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Off The Cuff Utterances

" To be a man of contemplation is not
trying to be good or bad or even holy and
unholy, it is about climbing beyond all of
them to see, if anything more to experience "

(man of steady contemplation) Part -3

Going beyond the good and bad is not going against the good and bad. If you trekked in a deep jungle ever, you would come across some rough spots with thorny bushes and anthills and you may also cross some breathtakingly beautiful spots with flowers and views. You cannot decide to settle down in the enchantment of a beautiful spot and forget the fact, that you have to get out of jungle, to reach your destination of safety and comfort. Life is a jungle and you will be always bumping in to good and the bad people and likewise situations all the time. To be a man of steady contemplation is not being ignorant of the good and bad, but exploring beyond them to reach your destination. The spiritual contemplations are always directed towards the meeting point of the dichotomy.

Disciple : Does it mean there is nothing
good and bad for the muni ?
Master : Not really ! He knows
what is good and bad ! But he also knows that
the good and bad is only a matter of convenience
to the people in this world !
Disciple : But if he went beyond
good and bad then he can be bad as well ?
Master : Perhaps in the eyes of
some people he can be bad too !
Disciple : Is it not bad for him ?
Master : Need not be. He understands
them as part of the deluded world and
keeps moving ahead in his contemplation.
He neither defends himself nor offends others !
Disciple : Does it mean he has become oblivious
to the good and bad things in life?
Master : He is still aware of them but
his focus is on something far beyond them !

One man's joy can be another's misery. Someone may find a particular religion very good, but when he decided to impose it on others, because everyone should enjoy what he found, it can perhaps cause severe damage to that chunk of humanity. Same applied to everything in life. Whatever you considered as good, need not be good to others and even to your own self. Because the parameters you used to judge something as good and bad can be highly inefficient and faulty. The Muni is the daredevil explorer who decided to break free from this usual goods and the bads of life and managed to peep into the empty space beyond.

Disciple : Upon peeping in to the space
beyond the good and bad or the all the
opposites in life, can someone return
to the world of polarities?
Master : It is never going away from polarities.
Even if you peeped in to the space beyond the
good and bad, still you contain the good and bad in you !
Disciple : Please explain ?
Master : You may have climbed the 25th floor of a skyscraper,
but still you contain the 2nd and the 3rd floor as you stand
on the 25th floor. The 25th floor is not independent of the lower floors.

On the spiritual path you would have gone any far, but you never can forget the norms of the world. One may choose to follow the norms and values of the world or dont follow them but cannot be ignorant of it. The man of steady contemplation is totally aware of the ways of the world. But when he knew the ways of the world to be just not real, he may choose to over throw them and walk free with empty hands. He does not care. He may not still follow a false way, just because everyone followed it. He would question at the very foundation upon which his life is built. If his life was built on false ideas of the world fed by people around, he would not hesitate to move away from that. But never he is ignorant of the ways of the world.

Disciple : Does contemplation lead
to change in the way one lives?
Master : Porbably yes !
Disciple : Give me an example ?
Master : You may consider a particular color
as inauspicious because others have been telling
you so. But upon contemplation you realize that
all colors are ok, its the stupid mind labels colors
as good and bad, then instantly you start to like

the color you were so singularly hating.
Disciple : So how does my life style change with this ?
Master : Your wardrobe suddenly will burst forth with
the same color you just stopped hating and started loving.
People will notice your choice of clothes have changed
their shades. You dont mind changing
the color of your pillow covers over that night itself.

You may not run away from someone who is wearing
clothes of the same color !
Disciple : So to consider some colors as auscipicious is wrong ?
Master : As wrong as calling some colors as inauspicious !
Disciple : I got it !

The lifestyle apparently changes for a Muni, from the time he started his contemplations. He may be found doing things which might amuze others attimes. He would drop his grip over his life and suddenly appear cool and care free. This might appear puzzling to many. Because when we see someone so happy and free, it is natual to suspect the backdrop of it. His contemplations brought upon him such a wisdom that he does not anguish about the distant future and perhaps cannot find time to discuss some meaningless past situations.

The proper and complete contemplations brings you to 'this' moment always. The 'this' moment is so fresh especially when untouched by the past and future moments, that only here 'this' moment your contemplative mind can reach its pinnacle. The peak of contemplations happen only when you have gathered yourself to here in 'this' moment, no matter where ever you are. People who have excelled in the art of contemplation, usually contemplate on the past and future too, but they will contemplate on them from the present moment's context. If you remembered that you were afraid of ghosts when you were in school, now you would contemplate and apply the knowledge to this moment, that there are actually no ghosts in this world, but only your mind creates them and give life to them. But a non contemplative mind can feel so stupid and idiotic about itself for making all those silly mistakes in the early days, even if they know now that the ghosts dont exist anymore in their present lives.

Disciple : But this peak of contemplation
you mentioned is what awakening too ?
Master : Its the beginning of awakening !
Disciple : Are there stages in awakening?
Master : Yes ! Just like you wake up from sleep.
You dont jump out of bed right away but go through
stages and till you stand under the shower, you
waking up cant be said to be complete !
Disciple : True !
Master : As how you dont know that you are sleeping,
when you are actually sleeping so also in spirituality
you never know you are sleeping and when awakening
happens you will go through several stages !
Disciple : Will there be glimpses of the
Cosnciousness during contemplations ?

Master : Yes, it can be called as satori or krama mukti. Flashes of Truth
seen during the contemplations are an indication of what is waiting !
Disciple : So there is no singular moment of awakening ?
Master : Not at all. But there is a single moment when you come
to be aware that you have woken up totally from sleep !
Disciple : So the enlightenment happens in stages but
awareness of that enlightenment happens at a singular moment ?
Master : Yes indeed. Like the first few droplets
falling from skies before the downpour of rain ! It may be raining for

long but you become aware of the rain at a particular time. That does not
mean it was not raining before !