More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" When contemplations begin in your life,
it is a sign that you have just found the
bridge that connects the worldly life to
spiritual life "

(contemplations) Part-8

When you plainly think, then you will consider God as a separate entity, independent of this world, sitting far away from earth, inside a control tower, pushing buttons, plugging devices and turning knobs. If you slipped in the bathroom or got hurt in the elevator, then you imagine, it is the God who pulled certain strings for the day. But when matured from plain thinking to contemplation, you will now see God as an integral force, as not someone who causes the world to function, but the very function itself is God.

Disciple : Yes, this doubt always haunts me.
How to integrate my worldly life into the spiritual life ?
Master : Through contemplation only !
Disciple : So if i contemplate then I can

connect both these two different worlds?
Master : You need not connect because

they are already connected !
Disciple : Then what for contemplation ?
Master : For you to become aware that they

are always One and not separate !
Disciple : How it got separated ?
Master : Never it got separated.

Just you thought so !

By thinking you can divide and by contemplation you can unite. Though there is no division or union required in creation, the mind does all the dividing and then fixing back. The famous Hindu scripture Bhagawad Gita talks of how the mind alone is the cause for bondage and also the cause for freedom. When it is just brooding and thinking hard, the mind causes bondage and when it enters the contemplative mode, then there is a sudden clarity of oneness and as a result the freedom from other.

Disciple : Are you sure I will not become useless
in the world, if i start contemplating?
Master : Yes ! In fact thinking that way alone is useless !
Disciple : My wife is terribly worried about my spiritual life !
Master : Wives are meant for worrying about husbands only !
So you don't worry about that ! She will soon know who you are !

The biggest farce in life is to think that you have two different paths to choose, called as worldly path and spiritual path. This kind of divisive thinking comes from a divided mind. They always consider spirituality as a goal and the worldly life as the journey. So when someone died, they call the priests and do all funny rituals to send off the body to the spiritual world to rest and relax. To them death or nearing death is the ideal time to get spiritual. There are still some who switch over to spiritual path in the middle of their worldly life. One not so fine morning, unable to deal with the challenging world anymore, they quit the job and family and other responsibilities and take a 'full plunge' in to spiritual life. Its a pathetic sign of a divided mind.

Disciple : Even I had plans to become fully
spiritual when i reached the age of 60 !
Master : Till then what was your plan ?
Disciple : To be totally worldly,

to complete all my duties !
Master : Now what happened ?
Disciple : Now i started to realize that

spirituality is a way of living and not a
separate lifestyle !
Master : Bravo !

Contemplation is a blending force, that brings clarity to your mind. You begin to grow in awareness of your own self in that clarity. 'Who you are' and 'what you search for' finally meets in your contemplation. The unwanted frills that you put on without a warrant, in the name of spirituality is all cropped neat and clean. Suddenly you will be getting up from the right side of your bed each day in the morning. You may bump into a hundred lunatics in the day, but you still remain with sanity.

Disciple : But when I'm disturbed, how can I contemplate ?
Master : You can contemplate on the disturbance itself !
Disciple : If others disturb me ?
Master : Contemplate on that too !

(A little later)

Disciple : But please tell, what posture
I should sit for contemplation?
Master : Well, which posture
you usually get the thoughts?
Disciple : I get thoughts in all the postures !
Master : Then you must try to contemplate
while being in all those postures !

(A little later)

Disciple : Which is the ideal time to contemplate ?
Master : Which are the times you usually get thoughts?
Disciple : All the time, i guess even when i sleep !
Master : Then you have to contemplate all the

time, even in your sleep !

(A little later)

Disciple : How many times I should repeat this in a day ?
Master : As many times you get the thoughts in your head !
Disciple : How long I should contemplate in one sitting?
Because if I sit for long I get pain in the joints, so Im asking !
Master : Then please contemplate on the pain in your joints !
Disciple : How is that ?
Master : Contemplate on how this pain creates
fear in you. How you question only when there
is pain and you never question the pleasure
and the joys of your life. How you seem to
want only pleasure and not some pain. More
importantly now contemplate on the fact that
you never thought about your knees till it
started paining. Just about any situation will do.
Disciple : I got it. You are saying contemplation is
not an activity but a integral part of my thinking.
Just a shift in my thinking? An ongoing process all the time?
Master : Unfortunately I don't carry a mirror to
show how your face is glowing now !
Disciple : You are my mirror, you always showed me what Iam !

You don't need a special situation or a place or time or even some special exclusive vows to contemplate. It can happen any time. And once set on the expressway of the contemplation, indeed it would be difficult to stop anywhere.