and breathless swarming traffic all around. Just a single word of meaningless prattle from your child can lift your spirits when you come back home after all the stressful work, end of the day.

The sounds can have negative impact too. What you 'heard' about you can make you sleepless for days together. What you listen can shape your thinking always. While the sounds may have pleasant or painful influences, Mantra is a sound that lifts you above both extremes. It can give you at least a vague hint of what Truth is actually like.

Disciple : What do i gain from reciting a mantra?
Master : In fact you loose a lot. No gains !
Disciple : What do i loose?
Master : The unwanted thoughts in your mind.
Disciple : But Mantras are also just sounds?
Master : Yes, the only sounds which can make you silent.

Mantras are a combination of vowels and consonants that trigger silence from within. Especially when they are recited with a particular intonation. The vedic mantras have that charm in them to appeal to a noisy mind and put it to rest. It need not become an obsession to constantly hum some mantra helplessly, but when you realize that you need to tone down a bit within, recite a mantra clearly and repeat a few times without counting, till you feel good about yourself.

There are two ways to deal with mantras.
1. listen to them as someone else reciting
2. recite them yourself.

Listening to others reciting helps but the best result comes when you recite them yourself. Most people don't recite because of making mistakes and as a result, displeasing the gods. But gods are quite busy with the other serious issues in this world like tsunami and global warming and cannot punish your silly mistakes. In fact, except you, there are no gods listening to any of your recitation. Chanting competitions and trophies for the best chanting exponent is all a human endeavor. When you chant a mantra, forget about gods but ideally you should listen and be focused in them, be lost in them. As a result, you will become silent at the end of recitation and only in that silence you can ever meet or reach the god(Consciousness). While other noises take you away, mantras take you closer to god.

Disciple : Will gods hear my mantras ?
Master : Definitely not. They don't know your mantras !
Disciple : Then why should i recite?
Master : So that you can listen and attune yourself to the gods.

The sad fact is that the mantras you recite to make gods happy are not known t0 gods themselves, because they never recite them. None of the gods know any mantra. They don't need mantras. So no worries, next time you just rattle a few mantras unabashed and then you will find them taking some harmonious shape soon.

Its not only for reaching god or knowing the truth one should recite mantras but there are lot more to the mantras than what you can think of. They work like speech therapy and give a depth to your voice and meaning to what you speak. Regular practice of recitation can bring focus at your workplace. It can create a very peaceful atmoshpere around you and about you. When practiced with right intonation, pace and depth, you can add bit of a shine to your communication skills.

The secret is, chant mantras in the privacy of your personal space, loud and clear, then step out to face the world, carrying the fragrance of silence everywhere you go. In all probabilities you will begin to see, smell, taste and feel the presence of god everywhere.

"Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious" said sigmund freud. He should be right because dreams just express what is in the unconscious. In the realm of clinical psycho analysis, a dream is a blurb that erupt due to the encounter between sub-conscious and conscious states of mind. In other simpler words, dreams are those weird creations of your mind when you either slept half hearted or still trying to sleep. In any case, they happen when you have not slept really deep. They are not always weird, sometimes they can be comical and even some people offer dream solutions to the life time problems of the waking world right on your bed, while being tucked under the quilt. Dreams are a combination of undigested conscious experiences and the already stored impressions in your subconscious mind. They together churn out fresh new images on your mind screen for you to enjoy or suffer.

Somehow the psychoanalytical explanations of dream can be accepted and sometimes even understood. But when it comes to spiritual understanding of dreams, it can get little more toughly. The dreams that occurs when the REM is truly rapid can be forgotten soon after a hot cuppa of coffee. But the spiritual slumber takes a lot more than a cuppa to wake up.

Disciple : I'm disturbed about what i see around me..
Master : Its because you are still dreaming !
Disciple : But my eyes are opened and I'm awake !
Master : Yes ! this is called as some kind of day dreaming.
Disciple : How do i know what i see and experience is just a dream?
Master : When you understand, that the waking dreams are as temporary as the sleeping dreams.

The Upanishads tell that our everyday experiences are also dreams only. Perhaps more solid and more concrete, but still only a dream. Long and seemingly lasting for years but still temporary only. The world and the experiences are only a dream because you are just imposing your own perceptions and propensities. To the extent, even the bondage and freedom is just a dream and in reality they don't exist. Anything you see around is not exactly what is present there but just your perceptions.

A lonely winding road can create fear for someone and can bring nostalgic romance to someone else. The same lonely road can trigger spiritual contemplations for someone and get someone else to project the real estate value in the years to come. while the road remains the same, the perceptions change all the time. The perceptions are called as dreams. Just like being chased by dream fears of demons and snakes, the conscious world pose such fears and frustrations too. The spiritual litterateurs of India do not consider the conscious world very kindly. They refute the reality status of conscious experiences too. While help is just around for someone suffering from nightmares, from various quarters, the spiritually deprived dreamer is yet to get a good supporting system unless he looked for in the right resource like Upanishads.

The famous ancient story of a king who woke up one fine and contemplative morning and wondered, "Am the i the king who just dreamt of me as a beggar or Am i that beggar who just began to dream of me as a king?" can summarise this slumber concept more easily. That when you wake up, you just begin the thread of yet another fresh set of dreams. They may appear continuous, they may appear so real, but then hey, did you not sweat and screamed, when that single eyed monster chased you endlessly while you dreamt in your sleep?

All the experiences you go through in your dream like love, passion, lust, fear and hoards of other emotions do not die along with the dreams, but they continue even after you wake up. Only they find new situations and different characters to express. As long as you dream, the dream is so damn real. You know, that you never know, that it is a dream, as long as you are dreaming. So also you just don't know, that this waking world is just the continuation of the same dreams, with different space and time scale. While within two hours of sleep you could have very well dreamt of you as a small kiddo of 10 years old, growing up in to 30 years old. It is because the time scale used in the subconscious triggered dreams are amazingly different from open eyes dreaming of the conscious world.

When you wake up from the dream, the dream is over. Similarly, when you are awake, you are going through the apparently 'real' dreams which would end at the very moment you wake up the reality. That awakening in the spiritual world is called as a enlightenment. The true awakening is when the conscious world stopped posing a threat to your existence in the form of fear and anxiety. Jealousy, greed, passion, lust, anger and more, you just name it, all these emotions still keeps you dreaming and the dreams have denied you the chance to see life as it is. Only when you have seen life as it is, you are awakened, till then it is just sweet or sour dreaming...


The hidden force that command life in this universe. Nay, the universe is the very embodiment of it. Present everywhere, all the time, but gives a slip to your naked eyes. While Atman is individual consciousness, Brahman is the sum total of all the Atmans rolled into one undivided presence of consciousness. It permeates everything outside you and infact occupies the most deepest crux inside of you too. Brahman is not a concept but simply the reality itself. A concept is usually conceived by the mind, while Brahman is not a concoction of the learned mind. But then the pantheon of gods prevalent in all the religions are conceptualized by the human mind, perhaps the best concept man ever introduced. If not the god, atleast the rverence or hatred for a god is conceptualized. This is something special because god as a concept of mind comes very close to the reality called Brahman.

So ideally, of all the inventions of mind, god is the finest and the most subtlest of all. Surely most controversial too. Because the same god can be in a reverential pedestal and worshipped by millions of a particular religion and can be destroyed by another millions of a different religion as well. Brahman somehow is far beyond the conflicts of the human mind.

Disciple : Can I Comprehend the Brahman?
Master : Never !
Disciple : What should I do then ?
Master : You can simply connect to it !

Consciously not many try to comprehend or connect to Brahman, even if they know they are 'supposed' to, primarily because their transfixed lifestyle on the worldy happenings around them. The other set of people who want to badly comprehend Brahman try to run their world down the drains. They also consider mind as a culprit and try to get nasty with it. But untouched by all this, Brahman remain wherever it is, neither rewarding those who reach it, nor punishing those who cared less for it. One more surprising aspect of Brahman happens to be its attributions. They attribute it as 'beyond' any attribution, but the list of attributions is ever growing.

The seeker of Brahman is known as brahmin, even if he happened to live in the bushes of botswana. Same time, despite born in the brahmin caste, if seeking the Brahman is not happening, then he is no more a brahmin. Vedas decribe many ways to seek and connect to Brahman. It says connect firstly, to your own inner self (atman), which is just a frangmented piece of Brahman. Its like if you landed in honolulu airport and stepped outside, you have arrived in to hawaii. Just touch down in hawaii is as good as being in hawaii, even if you did not do the scuba diving there. If you touched a fragmented part of Brahman, which is the Atman present in you, then you have arrived at the ever expanding territory of Brahman.

If you want to connect to Brahman from inner resources, then touching the Atman inside you will suffice. If you want to reach Brahman from outer resources, then places like Himalayas and other acclaimed holy places may help. Brahman is least bothered about anyone connecting or disconnecting to it. It does not even know if someone had recently connected and became the exclusive member of the Brahman club. It does not have a list of people so far made it to its portals or does not provide any special discounts 0r facilities to the connected beings, unlike the many telecommunication service providers.

In fact, it does not even matter if one never made an attempt to connect to Brahman in his lifetime. The enjoying and suffering on earth is not decided by Brahman. The joy, sorrow, victory and failure, good and bad is all decided by people themselves and Brahman simply facilitates all of it by supplying enough space and time and energy to undergo the joy or suffering.

Disciple : Why god make me suffer like this ?
Master : Suffering is your call, God only is supporting your call
Disciple : By connecting to Brahman, will my sufferings in life end?
Master : sufferings may continue, but you may not suffer !

Connecting to Brahman, the life remains the same, people would remain the same, world continues to be the same. But what would change is your stand and perception, which does not allow you to suffer or enjoy life anymore. Connecting to Brahman is only to receive, that special support system, by which you became a conqueror of your own demoniac self
and experience fulfillment while living here and now in this very life.


More than a path, sanyas or the renunciation is an attitude. Sanyas in a common parlance is lot lesser in its scope than what actually it is. Certainly it is a lot more than just wishing to catch the next bus to the nameless monastery in the most peaceful environ, where people are unbelievably nice and loving to the point of ridiculous stupidity. This is one of the age old misconception plagued especially among those who find their present lifestyle disgustingly challenging. The word renunciation is usually wrapped in several coats of disguise and inexplicable notions.

Disciple: ( just arrived) Master, I renounced my
family, job and have come to you !
Master : Go back home, drop your family and
the job from your mind, and if still possible,
then come back here.

When the renunciation is understood as a path or a lifestyle, then the need to leave the family behind in lurch and abandoning the responsibilities seem to be more inevitable. But if understood in the right manner, sanyas does not push someone out of the mundane and volunteer into the isolation of an insular monastery.

Disciple : So what is renunciation?
Master : Giving up the notion that
you exist independent of your source !
Disciple : How is that done?
Master : By expanding the limited
you to your unlimited source !

In fact, in the renunciatory idea of sanyas, there is actually nothing to give up. It is more of expanding the ego or the sense of 'I' to its source than tossing it up into oblivion.

Disciple : So what I am here for ?
Master : Only to know that you have to
go back from where you came !
Disciple :What should be the difference
in me when i came and when i leave?
Master : You came isolated and should leave total !

Its like breaking the walls of a small room and enable the space of the small room merge with big space outside the room. The small room space is the sense of ' I ' . The big space outside the room is god. The breaking down the wall is renunciation. Only not literally breaking !

The invisible psychological walls of your little stuffy mind needs to be brought down and when your small mind merged with big consciousness, you have become truly the sanyasi, a renunciate. Perhaps keeping your home sweet home, your challenging job and the loved ones intact, as they are, wherever they are.

Disciple : How do i bring down the
walls of my limited mind ?
Master : By knowing that what is
inside and outside of the walls are just the same.

Just the awareness of space inside the limited room(mind) and the unlimited space outside the room (god, consciousness, atman) are already merged and you need not have to merge it. Then the walls are no more a problem even if they existed. This knowledge explodes inside you as awareness, which can be suitably called as enlightenment.