More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" You have an ego not because of your legs and hands but
because of this discriminating tool called intellect in you "

(discrimination) Part -3

It takes certain amount of ego to be on the spiritual path. The fact that you are seeking something, wanting to achieve something, plan to reach somewhere (where perhaps no one else reached) are all the strong indications of ego. I want to meditate, I want to get enlightened, I want to make others enlightened too, I want to make mankind happy, etc are simply statements packed with ego. But wait a minute, there is nothing wrong in being so, because unless you have an ego, there is no need to be spiritual or even the need to get enlightened. And there is no one in this world without ego.

Disciple : So what is Ego ?
Master : Your intellect is called as ego !

Disciple : Is it not the ego will be erased
during my spiritual pursuit ?
Master : Never. you ego will be intact. Just
it may undergo some transformation !
Disciple : So I'm not ego ? only my intellect is ego ?
Master : You are your intellect and

so your intellect is the ego !
Disciple : But I have heard that being

arrogant and pompous is ego ?
Master : Not at all. Even you try to be

humble and loving you are still an ego,
Perhaps you will have a humble ego !
Disciple : This is shocking statement !
Master : Truth shocks indeed, especially

to one who lives in a imaginary world !
Disciple : But you said I'm just my

intellect only ! How is that ?
Master : Because when i ask your name, your
body does not reply nor your breath knows your
name, but it is your intellect (a mode of mind)
which knows your name and keeps pushing

itself around in this world with that identity
to fish out some fame and glory !

The intellect is the actual seeker in you, driving you through various obstacles in the world of material success or on the path of spiritual pursuits daring, exploring, probing, questioning, analyzing are gradations of same discrimination spilling down to further subtleties. The intellect thrives on logic and questioning. It questions the existence with logic and explores from curiosity, analyze out of experiences !

Disciple : I did not realize that intellect is capable of all this !
Master : True, Intellect is the most misunderstood faculty we have !
Disciple : Why so ? Why it is misunderstood by everyone ?
Master : Because we could never locate the intellect easily as much we can locate the other parts like head and shoulders ! Since you dont
see something and only hear about, then there are more chances to misunderstand than actually understand !
Disciple : Why cant we locate intellect?
Master : Because its subtle and not so catchable by the senses !
Disciple : Only intellectual person can locate the intellect?
Master : May be you are right !
Sometimes they can !

But actually the intellectual person is always busy discriminating and dissecting that sometimes even he does not locate his own intellect. In vedic texts, the example of separating food grains from the husk after harvest is famous, to give an example that the intellect too discriminates and separates the falsehood from the real. Like the mystical bird hamsa(a kind of a swan that knows too much) which can separate milk from water and drink up all the milk and leave the water behind, the man of discrimination can see only truth and leave all the false matters behind.

Disciple : But I'm not sure what is this Truth ?
Master : Truth in spiritual terms is simply

anything which does not change in time !
Disciple : Is there really such a thing

which does not change in time ?
Master : Yes, that's what your

intellect has to find out !

The intellect is meant to discriminate between the permanence and impermanence and then identify with the permanent. When it identified with the permanent, then it suddenly seem to lose its own importance. That's where the intellect tends to get defensive. The intellect had all along considered itself as a independent entity and had placed itself supremely above all other faculties in your personality. But on the day it realized that there is a big daddy(consciousness) who is sitting quietly just beneath it and actually supporting its existence, the intellect can somewhat panic and protest and then throw all the tantrum. The intellect cannot accept someone higher than itself. The reason why the most intellectual person in your neighborhood would never visit a temple or a church but is always busy reading news and analyzing people is that he thinks he is above god and matters like that, but when he come to realize that there is really something more powerful existing than his limited intellect, he would be left with only two choices, either to accept and surrender to the unknown or reject and remain in ignorance of the unknown. Most of the times an intellectual person would opt for the latter.