More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

“ When you have a sharp intellect, you can have this world sliced as wafers to find your share of success and happiness. When such an intellect applied on the spiritual path then you would end up with something that is far beyond your childlike dreams of success and happiness”

Part 2

Intellect is not a bodily part that can be seen like your hands and legs. But it is a built-in faculty of the mind. It opens up every time there is a need, like a convertible car that opens and closes its roof with the rain and sunshine. Mind is a multi purpose facility. Intellect alone can discriminate in you. If you running up and down the menu card in a crowded lunch time restaurant, your intellect should be quick enough to decide what you wanted and place an quick order. When your viveka or discrimination is poor, you most of the times cannot zero down on any decisive act. When mind is more powerful than the intellect then such a person is a emotional wreck. He also cannot discriminate or contemplate much. He just repsond according to his emotions.

Disciple : People generally say 'head and heart'.
What does that mean ?
Master : Head is intellect, heart is mind !
Disciple : Viveka happens to intellect only ?
Master : Rather viveka happens

through the intellect only !
Disciple : The viveka is required all the time ?
Master : Yes as long as you are alive !
Disciple : After enlightenment too ?
Master : If food is required after

enlightenment then intellect too !

When you shift the focal point of your intellect from worldly dealings to spiritual discriminations then you will find your intellect getting further sharper than before. While the worldly dealings can turn your intellect blunt, the spiritual pursuit will put the slicing sharpness back on the intellect. The Intellect as a discriminating faculty does not create anything. Its not even a creative faculty but it helps to understand the creation itself better.

The upanishads talk of the boat as a mind with the rudders as intellect and the ocean as the world. The boat itself cannot reach the destination. You may shout and cry loud but boat would move only in the direction of the wind. That's where the need for the rudders come handy. The rudders discriminate the current of the waters and and wind and focus on the direction the boat has to reach and eventually help the boat to reach the desired destination.

Disciple : Does the intellect always help one to reach the right destination ?
Master : Need not be ! Intellects can be faulty !
Disciple : So all intellects are not good ?
Master : They are neither bad, but just they
work the way they have been taught !
Disciple : I don't figure this one !
Please give an example ?
Master : Two men return home from work on
a cold winter day, one decided to reach home
early and drink a hot cup of coffee, another
decided to drop in at the nearby pub to
empty a big bottle of malt whisky.
Both decisions were made by intellects
of those men only. But their intellects
functioned only from data what they had fed in it !
Disciple : How is that ? Quite a puzzle !
Master : Like your computer, you cannot hope to see
James Bond movie after downloading a Indian Jones flick !

Intellects can terribly go wrong. Bad mistakes are always possible by them. Awful decisions are made by intellect many times. The discriminating of the intellect may be is intact with everyone but still the intellect can discriminate wrongly. Your intellect works with limited data provided by you from childhood. An intellect shaped by christian values will only accept bible as holy and intellect with Hindu inputs will consider Gita as the only holy book, so also a Muslim with a islamic values consider Quran as the most holiest of all. Infact they even dream of the gods from their respective religions only. A christian can never dream of a Shiva and Hindu hardly dreams of Jesus or Mary.

Disciple : So Viveka is not a fabulous thing as what I imagined?
Master : It is still fabulous only. Just how well it is used maters !
Disciple : So what does it discriminate usually ?
Master : While in the world, it usually discriminates
the situations and people socially, economically, racially etc
But when it turns to spirituality the point of discrimination changes !
Disciple : OK ! What is the topic for discrimination spiritually ?
Master : Simple, It just discriminates the Truth from the false !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : It tries to discriminate between
the permanence and impermanence !
Disciple : Oops, I still don't get it !
Master : It discriminates between the
Total from the fragmented parts !
Disciple : Im getting somewhere !

Master : The intellect gets busy with
finding out the real thing in this false
looking world in the form of discrmination !