More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Your Intellect is your in house Guru "

(discrimination) Part -11

The intellect is a built in guru that keeps driving you through the thick and thin of your life. Not your father, not your mother, not even your school teacher, has guided as much your own intellect had driven you so far, till where you are now. Today if you are positioned in the best possible manner and if you feel like a winner, then the credit must to go to your intellect. On the other hand, if you feel you have landed up in a big mess, then also your intellect stands as the reason for such a mess.

Disciple : You mean the inner guru is the actual guru ?
Master : Yes, it is !
Disciple : What about you ? I see you as my master and a guru ?
Master : But even your master is chosen by your intellect only !
Disciple : Oh ! I thought the Guru only selects the disciple !
Master : That's just one more erroneous thinking !

The guru never selects a disciple, a contradiction to the common belief. But the disciple using his intellect, discriminates the pros and cons and picks a guru who is suitable to his temperament. The seeker usually is on the look out for the guru who can fulfill his spiritual needs. When he comes across a guru, who seem to deliver what is needed by the seeker, using his judgmental abilities, the seeker may want to accept or reject someone as a guru.

Disciple : All the gurus are selected by
disciples on these parameters only?
Master : Yes always. There are no exceptions to it !
Disciple : Why is it like that ?
Master : Because the seeker is looking for a perfect guru who
would fit in perfectly to the frame he has built of a guru with
his own limited understanding of spirituality !
Disciple : Does it not apply to the guru too ?

Does the guru expect a perfect disciple?
Master : The guru does not usually except a perfect disciple !
When the disciple arrives he is always imperfect. In fact the
disciple needs a guru only to perfect himself, though there is

nothing called as perfection exists anywhere !
Disciple : So how does the seeker use
his intellect to select the guru ?
Master : He uses his informations he had
gathered earlier about how a guru should
be and then select a guru based on that !
Disciple : Give me examples of the parameters
used by the seeker to select a guru ?
Master : The guru should have long flowing hair,
saffron or some particular robes, always sitting in
meditation with eyes closed, who is much holier
than the rest, will never say no even if he has to say no,
full of compassion and holding some rosaries in the hand,
who can read minds and can heal all illnesses and
can bring good fortunes, can make the children at
home study, get the daughters to marry and sons to go to work
can help the business to prosper, advice on investments,

buying properties, buying vehicles,
available on phone round the clock, who is powerful, can take care
of the disciple for the next seven lives, can remove
the sins of all the past seven lives and much more !
Disciple : Surprising ! these are the parameters their
intellects use to discriminate between a guru and non guru ?
Master : Almost always, yes !
Disciple : No one would want to come to a guru to know the Self ?
Master : Yes ! there are a very few rare exceptions !
Disciple : Where are they ?
Master : In front of me, you !

The relationship between a guru and a disciple is usually a weird one. Because it is not always the disciple comes to seek the truth, but most of the times only to fill up the voids in his life by someone 'holy' by which he can find fulfillment in life. The guru may play to the tunes of a disciple at the start, in order to convince the disciple first and then shift his focus to the truth, but still only a few would graduate to seeking the truth. In most cases the disciple comes with a pre educated mind on spirituality and would want his guru to approve all the he knew.

Disciple : So who is the most important guru ?
Master : The inner guru only !
Disciple : So why do we need a external guru ?
Master : To know that there is an in house guru and
to give a shape to that in house guru with the help of the
external guru and get liberated from

all forms of support from outside !
Disciple : Is that what freedom is all about ?
Master : Almost freedom. There are just a few more
things to do than just get the intellect ready !
Disciple : Is this the only purpose one should have guru externally?
Master : Yes to find your own inner guru
who can guide you for the rest of your life !
Disciple : What to do with the external guru
after having found the inner guru?
Master : Let him continue with what he does,

if you can help him in his work, you will continue
to associate with him or else you will spare him with a
sense of gratitude and reverence as you move ahead on your own !