More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Viveka is like a torchlight inside a deep jungle.
It can help you either reach outside the jungle
or keep you moving to still deeper jungle "

(discrimination) Part -6

When your discrimination is sharper in the world, you forge ahead knocking down every block on the road, almost unstoppable. Making right moves at the right time. Cutting throats when necessary and stabbing from back with a smile on the face, just to win the rat race, are all possible, when your intellect is sharp like a sword and your ambitions are tall as mountains. Such Intellects are single pointed and never want to look inward for some soul searching.

But a dull intellect is always a source of pain. People with not so sharp viveka find this world something big to bite than what they can actually chew. They quit their active life in the world like dropping the hot potatoes, because their intellect is incompatible to meet the rigours of their daily lives, with the fear of failure looming large and an eternal sword of shame and humiliation hanging atop their heads, they succumb to the wilderness of the world.

Strangely sometimes, even a dull intellect in the world can shine like a cut diamond under fire, when exposed to discrimination of the inner Self. It make faster strides within than in the world outside at times, but almost as if with a vow, not to look back at this world again. Its a one way ticket. They progress in to the recesses of silence that filled the inner self. Such an intellect may miss out the vibrant world pulsating with life outside.

Despite the inner exploration of a intellect which was dull in the world outside, just the searching of the Self makes such a dull intellect really sharp. Even people with freshly sharpened intellect can actually make a meaningful life in the world, if they choose to come back to face life.

Disciple : Shall I clear a few doubts now !
Master : Yes indeed !
Disciple : Did you say that a dull intellect can get sharp?
Master : Yes ! precisely !
Disciple : How does that happen ?
Master : When it searched within the inner Self !
Disciple : Does this apply to all the intellects?
Master : Need not be. Some are sharp in the world already !
Disciple : Then to whom it applies ?
Master : Who else but you !
Disciple : But how does that happen ?
Master : Like a gentle breeze !

The inner search always sharpen your faculties. A discriminative mind used for spiritual contemplations is more potent than a blunt strategic mind of the world. The inner search makes not only your intellect sharper, but even other faculties like seeing and hearing and tasting, etc. Because when your discrimination began on your inner self, your mind along with intellect move towards this present moment. Anything that get exposed to the present moment will actually get sharpened.

Disciple : That's very encouraging to hear !
Master : But you cant stop
there just feeling encouraged !
Disciple : Yes I need to put it into action !
Master : From when?
Disciple : From the New Year onwards is OK ?
Master : Actually the day you apply it, is the only
New Year for you. The other days are all just a hogwash !

The sharpening of viveka is not exactly like sharpening a knife. But its more like melting the ice cube. A thick and dense intellect start to melt and become subtle. The sharpness is used here only to show that the discrimination is used for dividing the True from false. Perhaps you need a sharp knife like intellect to separate the almost inseparable Truth and false.

Disciple : But what do I do with
the falsehood once I found the truth ?
Master : You can put an advt in
the EBay and sell it off !
Disciple : You are kidding !
Master : Yes. Because the
false never existed ! So you cant
do anything with it !

The existence of 'false' or the 'unreal' is very questionable. Because they don't have a stand of their own, like your shadow which follows wherever you go but does not have an existence.

Disciple : How is that ? give me an example ?
Master : Suppose when you walk down alone
in the dead of night and see a ghost standing
on the road for a moment, what would you do ?
Disciple : Will chant all the mantras i know !
Master : OK and then what you will do ?
Disciple : I will sing some sacred songs loudly !
Master : OK ! and then ?
Disciple : I may call the gods for help !
Master : and then ?
Disciple : Will do some breathing exercises !
Master : what for ?
Disciple : So that I can run faster !
Master : Oh good. Suppose you go close to
the ghost and have a good look at it and
realize that it is not a ghost but just
a lamp post, then what will you do ?
Disciple : I feel how stupid i was !
Master : At first sight ghost was
real and post was false ?
Disciple : True, still I'm panting in fact !
Master : Now post is real and ghost is false ?
Disciple : yes !
Master : Where did the false go ?
Disciple : It was never
there, I just imagined !
Master : So what would you
do with that imagination ?
Disciple : Dump it on the
way home, in the trash can !
Master : Very well said !

The false does not have an existence, but just a figment of your imagination only. The truth is just covered beneath by its own light. Like the hot noon sun on a summer day. You cannot look at the sun in the middle of noon, because of the light that is shimmering down at you. Light belong to noon time sun, but it covers the view of the noon time sun. The shadow of the post made you imagine the ghost, the ghost apparently was hiding the post, but when you gathered yourself, the apparition had gone and what remains is just the plain Truth.