More And More Of Less And Less

Off The Cuff Utterances

" Thinking is like a city road full of traffic and
contemplation is like a expressway, you may
never want to stop "

(contemplation) Part -6

Visualize that you are trapped in the evening gridlock on the road to home. The noises that snarl at you and the vehicles that honk and then blare, restless people everywhere, meanwhile the luxury of your home, the warm food and cozy bed is all still a distant reality. Apply similar condition to your mind, if there is a traffic jam of thoughts in your head then you should know that you are thinking a lot. The frequency and the velocity of your thoughts are very high and understandably in bits and pieces and the most wanted peace of mind is still not in sight.

Disciple : Is it that the thinking and
contemplating are two different activities?
Master : Not really, they are not different !
Disciple : How come ?
Master : Because both involve thoughts !
Disciple : But there seem to be some difference ?
Master : True ! In thinking the thoughts are disconnected
to eath other and in contemplation the thought flow is
well connected and in a steady phase !

The thinking process is typically a messy affair. A moment you think of home and then in comes a thought about the gas you have to fill in your car and then immediately the next thought about air conditioner in your bedroom to be fixed, makes the entry. Whenever the subject of your thinking is not consistent and the frequency of the number of thoughts and their fluctuating pace is evidently erratic, then simply your mind is in a gridlock situation. This causes the stress and tiredness, people with high frequency of thoughts and with constantly changing context, tend to sleep a lot and also want to quit jobs, want to shift homes, lost track with friends and other acquaintances.

Disciple : The contemplation is also thinking ?
Master : Yes, without any doubt !
Disciple : how exactly is that ?
Master : When thinking matures, it becomes contemplation !
Disciple : Please give an example ?
Master : Thinking is immature and short lived like
eating at the take away, fast food counter and
contemplation is like sitting comfortably inside a
proper restaurant for the à la carte and the more
fixed Table d'hôte, multi course meals.
They are certainly culinary ramblings but
still there is a difference !

The gastronomical choices of people infact can tell their states of mind too. People with a contemplative mind and a brooding mind also can be spotted easily. The brooding mind is usually seen on the knotted and quizzical faces, but there would be a hue of clarity always seen on the face of the contemplator.

Disciple : The contemplation is always about a spiritual topic ?
Master : Need not be ! You can contemplate on food and
shower and even sleeping, but the final result is always spiritual !
Disciple : Thats surprising. How is that ?
Master : All contemplations lead to only one thing, called spirituality. You can apply spirituality to eating, sleeping or even watching the TV. But the thinking leads to more thinking and mostly end in brooding and
sometimes can mature as contemplation is some people !

Contemplation # 4
Sit quietly and observe whatever thought comes and goes. Focus on the source where the thought springs from and where it eventually vanishes, before the next thought appeared, in a more contemplative manner. Its not a physical locating or pointing out but contemplative understanding of the psyche.

Even as you start contemplating on the source of the thought and the end of the thought, you would have already switched over to contemplative mode from a regular thinking mode. Once triggered well and steadied in its pace and flow the contemplation will continue, wherever you are and whatever you do.