More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" This world is no place for you to prove anything.
Because there is no one to prove yourself here.
Just being receptive to the world and remain attuned is the only way "

(receptivity) part - 2

The world remains the same but people living in it have different views about it. Your understanding and appreciation of this world can be indiscernible to the rest of the bunch you know, making a living along with you in this world. The 'worldly' people are not certainly in love with the world always, but they think there is nothing beyond this world. The so called spiritual people think somewhat differently, they consider everything to be present only beyond this world and there is nothing in this world for a spiritual aspirant.

Disciple : What are the different views
about the world by spiritual seekers ?
Master : Many seekers want to think that this
world is a Maya (illusion)and refuse to acknowledge
its existence. There are others who consider the world
to be helpless and always turn their lives into missions
possible and impossible, get busy changing the world to
what they think is the most ideal. There are still few other
seekers who treat the world as a arena of life where they
'wish to' enact their roles nonchalantly while being indifferent
to the world. The yet another kind which wants to help out
people in distress and deep trouble with the help of their
spiritual knowledge, they look at the world as a place of
trouble where their presence can shoot all sickness
troubles and bring happiness to its inhabitants.
They set up helplines and distribute hand bills
and prevent people hanging from their ceilings.

Of course there is big chunk that gets spiritual under the spell of fear for the world. They simply take refuge.The shravanam or receptivity is only about your tuning up to the ways of the world not rejecting, nor over riding it, nor being indifferent to it. People who consider this world as a battleground of victory and success, who see it as a place to conquer and achieve, as a place to escape from evil energies, as a place of endless struggle, a place of indulgence, recreation, fun, learning, mysteries, drama and any more ! Shravanam is to be in total tune with the moment by moment unfolding of the world in front of you. It may appear easier said but it is not that difficult too. When you stopped reacting but simply began responding to life, you have already attuned to the world. Reacting is born out of failed expectations, responding is meeting life without an expectation. Situations in your life appear from nowhere, totally unexpected and full of surprises, but if you get frowned or tired every time something unprecedented happened, then you are not receptive.

Disciple : Is it not to be spiritual is to find
happiness in the world always ?
Master : Precisely wrong. Spirituality is
not seeking happiness always !
Disciple : Please explain !
Master : First of all, the the happy and unhappy
situations are not in your hands. Second of all,
seeking success and happiness alone is not the
objective of spiritual life.
Disciple : I got that point !
But then what is spirituality ?
Master : Learning the ways to remain
unruffled yet attuned to the happy and
unhappy situation which constantly keep
rising all round you, like the rush hour smog
over the city.

Everyone, including the spiritually enlightened, goes through sufferings in life. It would be highly immature to think spirituality as the means to lasting happiness in life. When you look for something as wanted and avoid many things as unwanted then your receptivity to the world is poor. But staying tuned to the world is simply seeing the world as it is and all its honk and the blare as they happen, to be in tune with the good, bad and the ugliness of this world.

Disciple : Is it wrong to think that my child should
know only the good things and should remain ignorant
about all the bad things in life ?
Master : That's impossible. its like telling the sun
to bugger off in the mornings, just because you
wanted to extend your sleep a little more in darkness.
Disciple : Darkness represent evil ? Sun represent goodness ?
Master : Just your thinking ! Ask the man who like the early
morning sleep while dreaming of shanghai juicy buns,
he will tell a different story !
Disciple : so what should I know ?
Master : That the good and bad of this world is
different for each one living in it !

Spiritual receptivity to this world is to accept the good and the bad as they are and eventually rise above the opposites.True receptivity is when you observe life around you without an agenda in your mind. people who think of purpose in life, reason for living are those who shut off the receptivity and cannot look at life without an agenda. If you see the sunrise and then try to thank it for sending down the sun rays, you have shut off your receptivity. If you admire the sunrise for its light and grace then you are not receptive but only imposing your views. Receptivity happens quietly, without a word. Even if some thoughts meander in between, you need not bother so much about it, just ignore! Try to look at it afresh again. Try again and again ! Soon you would watch things plainly. If the sun is hot then just feel the heat, if there is a throb in the heart or the head, just feel the throb fully. Hunger in the stomach, overwhelming sorrow, inexplicable excitement, all needs to be just received as they are.

Disciple : What it is to receive as it is ?
Master : Without questioning or complaining or even admiring !
Disciple : Is it the final step in spirituality ?
Master : Not really ! It is the beginning !