More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When you can tell a man in you,
even though you are drowned in the
world of a husband, then your
ability to discriminate is still intact "

(discrimination) Part -1

Its night time and obviously dark outside, you have to go out and then you look up the skies to find rain clouds hovering around. You then decide to take an umbrella with you. This is viveka or discriminative ability of the mind. You are using this ability in you to discriminate all the time. Right from the time you discriminate to wake up or to still remain in the bed like a bundle of used clothes, that should be sent to the laundry, you keep discriminating all through day, till finally when you discriminate whether its time to hit the sack or hang in there to watch that movie where vampires act better than the hero himself.

Disciple : You were talking on contemplations
all the time, now how do i connect both?
Master : You will use the discrimination to separate
both first and then use contemplations to connect both !
Disciple : Its a puzzle to me !
Master : Yes ! That's why spirituality is such
a fascinating thing around here since Adam and Eve, so enjoy

Discrimination is a much lesser stage compared to contemplation in the ladder of spiritual rungs. But without discrimination one cannot make it up to contemplations. Only a man with an intellect which is as sharp as a razor can slice the world so well into opportune moments of success and happiness. That's why such sharpened intellectual people are sometimes rare to find on the spiritual path, because they are busy slicing the world for power and status. When a seeker step into the arena of spirituality, it is easier to identify his weaknesses and strengths. If he had come equipped with a very sharp intellect then you can be assured that he will be soon out of the bounds of arena to tell the world that he is liberated. But if his intellect behaves like a butter knife and has come to the arena like a refugee, then you can be assured, he is a source of trouble to everyone around him and then to himself too.

Disciple : First of all, What is an intellect?
Master : That which is discriminating in you !
Disciple : Is it the mind?
Master : Not at all. It is called as intellect !
Disciple : Do I have the intellect?
Master : Everyone has an intellect in this world
of humans! Some may not want to use it often well,
but some use it more often than others !
Disciple : Where is it located ?
Master : It is just another functional mode of mind only !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : Mind suggests and spreads the options in front of intellect
then intellect picks up one and announces, this is it !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Its like buying your choice of necktie
from a stand full of them. You see all the neck ties,
the urge to see and want to buy is by the mind,
but it takes help from intellect to
decide on which tie to buy !
Disciple : What is one big difference
between mind and intellect ?
Master : Mind is indecisive and
intellect is decisive !
Disciple : I almost understood !
Master : Whenever you are indecisive
you are functioning from your mind at
that time. Whenever you are decisive
then you function at that time from
the intellect !
Disciple : I got it now !

Mind contains intellect too but functionally intellect is more superior to mind. Because while mind is always under the threat of getting carried away by the emotions, feelings and by the world in general, the intellect is unshakable and gives a anchor to the mind which is mostly slippery like the quick sands of canary islands. Whenever mind feels slippery it would grab intellect's hand for support.

Disciple : Give me some examples of this mind intellect interactions ?
Master : OK lets go back to the man who took a umbrella to drug store because he thought it was going to rain. When he stepped out he had doubt "will it rain ?". That's clearly his mind with a silly and slippery doubt. Then he hear himself saying, " yes it will rain" and that was the more stable intellect in him. Again the mind raises another doubt " Do I need a umbrella ? ". it literally asks the intellect, then the intellect of the man replied concretely " yes, you better take the umbrella. " All this can happen in a jiffy within you !
Disciple : It was very confusing to me earlier !
Master : Because your mind was working !
Disciple : Its clear now !
Master : Because your intellect is working now !